Tim Pool: Marjorie Taylor Greene Discusses Civil War and National Divorce


You’re comparing apples and oranges.

These trends aren’t reminiscent of late 19th century America – fanaticism caused by religion spilling over into politics, pernicious polarization, class dealignment, the hardening of regional divides, oligarchy, immiseration of the masses, elite overproduction, elite fragmentation, tribalism, extreme partisanship, a partisan press, inflated rhetoric, conspiracy theories, high turnout elections, low level violence, “waving the bloody shirt,” and so on. The rhetoric is not steadily becoming more bonkers on both sides as we continue to spiral toward whatever it is that ultimately resolves this crisis.

John Avlon of Reality Check / Extremist Beat on CNN sees the parallels.

Vanity Fair:

Secession was not a broad popular movement at first. While white supremacy was ingrained in society, only a small percentage of Southerners actually owned slaves—some 316,000 slave owners out of 5.6 million Southern whites, according to the 1860 census. Southern politicians never dared to put the decision to break apart the Union to a popular vote, because in most Southern states, they likely would have lost.

In 1860, the secessionist candidate Breckinridge lost Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and failed to win a majority of votes in Georgia and Louisiana. Even after Lincoln’s election, political conventions from four states in the Deep South—Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana—refused to give their citizens a chance to vote on secession. Lincoln hoped that this was evidence of a slumbering pro-Union sentiment among Southerners, arguing in his first message to Congress: “It may well be questioned whether there is to-day a majority of the legally qualified voters of any State, except, perhaps, South Carolina, in favor of disunion.” …”

I’m not saying it will end in Civil War 2.

The crisis could end without a civil war if the Democrats end up falling apart and collapsing over inflation like in Weimar Germany. Perhaps it ends when the Biden administration stumbles into World War III with Russia and China with Putin and Xi taking advantage of his weakness. Maybe it ends with whimper when the mainstream media collapses like at the end of the Victorian era.

It is more likely that it could just drag on like this for decades without a major violent resolution. The “Civil War” didn’t really end at Appomattox so much as the bitterness and hostility dragged on and paralyzed the government until everyone involved died off in the 1890s and 1890s. It was only then that the country really moved on. The North quit caring about about civil rights and moved on to more pressing matters. The “vaxxed and done” have quit caring about COVID deaths.


  1. The nation is too diverse for a civil war. We are too divided,too many races and too many cultures for that ever to take place again.

    • Tons of Boomers have mixed grandchildren. They accept that their kids married nonwhites. They have really white first names with a Spanish last name. No one cares anymore.

  2. What’s the real difference between all these anglos and the Jews? I can’t see any. They are one. And together they will destroy Europe without remorse.
    All the rebellion are tiny obscure comment sections commented by stupids, misfits, and the insane. Even the Jews have among themselves more incisive critics.
    Someone expecting something different from these Anglos are ignorant and delusional.

    • @ (Slava SUCKS) cheap shot, troublemaker, why are you here?…………….a vodka and cabbage diet addles the brain……..we laugh at you inferior types, with your Anglo Envy………….

  3. Overproduction of elites is accurate.
    Especially of the box wine auntie always knows what is best for you from the ivory tower of the faculty lounge variety.
    The much vaunted managerial class couldn’t run a brothel on the grounds of a POW camp successfully.
    They couldn’t score gigs in the real world but claim to know what is best for the rest of us.
    A divorce will be messy because they need us and we don’t need them.

    • Jefferson Davis was a great man. We have a “conservative radio talk show host” where I live, that tries to insult callers by calling them “a Jefferson Davis”. I don’t listen to this idiot anymore. He probably thinks Hitler was a bad man, too.

  4. The UK has just split from the EU. Has it reduced its Pakistani population or the number of Jews in high places? Nupp!
    If Southerners in America want seperation, I support it.
    In theory, it could work, particularly in areas of foreign policy or trade where you can choose to not be involved in something, but it will change nothing demographically or domestically. It could mean you have the freedom to create tougher laws and more severe sentencing……..if you have judges and politicians who are in sync with public sentiment and expectations.
    It’s a complex issue to unpack.

  5. Vanity Fair is wrong. The people of 12 states and Arizona territory voted for delegates to constitutional conventions on the issue of their states’ independence. Only Missouri didn’t vote for secession and that was because Tennessee and Arkansas had not yet voted for independence, which would leave Missouri surrounded by a yankee sea. In addition Virginians (80% with West Virginia counties-90% with out), Tennesseans, North Carolinians, Texans and Arkansans voted a second time in direct plebiscites on secession. All five Indian tribes also joined the Confederacy.

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