1. Do it! Can you imagine the US with New York, DC, LA and Portland suddenly gone? I don’t believe for a second the US has maintained, functional weapons to respond with. This government intends to kill us. A broken arrow opportunity might be the best we get.

    • Not everyone who lives in those cities is a big liberal. There are probably just as many liberals in the fly-over territory.

  2. Good! time to end this shit once and for all!

    From the ashes let us rebuild anew, this is the great forest fire we need to burn the old and plant the seeds
    WW3 will bring our own great reset

    We are “the Men among the ruins” let the idiots bring on the ruins so we can bring forth the men

  3. WWI started over an assassination in the Baltics. WWII started over an insane mutual assistance treaty between Britain and Poland. George Washinton warned of entangling alliances and to avoid them, but our latter-day liberals knew so much better. Will a conflict in a country that most Americans neither know of or care about trigger WWIII? God help us.

    • “Balkans”, but yes, you are right. Entangling alliances have led to nothing but mass death and destruction.

  4. Putin threatens to use the super secret Nazi wonder weapon from WWII on Jew and Roman Catholic politicians, the deadly masturbation machine!

  5. Need Wallace to tell us about Muh White Christian Brothers while ignoring the fact that Putin is an ex-KGB goon hell-bent on restoring the Godless ex-Soviet Union to its 1950 borders. Putin as the Savior-Of-Christian-Europe stuff is just a bunch of BS.

    • Above….a Ukrainian retard….amoeba sized brain…or a White American teenager masturbating to Atlas Shrugged..

    • In Putin’s “Godless” Russia, a new church goes up on an average of one per day. Meanwhile in the “free” and “Christian” west, churches are being torched or converted into mosques – even great Cathedrals. The 1980s called, they want their Ronnie the Ray-Gun talking points back right away. The present “Pope” in the Vatican (really a pedo anti-pope) is as fake as the present “leader of frei-welt” in Sodom-on-Potomac (drooling senile shitstain pedo who can barely read teleprompter). Most Euro-natives are just agnostic zeks in a giant Jew-run usury gulag, as are their Euro-cousins in the Imperial homeland (Murika). Putin’s job is to be leader of Russia, not the savior of something that no longer even exists (Christian Europe). There are no Christians to speak of in the EUSSR, the largest active religious groups in Europe are now Islam (invaders) and the Church of Woke (traitors, grifters and monsters).

      The predominant religions in Murika are the utterly blasphemous Darby-Scofield heresy which worships the Judeo-Christ (skinsuit of Satan) and grovels at the feet of Talmudic Satanists (named by Christ himself as the “Synagogue of Satan”) and the even more overtly Satanic Church of Woke (a self-extermination cult for whites, worship of golden dindu). Islam is growing fast though since the invader hordes from Latin America don’t seem particularly attracted to either of the above two religions permitted by the Talmudic and Masonic overlords for the remaining white zeks. As Owen Benjamin likes to say: You seem to be in the wrong saloon.

      Let’s ask you a question (or two):

      1. Why should anyone here be interested in defending Country 404’s decision to be used as a launch-pad for the expansion of Globo-Pedo eastward into Russia – who has at least partly broken free of their evil grasp? If the residents of Country 404 really voted this filthy Jew-Klown into office they’ve surely earned their coming Darwin Award with full honors. Hopefully they’re not so hopelessly stupid as Jew-Klown was likely installed by evil empire (not Russia any more, so please do catch up) and maybe Putin is really just the liberator of fellow Russians. (We don’t really have a dog in the fight, but anything that damages Globo-Pedo should receive our moral support).

      2. Is the weather and pay nice there for you in Tel-Aviv?

      • Yep. Most people STILL think it’s a fight between the 2 parties in the US, so they won’t get what’s going on in Rus.
        Of course Putin wants to build up Russia, from what the Soviets did to it. People hear that, and they think of massive arsenals.
        When the Soviet Union was no longer a place to make money, they came HERE. People don’t get that, nor do they want to acknowledge it. Lots of claims of being exiled.

  6. Will this event shake Americans out of complacency and cause them to hold reckless, warmongering neocons accountable?

  7. probably trying to deter the Jew-SA from putting nukes into Poland. Supposedly the base facility there is just about ready to receive them.

    • Euros would refuse those warheads if they were smart. They have to know it just paints a big bullseye on them. Eastern Europe should have remained a neutral buffer zone like Sweden and Finland.

  8. Euros would refuse those warheads if they were smart.

    Euro’s are Globo-Pedo’s punkass bitch. The fact that they are tells you about how smart they are. They’ve been sucking Schlomo-schlong longer than the yankees have.

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