TAC: Right Again, Unfortunately, On Russia

It is time to sacrifice again.

It hasn’t been a year since the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The class of people who felt it was necessary to expand the American Empire into Vietnam and southeast Asia, the Balkans, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan for twenty years are demanding further sacrifices from you over the latest front that they have opened up over pushing it into Ukraine in 2014.


As Russia began its drive into Ukraine on several fronts overnight, neoconservatives and right-liberals tried to lay the blame for the invasion at the feet of American nationalists and paleoconservatives. They’ve labeled restrainers Russian stooges, or variations of the term, and preemptively impugned them for what some already describe in terms of an impending Holocaust. Their deep well of historical analogies never ceases to impress.

While the hawks would like you to believe that recent developments in Ukraine have discredited the paleoconservative position, it has proven quite the opposite. For decades, this magazine and a coalition of foreign policy restrainers have warned that our reckless, irrational, and incoherent strategy toward Russia in Europe would lead to a Russia more antagonistic towards the West, and distract from other geopolitical arenas. All the tragedies that come with the reality of war will surely transpire in the coming days, but today that position has been vindicated.

Political Twitter was ablaze in Washington, as establishment types offered their condemnations of the Russian invasion in the strongest possible terms, each seeming to try to outdo the rest. Meghan McCain, never missing a chance to remind us who her father was, tweeted, “Dad was nicknamed one of the godfathers of the Ukrainian revolution. He supported and protested alongside Ukranians [sic]. He was so beloved there, a street in Kiev was named after him. There was decades of warnings about Putin. But weak leadership continued to ignore it. SHAME on us.” Indeed, there were decades of warnings about Putin. Warnings men like her father—who, as she proudly admits, actively encouraged the Euromaidan protests that further destabilized the region—did not heed …”

It is never enough.

There is always a new frontier for destabilization, death and destruction. There is always some excuse based on a manufactured conflict in some distant far flung place to justify dramatically expanding the military budget. There is no place on earth that isn’t our business.


  1. When it’s all over, more Whites men on both sides will be dead before their time. No more wars for jews, east or west.

    • Indeed.

      But you can not save the brainwashed TV watching whites. White nationalism shall not be alcoholic wife. From certain point divorce is needed to avoid going down with garbage whites.

      General picture in Ukraine is unbelievably good. Nazi trolls made enormous job and despite shooting, surprisingly little people support regime. Also regime management skills are below any standard. What is good. Defunct shitlibs cant even arrange repressions.

  2. Israel is attacking Syria while this debacle goes down, our opportunistic greatest allies. No bullshit goes to waste.

        • Syria is the birthplace of Christianity. But in less than ten years, the anti-Christ U.S., UK and Israeli invaders were able to reduce the Christian population of Syria by half, while promoting a doubling or tripling of Wahhabi Islam.

        • I want amend and say (in a parallel more just universe) the military should help Assad stabilize the country again and apologize for the destruction it has caused and deliver the architects to this debacle to his feet.

      • There’s no such thing as a sovereign country. If you can take the land and hold it, you get to be a country.

        The difference with Israel is that they couldn’t hold their land for five minutes without the full military backing of the US. Their endless provocations in the middle east are not the actions of a country acting in their own interest (as Russia is doing), but more those of a coddled bully who knows that big brother will come to the rescue should their victims have any success in defending themselves.

        • Not saying he isn’t, but that quote is hardly proof of it. Any adult halfway interested in war or international relations will have heard it multiple times by their mid-twenties.

          • Silver,

            Okay. I only know you only go to war voluntarily if you are stronger. And one does not have to go to a military academy to know that. You go for the enemies throat or why bother,.

      • November,

        This song struck me as representing me so I give it to you. When I copy and paste I am never sure what I am getting. So….

  3. Classic case of projection. Who, exactly, were the folks responsible for the Holodomor in the Ukraine (and adjacent regions) during the 1930s in which 8-14 million Ukranian (and other) civilians were forcibly starved to death by Lazar Kaganovich’s NKVD – most of whose operatives came from the same tribe as Kaganovich himself? The answer is that it was (((very same folks))) now screaming at us honkies about being “stooges, or variations of the term, and preemptively impugned them for what some already describe in terms of an impending Holocaust”.

    The war-party is quite silent about the millions dead at the hands of their fellow Jews as they scream for more goyim to sign up for the Wokeunduh legion to kill other goyim. Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer has yet to be revoked for his lies covering up the crime. Go over there yourself, Synagogue of Satan. Hopefully some of Putin’s men have bullets with your names written on them. You’ve earned every one, with compounded interest. Mel Gibson’s drunken rant contained more truth than ever came from the mouth of a Talmudist.

