Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks At AFPAC III

Here are my thoughts:

1. Congratulations, Nick.

Nick deserves some credit here for “breaking down barriers.”

2. This is another example of the ongoing trend where the “mainstream” is crumbling as conservatives and normies have become radicalized. The taboos are thawing because the “extremists” are increasingly indistinguishable in rhetoric from the “mainstream” Right.

3. The “Dissident Right” is an increasingly meaningless term. Millions of people subscribe to nationalist and populist views now. Conservatives are becoming more explicit about their racial grievances. How am I an extremist when Marjorie Taylor Greene agrees with me about the desirability of a National Divorce?

4. Nick Fuentes didn’t come up with the right “optics.” If anything is true, Nick and his fellow incels are bad optics. The truth is that both sides of the former divide have just quit caring about optics in recent years. Owning the libs is all that matters. Why should people like Nosferatu at the ADL or Michael Edison Hayden at the SPLC be dictating who we can associate with?

5. If you care too much about optics, you are caring what libs think of you. You are giving weight to their opinions of who is respectable. They’ve gone nuclear. They’re already calling you every name in the book anyway. They say we live under systematic racism and white supremacy. Even if you tried not to be racist, you are guilty of racism and white privilege anyway.

6. The archaic taboos were created in a different media environment in which the “mainstream media” and its “watchdog organizations” dominated the country. So much has changed since then.


  1. The best thing I’ve seen from this was the crowd booing Joe Arpaio for saying he isn’t racist and that he has Black and Latinx grandchildren

      *thunderous applause*
      *everyone cheers*
      *awkward silence*
      *audience boos*

  2. Future tech billionaire Handy Andy Torba owner of GAB sponsored this event.

    I had to tease Handy Andy about Nick the Spic, but Andy took it in good humor. I think one of my friends must have been the hetman of Andy’s family back in the old country. Or, more likely somewhere in Pennsylvania or West Virginia after they immigrated from the Carpathians.

    Brad, did I ever tell you the story of my great-grandad and the hunkie man who wanted to become a citizen.

  3. “Nosferatu”, i.e.

    (((Dracula))). As to the AFPAC crowd,

    I’ll take them seriously when they start using the J-word and the Z-word

    in non-adulatory contexts.

  4. What are your thoughts on the conference and Stewgate, Hunter?

    Agree that AF is terrible optics. Incel, basement-dwelling (literally, he films his show in his mommy’s basement) masturbaters who call Michelle Malkin “mommy”. Huh? I have a wife and children, I am a normal American; other normal American families are not going to identify with losers like that.

    • I didn’t watch the conference and don’t know much about. I was eating dinner with my wife last night lol

      • Fair enough. I certainly can’t dispute that was a much better use of your time!

        As John said, Stew criticized MTG in his speech – shortly after her own speech, mainly that she is a sell-out who just wants to “own the libs” and supports reparations for blacks. Unsurprisingly, Nick then used his speech to call Stew a moron and praise MTG, ingratiating himself to her and MILO (who booked her last minute). Stew has since criticized her again publicly because of her wishy-washy response to the media today, claiming she does not know Nick, and Stew claims this vindicates his criticisms of her. Nick, on the other hand, went after Stew again in response, claiming he was “disrespectful to our staff, looked like a slob, and stormed out of the conference after his speech,,, Good riddance loser.” AF is screaming “WIGNAT” at Stew and anybody who likes him now.

  5. Peters criticized her and rightfully so for suggesting blacks should get reparations and not saying anything about the child slavery. Sh also voted for Juneteenth and we all know she apologized to the jews and to prove her worth to them by visiting a holoco$t museum.

  6. I agree with Michael Savage in that we need to bring back the House Unamerican Activities Committee and she may well be the one to do it. Another unchallenged lie in America today is that McCarthy was wrong…he was completely right and didn’t go far enough. When McCarthy was defeated by his enemies that was a real turning point in American History, you could say the 60s began on that date.

  7. I like how the attention spans are now down to acronyms. “MTG” would be better served supporting Amren..Gaming is a drug in its own right, just like gambling.

  8. I thought Lord Jared, old man Brimelow and Mommy Malkin were supposed to speak at FUDGEPAC III, no? The whole thing seemed kind of amateurish, but I wasn’t there. I almost went, but then I thought better of it.

  9. I went to the urban center closest to me this weekend. The amount of brown genes and race-mixing I witnessed have convinced me the White race is finished in this country, unless something drastic happens very soon.

    • I feel the same thing, based on what I see every single day. Most whites don’t even care, and most of them have mixed grandkids, etc. To them, it’s like mongrel dog versus a purebred. They don’t care. The same whites STILL watching football. Like one old white guy told me, “The future will be light brown, it was bound to happen”, and he smiled when he said it. What the fock is in it for him, to be so happy about THAT?
      People haven’t acknowledge what white genes have accomplished. It’s Elon Musk sending rockets into space, not a diversity company. Same with everything else.
      There are far too many mixed families in the US. People won’t even take sides, because of the mixing in their own families.

