Russia Officially Cancelled By International Bankers

Russia has previously said that this would be construed as an act of war.

Note: I’ve said for two years now that this country is caught in a vertiginous spiral toward some inevitable crisis. I recently pointed out that the outcome might not be Civil War 2.


  1. The units from Crimea are heading north and east, seemingly to form one wing of a pincer movement around the Neonazi units that were preparing to invade liberated Donbass.

    Unclear if this will work. The Neonazis have thousands of embedded American and German mercs with the best weapons. And not stupid. They are racing northwest, to avoid the encirclement.

    But this will leave all of Donass and Kharkiv open to the Russian advance.

    Not a military expert, but I could almost swear, the move to Kiev looks like a diversion. They can take it surely, but it is not the real target.

    The Russians are liberating all of Donbass and Kharkiv and they are obtaining the crucial land bridge to Crimea. These are limited and reasonable objectives. Under no circumstances will they attempt to hold Kiev.


    • Excellent commentary and tactical analysis. Is there any possibility the Russians’ main objective is to advance into Los Angles County and secure Redondo Beach?

    • Since the truth is always elusive these days, so it seems with this war. Sure, it is obvious that Russia wants their land bridge to Crimea, and the guarantee that Ukraine does not join NATO. But, something else is in play in the background. It certainly is a distraction from all the other bad crap happening. This will somehow escalate, and more than just high prices are coming our way, either as a result of this, or in conjunction with it. Even if this issue is resolved soon, something bad is right behind it.

      • Russia is in an existential struggle to NOT become Yugoslavia. One thing that’s clear is that the Jewish comedian Ukraine President Zelensky is the ultimate Jew.

    • Interesting that both sides are calling the other nazis. Also interesting is that “neonazis” would be fighting in support of a jewish-led regime.

      • These Ukrainian “nazis” are indeed a very curious group. Not only are they heavily funded by Jews and various Jew-controlled regimes, but one of their own leaders (Borislav Bereza, former leader of Right Sektor) is a Jew himself. The “nazis” likewise support the Jew klown-puppet nominally in charge of Country 404. They seem to have no problem with negroes and other third-world detritus imported by Jews and Jew-controlled NGOs. Yet they despite Russians, who the average Murikan mystery-meat ‘tard would see as another “Russkie” if they were to encounter a Russian and one these Ukro “nazis” on the street. Very strange, these “nationalist-socialists”. Unlike any I ever read of before.

        They remind me in most ways of certain “Muslims” (ISIS, Al-Quaeda) who suddenly appeared in the 1970s, who have no problem taking lots of Jew money from both Globo-Pedo and from Mossad itself, in order to kill other Muslims en masse. There is just this familiar stench about them that never leaves the air ….

  2. Get ready for the petro$hekel to go to zero. I think they know this which is why they fabricated $4 trillion for their cronies to convert into real assets last year.

  3. It means nothing. Putin is not going to fold because ZOG has interrupted their banking system. Too bad they don’t do the same to Israel who has committed more human violations than Russia over the past years.

    Note: I am not a fan of Putin or the war but the hypocrisy of the US is sickening.

    • Wait until the bank runs start on Monday in Russia. And how long are Putin’s oligarch masters going to stand by and watch as they lose Trillions of Dollars because – after all – Russia is just one big Mafia family with Putin as the visible face of the the whole syndicate.

    • Yep. Only the US gets to surround its opponents with military bases, assassinate foreign leaders, and bomb and invade foreign countries.

  4. Imposing an economic blockade against an entire country certainly does constitute an act of war. Despite relentless anti-Russian hate propaganda in the ZOG media the international community both understands and supports Putin’s order to liberate the Ukraine.

  5. Just wait for the first big false flag atrocity to take place! Fox News will report it to you just like all the other channels, fooling its audience of rubes to get them firmly behind the war. Fox News won’t tell you that the U.S. Empire, which makes war by deception, still has special forces deployed inside Khazar-kraine, who are directing and assisting its psychopathic Russia-hating Khazar-krainian proxies, around Odessa, at least. Russia reports that U.S. forces are assisting around Odessa. Russian forces have not been able to land near Odessa yet because it is surrounded with thousands of recently-laid underwater mines and land mines even on the public beaches, and Khazar missile launchers and artillery have been placed on and around civilian buildings. The Russians are still avoiding destroying civilian infrastructure, which has allowed the Khazars and U.S. special forces to continue drone and missile strikes at Russian planes and ships, some of which have been damaged, downed or sunk. The U.S.’s psychopathic Russia-hating Khazar-krainian proxies are on video now mutiliating and killing Russian prisoners, dragging them behind personnel carriers like something ISIS would do. These Catholic Crusaders are behaving like the Fascist Croats in World War Two, who executed Serbian Orthodox prisoners, and Orthodox priests and other civilians in the Catholic Crusade against Orthodoxy in the Balkans.