    • No one in the West gave a damn about the Holodomor when it was going on. Soviet apologists in the West denied it. Now, 90 years later and 30 years after the Soviet Union fell, Ukraine is worth risking WWIII over. Our “leaders” are truly an evil bunch of bastards and have been so for a very long time.

    • Putin’s not an anti-semite, it’s just that these people running the west now won’t allow ANY organization by whites period, be it truckers who want this covid paranoia gone, families going to a Trump rally, or former security services running Russia without NYC pulling their strings.

    • “Holodomor” is a Khazar-krainian anti-Russian myth, not historical fact. The name was coined decades later, and only began to gain traction or popular acceptance in the 1980s.

      Russia was recovering from the civil war and there was a poor harvest in many places, not only in the Dnieper and Don regions but also west of the Caspian, especially in Kazakhstan, as well as poor food distribution and poor communication everywhere. It was not the first time that starvation occurred on a large scale in Russia. It had happened many times before (although usually on a more local scale) under the Tsarist monarchy. Steps were taken immediately and large strides in food production and distribution were achieved within one year, and It was the last time that Russian people starved.

      Apply logic and common sense, and read accurate historical sources.

  4. It’s a mostly peaceful invasion. Seriously, the thrust of Russian Army suggests a move to Odessa, and to take the coast. It is a very large country.

  5. I heard that Alt-Right media such as The Right Stuff (or is it Fasch the Nation?) disinform their target audiences, telling them Russia is just as homosexual (but more beneath the surface) as the U.S., just as politically corrupt and just as Talmudic (they use another term for it) as the U.S. and that the revival of Christianity (Russian Orthodoxy) is an illusion, and Russian people are dying out, their demographic replacement by foreign immigrants being even more advanced than for “Whites” in the U.S., and that “Moscow is browner than Paris.” Fascists are bound to take the side of Khazar-krainian Neo (Zio) Nazis against so-called “Snow Niggers” (Russians).

    • I know that I’ve seen Eric Striker mention Moscow as the only European capital city that is still European. I can’t imagine he would say Moscow is browner than Paris. Not sure if others have said differently, but it seems unlikely.

    • I’m not sure I trust Jazzhands McFeels. He went on a seemingly endless tirade against Vladimir Vladimiritch on the most recent FTN podcast. What was the motivation for that?

    • That’s just Jizzhands McRetard’s take on the matter, he can’t let go of his normie Republican past and so has to cope with that rubbish.

    • Yes I had seen that one earlier. It is quite good on the history of the artificially-created “nation.” It doesn’t mention the role of the Papacy however. The National Justice party platform has a lot of good-sounding (socialist-sounding) far right populist planks such as nationalisation of some large private industries and national health care: https://nationaljusticeparty.com/platform/

      • I am aware of their political platform.

        As far as I know, they don’t have a stand on the papacy one way or another. Obviously, they aren’t copacetic with any of the Popes in the last century or more. It’s a divisive issue that I don’t blame them for not staying into. After all, they are a political party and think tank, and not theocratic organization.

  6. The projection of coercive power by the U. S. military and intelligence agencies is designed to make the world safe for its commercial imperialists, mostly but not exclusively its Fortune 500 companies nominally based in America. That is what the countries affected by this power have been saying, and they are correct.

    Putin does not want a nuclear Ukraine because those weapons will be used to force Russia to once more open up its economy to foreign investors to rape and pillage the native population as was the case in the 1990s after the Soviet Union collapsed, when Bill Clinton and his economic advisers helpfully pushed the restored Mother Russia into standard neoliberal shock therapy.

    The correlation of forces has shifted. America can no longer impose its will by either military force or economic blackmail because Russia has the most modern and powerful coercive apparatus and China is a better economic partner because it seeks Win-Win relationships with other countries, not mere extraction of value. And both do not have that crusading spirit that tries to hector others into a cultural niche outside
    their lived tradition.

    Vlad has finally said ” no” to the Empire of Evil. Let us domestic dissenters do likewise. Time for the JRC wildcat General Strike. SHUT IT DOWN. Not in the streets. Just say no to any more cooperation. Wage slaves, throw off those chains. No more selfish materialism. Make Bezos and his coconspirators see what power they truly have: None.

  7. The US demanded, in a UNSC resolution vetoed by Russia, that Russia revoke its recognition of DLPR.

    The US supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine but not the territorial integrity of Serbia or Syria or Sudan.

    Warmongers and shitheads. No principles. Just expediency. A country incapable of making and keeping agreements.

    I hope a titanium embargo and only gold, rubles or yuan for Russian energy are part of the counter-sanctions.

    • November,

      If you wonder why I am so passionate well–remember you sent this to me last year. So what can I say/write?

      • @Cristina,

        I am only too familiar with the fiery passion of Latinas and Mediterranean women.

        In college, my microbiology lab partner was Spanish, Italian, and Greek. She was pure fire.

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