Hillary Clinton: What’s Left of the GOP Must Stand Against Those Giving “Aid” To Putin

This is vintage Hillary Clinton.

She is ready to jump into World War III with Russia for the sake of expanding the Empire into Ukraine. At the same time, we must be vigilant and never forget that the real enemy are the Americans who didn’t vote for her in 2016. Those people have to be crushed.

Note: As I said earlier, nothing but evil comes out of these conflicts, so it is unsurprising to see the usual demons hoping to be unleashed by war.


    • @38S: ^^^
      This comment very clever – not clever enough make 100K trading cattle futures, when you had ZERO experience in trading beforehand* but it’s still pretty damn sweet. Bravo dude.

      Re the *: When your futures broker handles your new account by buying both sides of a trade, long, & short, and whichever way the market moves, assigns the profitable contract to your account, then eats the losing one himself well … well that’s one way to become a REALLY profitable futures trader.

      It’s a really good way to launder a political payoff, too. In a legit legal system, both would’ve gone to prison but in Governor Slick Willie’s Arkansas, his little missus just “got lucky: a LOT guessing cattle prices.

  1. Did you hear, Putin is bombing US Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine?

    In the past decade Ukraine has experienced strange outbreaks of contagious diseases all center around the US Bioweapons Labs.

    What were these labs up to? Can you tell us Hillary?

  2. Putin is shutting down a major Shlomo money laundering and sex trafficking/slavery hub. That’s good. I’m no expert but Ukraine seems like a festering Kosher shithole. Any change is likely to be an improvement.

    • Yeah, Zelensky is a Jewish puppet of the State Department, but at the same time there are a lot of ordinary people who getting killed in the crossfire as well as Ukrainians who are just defending their country.

      • This. I am enraged that ordinary people will get wasted and sacrified by puppets of the beltway ghouls + US oligarchs.

        • In the Ukraine, cleaning crew is on the way.

          Chechens Death Squads Sent to Ukraine on Behalf of Putin reports that forces from the Chechen paramilitary have departed Grozny for the Ukraine to fight and/or capture government officials in Kiev it is being claimed. At the special order of Ramazan Kadyrov, about 10,000 #Chechen National Guard departs to support the #Russia|n invasion of #Ukraine.


          As we all know, immigrants do the jobs what white people do not do and professional communist removal is definitely one of the job white people failed to perform. Donald also let bunch of black thugs out jail so that diversity will become our strength globally.

          • Those Chechens are scary mofos. I hope they can catch Zelensky and the rest of those sleazy jew mobsters in Kiev before they scurry off to Israel! A few thousand Chechen mercenaries could help us remove the hook-nosed rats here in ZOG USA as well.

        • I would hope so. But some still try and defend them because they use SS iconography.

          I have no problem identifying myself as national socialist, and Adolf Hitler was a great man (apart from his early support for zionism and the failure to form an alliance with the USSR to destroy Britain and the US).

          But people like the Azov trash who saw ‘Schindler’s List’ and masturbated instead of laughing or turning it off? That’s pretty gross, man.

        • Azov has been trained and armed by the CIA’s Special Activities Division.

          Israel may be throwing in some shekels, but most of their funding is from the “Black Book” budget.

      • Re: “at the same time there are a lot of ordinary people who getting killed in the crossfire as well as Ukrainians who are just defending their country”:

        Yes just like all the “Americans” who die “defending our country.” “Ukraine,” just like “America,” is not a real nation. Stalin made his worst mistake creating “Belarus” and “Ukraine” just to gain two more seats and votes for Russia in the United Nations. Stalin’s successor Khruschev added Crimea to “Ukraine” for a worse reason.

        Remember that Russia began in “Ukraine” – as Kievan Rus. The Russian capital moved northward to Novgorod and to Moscow to escape the Asiatic hordes that overran southern and central Russia. So-called “Ukraine” (except for the western part that was formerly Galicia, a part of Poland) is integral to Russia, and historically Russian. It IS Russia. But “Ukraine” was bitten off by Papism, which also intends to swallow the rest of Orthodox Russia.

