1. This the face of the future Jew religion, fairness and equal rights for all…. including the predator, including those who feed on the weaknesses and short coming of others. Equal rights and fairness for all is nothing put a Jew cloak to hide the predatory nature of the Jews… and without question is doomed to failure. Civilized man rejects the animal, now, in the past and forever.

    • She’s married to a Whitey (not sure if he’s jewish), which is a common thread amongst ant-White hucksters. Her husband is a 6th generation Harvard graduate (aristocratic nepotism at it’s finest) , for perspective, any prole aspiring to go to Harvard would have better odds winning the Powerball Lotto. She’s definitely a privileged affirmative action establishmentarian and a democrat partisan hack.

  2. A world ruled by Russia, Red China, Iran and the DPRK would be infinitely preferable to the Gay American Empire.

    • @Spahn

      We will see this in our lifetime and if not, our children will.
      The only silver lining I can see is the Russian opposition to GlobalHomo. Strong whites will survive. The culling lays ahead. The American Empire is in its death throes.

      Buy supplies, ammo, firearms, magazines, water purification… if you haven’t already. You’re behind the curve.
      Our job is to weather the coming storm.

      All here should acknowledge the “preppers” were right all along. Looking at you too HW.

      Godspeed to you all. Deo Vindice.

      • It’s funny how so many think that the other groups would even be on our side. They think the other groups will save us. Right.

    • This is a great move, worse is better and you just know the rest of the pricks on the Supreme Court don’t want this ugly cretin within 100 yards of them. The Supreme Court has been anti-White for decades driven by The Usual Suspects’ anti-White agenda since at least 1948. The Supreme Court deserves this low IQ embarrassment. As The Joker said: “You Get What You Fucking deserve”


      The Supreme Court Shelly vs. Kraemer decision ended housing covenants that had protected White property owners from blacks for generations. This combined with the notorious Brown vs. Board of Education decision and the so-called “Civil Rights” legislation of the 1960’s under LBJ’s “Great Society” program destroyed cities North and South making life much worse for both blacks and Whites.


      The Supreme Court, acting as an unelected legislature rubber stamped this unconstitutional legislation absolutely failing in their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. The rights of White citizens, the very class of people who literally keep the lights on in the Supreme Court were thrown under the bus in the name of “equality”. The Republicans, even when they were in the majority in the whore house known as Congress and the White House never did a fucking thing about this either.

      The Republicans, good “conservatives” one and all, what were they conserving, I forget? Maybe their sinecures and payoffs from The Usual Suspects?

      • Superb point. She’ll be so outrageously stupid and lawless that it could awaken even more of the retarded normies about the truly evil nature of the Kritarchy. Worse is indeed better.

  3. She will be the first Black woman on the SCOTUS. If a light skinned/high-yellow, Black woman from Puerto Rico who speaks Spanish isn’t Black, but, Hispanic.

    Maybe the Black Hispanic woman is qualified because she is a “devout” Roman Catholic.

  4. The fact that she is “black” is just a distraction. The real question is whether she is Jewish. Her husband is Jewish. I think that’s more significant to her ideology.

  5. You think it is interesting that there are no blacks reporting from Ukraine, or black congress persons going on media to denounce “Putins aggression”. They are all Irish. How could that be? Why do suppose that is?

  6. Another affirmative action hire the Republicans will be clear for fear of being called racists. It must be nice to be black and know you were chosen because of your race, not your qualifications.

  7. Every other supreme court justice was picked based on identity politics, so I don’t see this as any different. Kagan was picked because she’s a Jewish women. Sotomayor because she’s a wise Latinx. Kav because he’s a papist. Coney-Barett because she’s a woman and papist. Gorsuch because he’s gay and a papist.

    I would honestly rather see some random unqualified black woman on the SC that another Jew or papist.

    • No, it’s the Soopreeme Kort of Wokeunduh, the homeland of the Rotten Banana Empire. The absolute Krispy Kreeeme of Klown-Korts. This AA hackette will no doubt enhance the Kort’s longstanding tradition of legislation from the bench. The R-jerseys and their genius conservative followers will do a great ghost-dance about “muh constitution” – failing to understand that this document was stripped of all meaning many moons ago.

  8. Nothing but an affirmation action hire. She will always be viewed as such – unqualified and only received the job because she is a negroid.

  9. No doubt Lady G and his boy Mr. Tim will be voting for her, along side Mitch the Bitch and many others from the Gay Old Pedobears.

  10. Why is this news? Why is this unusual? If you have blacks in your country, you will have some in some high up roles just like some will be bus drivers. Rightly or wrongly, it’s the reality of diversity. If they were all on welfare, we’d complain about that too. It’s about context.
    Given they’ve been in America for 400 years, I guess a first black woman on the supreme court is a tad overdue.

  11. This is a judge? How many times did she take the state bar exam? With this preposterous pick for the Supreme Court, Biden and his clique seem to be taunting White America,and making a statement:”This is what your future overlords are going to look like, and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

  12. Light up a cigar and laugh as SCOTUS gets the Long March treatment.

    “We will corrupt the West so bad that it stinks.”

    Willi Munzenberg of the Frankfurt School.

  13. They are not the same species. It’s not even the skin color. How can anyone look at them, and think they are the same as us?

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