Joe Biden Announces New Sanctions Against Russia

Joe is FDR.

Joe really showed Putin who is boss.


  1. Russia will be cut off from important American markets. The Mountain Dew market. The female-to-male crotch bulge prosthetic market. The funko pop market. Let’s see Russia survive without access to these western necessities.

    • Yeah, and the French and Germans will only be mad at Russia for 2 or 3 weeks, then it will be back to business as usual.

  2. It turns out that when you run a filthy jew puppet empire, have a paper tiger military, and your only threat is imposing economic siege against a human country, and you explicitly say that you will be applying that economic siege based on ridiculous pretexts like ‘cyberwarfare’, the human countries are going to just go ahead and deal with your filthy subhuman jew loving proxies.

  3. Sanctions is a way of saying we are powerless to stop you militarily so we will freeze your money hoping that will stop you. If never works.

    • Only to hand it over to cucks like Mitch the Bitch, Lady G and his house-negro Mr. Tim – all of whom cannot wait to send in the Wokeunduh Imperial Rump-Rangers to take on the Russkies. Interestingly, the God-Emperor of Grift is playing it fairly smart and standing against sending in the military – whose descent into wokeness accelerated under his alleged commandership.

  4. The (((project for a New American century))) is in ruins. It is good news for American patriots. The death of the American empire will save the American republic.

  5. Grinning Biden looked like a doddery halfwit yesterday. I am calling my Congressman right now to demand he be replaced with Kamala.

    After all, the Brown Bimbo is the “accelerationist candidate”…

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