1. It’s fascinating to see who the real baby blood drinkers are. Every media outlet, pundit and pig reading from the same script with a few token opposition voices. And hey, white nationalism is even on the menu for Ukrainians. Not for us of course.

  2. Basically starting with Obama and now Biden and his string pullers they did to Russia what Khrushchev did to us with trying to put nukes in Cuba. JFK really did blow Bay of Pigs, not only should they have had air cover, but we should have been ready to go in if they (probably) failed and get rid of Castro ourselves. Big mistake. I notice there is a lot of exaggeration about “nazis” in the Ukraine…ie a few crackpots but that is no different than from how our oligarchs or Trudeau call their political enemies “nazis” as well. I noticed the whole “Donbas” fake republics used as an excuse for this very legitimate concern about a CIA puppet government in Kiev is fairly old school clumsy USSR style propaganda. It reminded me of how Wasco was trying to foment a phony race riot in prison in the old James Woods movie “Fast Walking” so he could carry out a paid hit on another prisoner under the riot’s cover. I also was confirmed in my suspicion that the current regime in Russia came about when former members of the security services saw what the US did to Serbia and realized they were next. I noticed that the American public is completely in the dark about what is really going on, so naive they might as well be Xi’s subjects. Tucker seems to be the only one telling the truth, even Fox is now full on NYC jewish oligarch echo chamber on this. It’s pretty clear International Jewry is out to get Putin and that is not a crackpot exaggeration.

    • lol do you think Chinese people are ‘naive’ about threats to the interest of Chinese people?

      No. They aren’t stupid. They aren’t naive American white conservatives, completely under the thrall of jews.

    • The strongman of Ukraine, who happens to be a Jew, has neo-Nazis working for him? Yet, the Ukraine strongman is still the “good guy”? Except for this apparent oversight the Jimmy Dore presentation was very good and even handed.

  3. This picture really is an excellent summation of the gaslight media and western politicians – both open shitlibs and “conservatives”. Putin would have to go full-bore Stalin to even approach their level of pure evil.

  4. Okay, when the Ukrainian spokeswoman comes on Sunday morning tv and mentions “our jewish brothers we lost in the holocaust”, yet doesn’t say one word about what the Soviets did to the Ukrainians with the Holomodor, I know there is a generous amount of bullshit being floated around.

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