        After the Tsarist monarchy was overthrown, two separate people’s republics were established during the chaos of civil war in the western area (Galicia) and in the Kiev area of “Ukraine” in 1919 – which merged after the civil war with the main body of Soviet Russia. People’s republics were also established in different parts of Germany and one each in Finland and Hungary after WWI, but only the Russian survived.

      • I suspect this is why we haven’t seen significant Russian air strikes so far. Putin wants to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, especially civilian.

        • You can’t fault Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who are fighting to defend their country. It is really a terrible situation which ought to have been avoided

          • Totally avoidable.

            1) West should have signed a treaty with Russia in 1990 promising no NATO expansion.
            2) Bush Admin should not have expanded NATO to Russian border.
            3) Obama Admin (Nuland, McCain et al) should not have been allowed to meddle in Ukraine, Syria, elsewhere fomenting violence against Russia.
            4) Trump should have signed some kind of treaty with Russia over Ukrainian/NATO/EU status rather than letting the issue pass to Biden (and Obama old guard).

          • Few of them are. Lots of Ukranian conscripts doing the patriotic thing and surrendering rather than fight for the jew.

          • No argument, except to ask what is their country? The hulk of a Jew-run flea-market there now? The anonymous above has an excellent grasp of Russian history. With the exception of the very western part of the present Imperial colony (Galicia), the place has been part of the Russian heartland since 988. Yes it fell to the Mongols and was ruled (tax-farmed) by the Poland-Lithuania in the 17th century and ruled by the Ottomans for a while too. Nevertheless it was always part of Russia until 1991. Putin did every possible thing he could do to avoid this. The Jew clown-puppet installed by the Rotten Banana Empire finally threatened to have his NATO backers install nukes so Putin was left with no choice. Did you know that the Imperial Wokeunduh Navy had a base in Ukraine on the Black Sea coast? Apparently it’s ashes now. Here’s all that you ever hear and see from the empire and its minions.

          • Where were these defenders when America was trying to absorb Ukraine into the west? You can’t seriously say they are defending their country when they want to turn it into an open borders LGBT sewer like the west. A hot war is much less harmful than integrating with the west. They can survive a war. They can’t survive a flood of infinity Africans and total Americanization of their culture.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            When did your website switch from a southern/white nationalist website unto a a Russian website?

  3. On July 16, 2018, during a joint press conference with President Donald Trump in Helsinki, Finland, Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that Browder had funneled $400 million to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, an effort that he claimed involved members of the U.S. intelligence community who, Putin said, “accompanied and guided these transactions.”


    • Our genius press corps didn’t realize that 400 m is 400,000 in Russian/German/and other European monetary systems. Still $400,000 is a nice chunk of change.

      • “Still $400,000 is a nice chunk of change”:

        Clintons collect “rents” wherever they can. They bleed impoverished Haiti for less than that. The original “Build Back Better” slogan was created by the Clintons for robbing Haiti blind. Hillary smiled at the brand new sweatshop industrial park where Haitian women sew garments for $4 a day and are raped on the job. Her brother was awarded one of the only two gold mining permits.

        • @anonymous – It is quite bizarre how much you shill for Haiti and the Haitian people. The country was prosperous under colonial White rule. Haiti is dysfunctional because it’s population is dysfunctional.

          • “you shill for Haiti”:

            Not really. It just happens to be an outrageously obvious example of imperialism in action. When the Clintons’ gathering of money from Ukraine was mentioned above, their outrageous thefts from Haiti came to mind.

            And NO. I DON’T support or condone immigration from Haiti to the U.S., and I oppose all U.S. and other Western “aid” to Haiti and all other meddling and intervention. Haiti is just one example of dozens, maybe hundreds that I could cite.

        • @anonymous — “Hillary smiled at the brand new sweatshop industrial park where Haitian women sew garments for $4 a day and are raped on the job.”