    Economist Paul Craig Roberts explains why the Russians are being MUCH TOO KIND to the Empire and its Khazar-krainian proxies: “Russia’s strategic weakness is not her military. Her weakness is her respect for international rules of war and her desire not to harm the population (…) The Kremlin actually cares about what people think. This is a frustration and a weakness for Russia, because she has no way of controlling the narrative. Whatever Russia does will be painted black, so she might as well do whatever is necessary (…) before she is faced with a self-imposed stalemate. The Kremlin does not seem to understand that if only Russia abides by international law, there is no international law. Indeed, Western countries do not even abide by their own domestic laws. The problem did not start with the Russian intervention yesterday. It began with Washington’s overthrow of a democratically elected government and installation of a puppet regime (…) The Kremlin should have nipped this in the bud, but naively believing in diplomacy failed to do so. Russia is in trouble because she is forever imposing limits on her use of power. This works only if your opponents have the same mentality. Unfortunately, Russia’s opponents do not. We see the same Russian unwillingness to act in her response to the latest round of sanctions (…) To stop sanctions and all talk of sanctions, all the Kremlin needs to do is to stop the gas flows to Europe. As the president of one of the large EU energy grid companies said, if this happened German industry would have to be taken off the energy grid. In other words, a complete shutdown of German industry–the same as if it were bombed into oblivion. As it is still winter, a lot of Germans would have cold weather inside their homes. But what do we see? We see this: The head of the Russian Senate, Valentina Matviyenko said that Russia will remain a reliable gas supplier for Europe (…)The EU sanctions on Russian banks were altered in order to take advantage of Russian stupidity: Germany’s finance minister said on Friday that EU sanctions over Russia’s military operation in Ukraine had led to Russian banks being nearly completely blocked in his country. The only transactions still allowed were those by German companies to pay for Russian gas (…) We can say it is not stupidity, that Russia is simply complying with contractual agreements, showing herself to be a good and reliable business partner. Or we can say that Russia’s incompetent economists and central bank have convinced the Kremlin, whose specialty is not economics, that Russia needs the foreign exchange from gas sales. But it is stupid. Russia will get no credit for being a reliable business partner. Certainly Germany has no interest in being a reliable partner for Russia (…) As for foreign exchange, Russia has no need of it and it will only be confiscated by sanctions if it is held in instruments denominated in US or EU currency. The Russian central bank does not need foreign currency to finance Russian economic development. If Russia is content for Europe to deplete her energy resources, she should bill in rubles in order to strengthen her currency rather than the currency of her enemies. So, despite her military predominance, Russia’s position is weak. It is weakened further by Putin’s commitment to globalism. Here is an amazing inconsistency in Putin’s position. Putin is committed to Russia’s sovereignty, but the sovereignty of countries is inconsistent with globalism. Putin can have one or the other but not both”:

    Please read those last five sentences again. They tell you why Putin’s and Russia’s position is so weak.

    • Putin is a puppet of the Tribe and an ex-KGB goon no matter how much you guys fashion him as the “Savior Of Muh White Christian Race”.

      • Just because Putin has photos taken of him meeting with various jewish officials doesn’t necessarily mean he is their stooge. As President of a vast, multiethnic empire he has to meet with the representatives of dozens of ethnic groups all the time.

      • I don’t recall seeing anyone posting that Putin is a savior on this website. Yes Putin has done some things that have been anti globo homo, but I no more trust him than I do any other world leader.

        The bottom line is that the US empire is dead. And that’s a good thing.

    • Nigga, I’m not reading all that incoherent nonsense. If you had a legitimate argument it would have required only two or three sentences to explain.

  6. Putin should nuke Kiev and the godless pro-homosexual Yankee Empire at the same time. It is hard to uphold sanctions when your infrastructure has been destroyed and you are begging for assistance from the rest of the world.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

      • You Yankees are worse than the Jews. Some of the Jews even fought for the South against the Yankees.