      • Pilot, make sure everything is right with your own family, people are attracted too success, if we have it together, people will respond too the truth we speak…….

    • Seeing attractive young white women in the company of their black pimp boyfriends fills me with a genuine hatred for my own stupid, cowardly race.

  10. I watched the entirety of the Fuentes speech, which was posted on Youtube for a minute. The MTG stuff sounded like a minor skirmish until Stew Peters doubled down with the purity spiraling. His criticisms of MTG remind me of the WigNat criticisms of Kyle Rittenhouse: “Hurr durr, he supports Black Lives Matter! She supports reparations for Blacks!” Its just a cover for their real agenda, which is crushing Social Conservatism/Middle America.

    Fuentes quickly gave MTG his support then moved onto the contents of his speech, which I found interesting and revealing. In a positive and humbling way. Speaking for myself here, I was too smart for Evangelical Christianity. i pride myself on my intellect and my ability to connect abstract, seemingly unrelated concepts. I’ve always wanted to beat the enemy *my* way, which is by outsmarting them. Trusting God, or the Bible, was just something beneath me.

    Fuentes has made it a point to emphasis Christianity as a core tenet of his America First project. His speech made repeated references to God being on their side, and at one time, the crowd erupted in chants of “Christ is King! Christ is King!” It was stuff that was “too dumb” for me, that I’d have rolled my eyes at and grinned if I heard it at an Amren or NPI conference (which of course, I never did). And that’s where the humble pie comes in.

    Hint for all you MTG haters: Those chants are why she was there. MTG is an outspoken Christian Nationalist. She didn’t care about Nick’s “racist” views because he is a fellow Christian Nationalist. Consider that a handshake moment between “White Supremacists” and “Christian Theocrats,” to use the words of our hysterical enemies.

    But then, I say “our enemies,” and well, are they really the enemies of Atheist, Socially Liberal, Educated, “Normal” Pro-Whites? Nick Fuentes, king of the Incels, Groypers, Optics Cucks, and AmNats, just shared a stage with a sitting Congressman at a sold out conference hosted by a private hotel somewhere near Disney World. There’s a zero percent chance Antifa didn’t try to shut that thing down. What did Fuentes do right that we in the Educated class of the Pro-White Movement did wrong?

    I’m just a commenter who has lurked in these spaces for years, following minds such as Hunter, James Kirkpatrick/Greg Hood, the Counter Currents crew, and of course, the various projects run by Dickie Spence. I just want to be clear: You’re all great at what you do. This is not a slam, and I’m not about to start following Nick Fuentes. I enjoy thinking and theorizing for the sake of thinking and theorizing, whereas Nick appeals to a less intellectual audience. My own tastes are inherently marginal.

    What I’m saying is, we should probably reevaluate our thoughts, feelings, and approach in regards to Christianity. Can we really outsmart the devil? Can we really outsmart the likes of Louis Thereoux, the ADL, and the SPLC? Can we really outsmart the 4D chess players at the CIA who have perfected the art of psychological warfare? Is Nick’s simple, dumb, cringey strategy objectively superior to everything we’ve been doing on the internet since we all found our way to the Pro-White Movement? Do we have to simply “Trust God?”

    For me, its on the table. My way has made me miserable, angry, bitter, and resentful. For ten years. The cost of knowledge is happiness. I felt my heart warm up watching Nick smile with such utter confidence in his convictions. I pumped my fist and said “right on” at several points of the speech. I felt…proud of what he said and what he’s accomplished. I felt proud for him.

    What do you all think guys? What are we doing wrong here? How are we stuck in this paradox where we are more marginalized then ever whereas our ideas are exploding in popularity? In the end, could *we* have been the real problem all along??

  11. Watch out for those born-again types like Torbo and Marjorie who go around telling everyone they found Jayzus. They are flakes, phonies and frauds. Fr. John is an example of what respectable Christians ought to be like.

  12. I am in rural Appalachia. It is almost entirely white. And yet somehow, the amount of mixed race kids with (single?) mothers and, even more frequently, white grandmothers at the grocery store is truly disturbing.

  13. Fuentes is a Catholic apostate. He has his own false God. Most evangelicals make an idol out of Israel and the Jews and would willingly sell us all out in favor of them, that’s the main grievance of the AF crowd yes? Well, Fuentes would do the same for the Pope. He doesn’t believe the Bible and, if you were to listen to his fierce defenses of the Pope and Catholicism when challenged on it via superchats, you would realize he is no different than a John Roberts or Brett Kavanaugh – possibly even worse. And the moment they are in power, they will likely to the old religious wars of our forefathers and attempt to genocide the Protestants and evangelicals.

    The Supreme Court and our country is dominated by Jews, first and foremost, but secondly by Catholics. It is no great feat for one to have a sell-out congresswoman at his conference of 1200 people when his fellow tribe is at the highest levels of power.

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