          Just wondering… Is $4 per day considered a shockingly abnormal wage in Haiti? Best bring them to a Western country where they can make $10 per hour and help turn the USA into Haiti? Does “smiling at a brand new sweatshop industrial park” equate to endorsing Haitian women being raped on the job? And exactly who is raping these women? Bill Clinton?? Wouldn’t put it past him; but most likely, it is Haitian MEN.

          You think like a certified sh#tLib.

  4. What about the Aid given to migrants to travel to Western Europe and now recently Eastern Europe Hillary?

    Are we allowed to know or notice who organizes it?

    Can’t we question why it’s mostly single males of military age of non European descent?

    However Russia reclaiming ethnic Russia areas is really bad?

    Which on Hillary is an Invasion of Europe?

    Hypocrisy Bitch you know it.

  5. “How distressing, Madame Secretary. How distressing…”

    What colossal race traitor scum Scartissue is.

    We’re not “naive”, Cankles: we know that not Putin but YOU and the kikes you truckle for are our enemy. So eat shit & die, hag.

  6. Hellary, if I am not mistaken, her first case out of law school, she represented ” The Black Panther Party”, she has been hating us for a long, long time, this was back in the 1960’s, good girls even in that era, would do no such thing, she must have come out of the womb evil…..

    • Lol, that bitch is so unethical she was dismissed from the Congressional legal team that investigated the Watergate scandal.

      • She also work as a pro bono lawyer for the Black Panthers and other anti-white domestic terrorist groups right out of law school.

    • Are you kidding? The Talmudic never picks up a gun unless it’s used to execute someone unarmed and tied up, or to sit there in protected positions and pick off Palestinians with silenced rifles. Any unit where they have a real chance of eating bullets is not where they’ll sign up. The Azov battalion, an explicit Ukro-Nazi unit, is funded by a Jew oligarch. The Ukro-Nazis are the ones who are fighting in the streets and using heavy weapons (NATO-supplied) against Russian armor in cities attempting to provoke a massive response to increase civilian casualties. One of the Ukro-Nazis in Jew-clown’s government also was advocating civilians using molotov cocktails against Russian armor already in Kiev burbs – also good for pictures of dead whites in streets to make Jews smile. Useful for Jewsmedia propaganda in west. The term Nazi is confusing here. The Ukro-Nazis are really basically armed criminals larping with Nazi regalia who are funded by Jews to foment war between whites. They’re the ones – along with western and Israeli mercs – who are chiefly responsible for the 14K dead in Dombass since 2014.

  7. “Russia reclaiming ethnic Russia areas”:

    You have stated the truth. History is on the march. The national reunion of Russian-speaking, Cyrillic-writing, non-uniated real Orthodox Russian people is only natural!

  8. The oligarchs in the media will now keep bringing Clinton on for her opinion on the situation in Ukraine. I’m glad I stopped watching the news and ,listening to talk radio.

    • @John,

      They are using Hillary primarily because no one wants to give Henry Kissinger his daily adenochrome anymore.

      Yes, that monster still is breathing.

  9. No, you stinking, foul, lying B*tch. Shut your mouth and die for all the lies and evil you have amassed on your soul, your entire life.

    “What happened to Putin was ‘reality set in’ and he finally woke up to the game that Washington is playing. In other words, when “the guarantor of global security” (aka– the US) becomes the world’s most active interventionist openly participating in regional? hostilities in order to pursue its own narrow strategic objectives, then other parties must do whatever they can to stop the fighting, save the lives of the innocent, and bring the conflicts to a swift end.

    Putin did not compromise his principles by providing a security umbrella for the 4 million people who were just days away from another bloody rampage. No, he acted honorably and courageously by lending a hand to vulnerable people who were in desperate need of his help. He sacrificed gas revenues for lives, reputational damage to defend the defenseless, and he incurred the wrath of the United States in order to do the right thing.

    Putin should be applauded for his action. He stood up to the bully and called his bluff.

    Now the ball is in Biden’s court.” – https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/scholz-caves-on-nord-stream-while-putin-throws-donbass-a-lifeline/

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