        Yankee Sherman would have made the South a total wasteland with UTTER DESTRUCTION if he had nukes 160 years ago. There is no doubt. He was a maniac.

        Allatoona 7:30 p.m.

        Oct. 9th 1864

        Lt. Gen. Grant

        City Point

        It will be a physical impossibility to protect this road now that Hood, Forrest, Wheeler and the whole batch of Devils are turned loose without home or habitation. I think Hoods movements indicate a direction to the end of the Selma and Talladega road to Blue Mountain about sixty miles south west of Rome from which he will threaten Kingston, Bridgeport and Decatur and I propose we break up the road from Chattanooga and strike out with wagons for Milledgeville Millen and Savannah.

        Until we can repopulate Georgia it is useless to occupy it, but UTTER DESTRUCTION of its roads, houses, AND PEOPLE will cripple their military resources. By attempting to hold the roads we will lose a thousand men monthly and will gain no result. I can make the march and make Georgia howl. We have over 8,000 cattle and 3,000,000 pounds of bread but no corn, but we can forage the interior of the state.

        W.T. Sherman

        M. Genl.

        Secede now!

        May God Save the South!

        • @BFL: Your quotee also said: “War is Hell.”

          Sherman did NOT want war; counselled his senator brother against it, too. When the bullets started flying tho, yeah – like MANY other generals both uniforms – Sherman ordered foot soldiers to close w/ the enemy & kill.

          He also offered the civilians of Atlanta, “… to share the last cracker” with them, if they’d agree to his terms before launching the attack on it.

          Your righteous love for the South respected and, far as this northener (but southern allegiance) concerned, the War Between The States, BOTH sides lost.

          “No moar brother woars” the meme I stand for tho frustratingly again, it is being bloodied for the interests the group who benefits WHICHEVER side young white men die for – again.

          True 1861-65. And 1914-18. And 1939-45. OD readers / commenters know well who they are …

          Just as it’s time for white catholics & protestants in Ireland to cease hostilities; it’s time for, “rebels” & “yankees” in America to, too.

          You are welcome in my home anytime – food, lodging, ammunitions, too. Better days ahead.
          (Count the words the sentence above, it’s that number for a reason.)

          • If Putin would nuke the brains out of the Yankee Empire, no tears from me…but I will not rejoice so that would cause God to take His hand off of them.

            And I would hope that the remnant of the Yankees after the nuking are forced to be ruled over by the American Indians as the Yankees placed Blacks and wicked white carpetbaggers in position to rule over the South during Reconstruction. Give the Yankees their “160 years” of being the butt of all kinds of put-downs/jokes/condemnations and every week come up with some “new” story about the Yankee Empire’s attempt to exterminate the Indians — nonstop.
            Write thousands of books, produce hundreds of films about the vile Yankees killing the American Indians and trying to starve them to death by killing off all the buffalo (Yankee sanctions).

            You need to dig deeper into what not only what Sherman did to the South in his version of TOTAL WAR but the rest of the Yankee invaders and Lincoln himself did or supported.

            Remember the North has never known any real total economic ruin, deprivation and a beating down that the South was put through. The South’s 160 years of struggle to get back to not what they once had but just to live normal lives is just a big joke to over half the country who believes they deserved every bit of it and more and still keeps pounding them over slavery and so-called “racism”.

            Neither was Lincoln ignorant of his armies’ atrocities. In his memoirs Sherman wrote that at a meeting with Lincoln after his March, the President was eager to hear the stories of how thousands of Southern civilians, mostly women, children, old men and slaves, were plundered, tortured, raped, murdered and rendered homeless. According to Sherman, the President laughed almost uncontrollably at these narratives. Sherman’s biographer Lee Kennett, concluded that had the Confederates won the war, they would have been:

            “justified in stringing up President Lincoln and the entire Union high command for violations of the laws of war, specifically for waging war against noncombatants.”

            It had always been Lincoln’s strategy not only to defeat the South but to destroy both the culture and the will of the people by targeting civilians. Under the concept of “military necessity,” Lincoln’s new code of war allowed him to do whatever was required to achieve that end and his commanders followed suit. Even General Halleck author of General Order 12, abandoned his concern for civilization. Ulysses Grant decided after the Battle of Shiloh in April of 1862, that the only strategy possible was to annihilate the South. Writing to Sheridan and Sherman, Grant stated,

            “We are not only fighting hostile armies, but a hostile people and we must make old and young, rich and poor feel the hard hand of war.”
            — Abbeville Institute,”Lincoln’s Total War”, Valerie Protopapas, 09/28/2021.


            In his travels with Sherman’s army, reporter David P Conyngham had seen much destruction in Georgia, but when he gave his general impression of the operations in South Carolina, he stressed how much worse was than Georgia:

            We marched, on the whole, four hundred and fifty miles, our wings extending some thirty-five or forty miles. This would give an area of over fifteen thousand square miles which we operated over, all the time supporting men and animals on the country. Indeed, the loss we inflicted on the enemy is incalculable, and all at a trifling sacrifice of life…

            As for the wholesale burning, pillage, devastation, committed in South Carolina, magnify all I have said of Georgia fifty fold, and then throw in an occasional murder, “just to bring an old, hard-fisted cuss to his senses,” and you have a pretty good idea of the whole thing.

            — Stokes, Karen. South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s Path, Introduction, pp 9-14,17.


            In August of 1862, two years before his infamous ‘March to the Sea’, General William T. Sherman declared, “Salt is eminently contraband.” The Southern leaders’ positioning of the South’s economy as dependent on cash crops created well-known shortages of many sorts. One aspect of this approach concerned the use of money acquired from cash crops to purchase food and salt. This failure and refusal to embrace a diverse, self-sufficient economy was a weakness seized upon by the Union that led to hunger and a return to a traditional but less healthy diet reliant on meat, meal, and molasses. Opportunistic infections of many kinds present in the disease-infested South aggravated the plight of an already hungry and malnourished people. Many combinations of infections and conditions were far worse than the mere sum of the symptoms of those infections and conditions.

            The scope of this paper is inadequate to embrace fully the subject of one disease in the South during the Civil War and Reconstruction, malaria. Typhus, especially typhoid fever, yellow fever, and dysentery were often grouped into “malarial fevers” during early research into the disease ecology present in the Civil War. Easier to understand was the confusion between hookworm, starvation, and pellagra. When hookworm was eradicated early in the twentieth century, and the distinctively diseased nature of the South did not abate, answers would not be fully understandable until later when pellagra (niacin deficiency) was considered alongside starvation. However, addressing distinctive Southern diseases and conditions caused by, exacerbated by, or that became endemic by a lack of salt and other deprivations during the Civil War and “Reconstruction” should be remembered when discussing the Civil War. Otherwise, there is an inadequate context to examine the phenomenon of apathy and mental and/or developmental retardation in the South after the Civil War. There is also inadequate context of the cause and effects of plantation slavery concerning hookworm and other diseases before the Civil War. Examining the recent battles with the Necator americanus (American Killer) strain of hookworm in the Third World could help us understand the hookworm’s rise and devastating effects in the South during the Civil War.



            The Civil War was won as a war of attrition. General Sherman’s recognition of this early in the war led to his assignment of salt as contraband due to its use in preserving meat. This in turn led to profound changes in the disease ecology of the South leading to endemic pellagra and hookworm that did not exist in the antebellum South. The symptom of delusion common to hookworm, pellagra, malaria, and starvation led to confused diagnoses while contributing to a long standing belief that Southern distinctiveness includes laziness, apathy, and dim-wittedness.
            — Abbeville Institute, “How Yankees Fostered Southern Disease” by Vann Boseman, 10-31-2019

            Could show more but limited by time and space…

  7. Any bets what the average American will be paying for a gallon of gas soon? As Brandon said, you will bear the costs of America’s imperial hubris.

      • All of this could have been avoided if Zelensky hadn’t made nuclear weapons threats against Russia. That was the straw that broke the camels’ back.

        The Ukrainians have at least 15 operational nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel, nuclear waste, schools of nuclear physics, and have the practical knowledge of how nuclear weapons work and how to build nuclear weapons. When asked about Zelensky’s nuclear threats, Putin said he took them seriously! We are not talking 1993, we are talking 2022!

      • Refining has always been a grift. There is no real supply and demand reason why gas should skyrocket but I’m guessing it will.

  8. And will there be any penalties imposed upon Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau for infringing on the civil rights of his fellow Canadians?

    • I think fighting Russia is Biden-Trudeau changing the subject. Mind you, any American Trucker Convoy would be seen as high treason while Dear Leader is defending our free dumbs from Adolf Putin.

      Okie dokie?

  9. “neo-nazi-racist-anti-semite” is what anti-whites have been screaming at Whites for generations, if they won’t open their borders of their countries to millions of non-whites and intermarry with them, and make affirmative action laws against their race, in favor of these non-whites.

    Next the Russian propagandists will be calling Whites that won’t surrender to them, “dumb hicks, and rednecks”.

  10. Is that why Russia has been de-dollarizing along with the BRICS?
    WWIII is guaranteed and all WARS are bankster WARS.
    The same banksters that funded Russia 1917.

  11. Oh, man.

    This could get ugly fast. I don’t know much about Poles, but I believe letting arms flow freely and openly across their border is extremely unwise. Like I said before the Russians are edgy and emotional. Bad things could easily happen here.

    I’m 39 yrs old now. My oldest daughter is turning 11 in September. I don’t want to spend my 40s freezing my ass off in “Donbas” eating horse meat and exchanging texts with my daughter about how close we got to getting shot or shelled.

    These gangsters, murderers and pedophiles in Washington are almost certainly going to try to bring back military conscription. This must be met with resistance from ALL Americans.


  12. “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values, Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”
    –Vladimir Putin

    Hope he “degrades” every one of them…

  13. Less than a month ago the government-media establishment was demanding that you either subject yourself and your children to a series of experimental and potentially dangerous injections or risk losing your job and your civil liberties. Plus they wanted the public to humiliate themselves by being forced to wear ugly and medically useless face masks all day long. Sort of like how Chinese emperors used to require male peasants to wear a long braided pigtail as a sign of submission to authority.

    Now these same arrogant politicians and celebrity assholes want you to unconditionally support their imperialist war against Russia to defend a corrupt, CIA- backed regime in Eastern Europe run by Israeli gangsters. The arrogance of these monsters is off the charts! I want them all executed and their bullet-riddled carcasses unceremoniously tossed into trenches filled with quick-lime!

  14. Slavery.

    Slavery existed in Ukrainian territory from ancient times. The first references to it appear in Arab historical sources of the 9th century, which speak of Magyar hordes moving from the Volga to the Pannonian Lowland and enslaving some of the local Slavs and selling them in Black Sea coastal towns to Greek buyers. The accounts of Arab and Jewish travelers attest that from the 10th to 13th centuries many slaves were shipped from Kyivan Rus’ through the Black Sea towns to Byzantium, Spain, Turkestan, and Arab countries. The Greek colonies, in particular Chersonese Taurica, acted as middlemen in the slave trade. There was a particular square in Constantinople where Rus’ merchants sold slaves (known then as cheliad). The trade in slaves is also mentioned in chronicles and other Ukrainian sources.

    Slaves were taken mainly from among prisoners of war, people born in captivity or married to slaves, and those guilty of certain crimes (arson, horse theft) or of deliberately defaulting on loans. Ruskaia Pravda specified that slaves were not afforded the protection of the law, and treated them instead as the personal (hereditary) possessions of their owners. Nevertheless slavery in Ukraine remained relatively humane, particularly under the influence of Christianity and the church. The humaneness was already apparent in the Princely era, when (under certain circumstances) slaves could be freed, and sometimes they owned property. (See also Kholop and Zakup.)

    The institution of slavery continued to exist (under various categories and names) in Ukraine although in increasingly milder forms. It disappeared in the 15th century in the Ukrainian lands controlled by Poland and in the 16th century in the Ukrainian lands controlled by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the late 16th century it was completely replaced by serfdom. By the time Ukraine began to fall under the rule of Muscovy (from the mid-17th century), slavery had largely disappeared as an institution. For Ukrainians in the 15th and 16th centuries the greatest threat of slavery was being captured by Crimean Tatars for sale in the slave markets of Turkey.
    — Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine

    Well, there you have it. The liberal world’s new darling had slavery at one time. I guess Putin will now be reverenced like Abraham Lincoln (Putin just knew Ukraine had it coming) and Ukraine will now be treated like the American South’s Confederacy and all their leaders, war heroes, etc will be denounced and all the monuments in Ukraine will be pulled down and melted down to be molded into statues of heroes from the third world to spite ……… these “evil white supremacists.”

    C’est la vie.

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