Poll Watch: Joe Biden Crashes To 37% In Washington Post Poll

Joe is now down to 37% in the Washington Post poll with Republicans favored to retake Congress by a 10 point margin.

Washington Post:

“The poll finds Biden’s presidential approval rating at a new low, with 37 percent saying they approve of the job he is doing and 55 percent saying they disapprove. Overall, 44 percent say they strongly disapprove. Predictably, Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove (86 percent) of his job performance, but most independents (61 percent) also rate him negatively. Among Democrats, 77 percent give Biden positive marks. …

Asked whether they would prefer the next Congress to be in the hands of Republicans acting as a check against the president or in Democratic hands to support Biden’s priorities, 50 percent of adults say they would rather have Republicans in charge on Capitol Hill while 40 percent prefer the Democrats. …”

The biggest winner here is Jimmy Carter whose historical reputation is rebounding in comparison to Joe Biden.


  1. EBT recipients, GOV workers, apparatchiks, think tank blobs, the View watchers, and other detritus from the fading bankster banana republic Chiquitastan.

    • On media, I don’t here the blacks or Latinos going on and on about the “evil Putin”, It is the Irish and the Jews selling that “evil Putin” crap. Why is that professor?

      …..And I am telling that lying Irishmen Joe Biden has America soldiers on the ground this very second. We are there and we are being lie to by that whoring Irish filth Joe Biden, not be lied to by the the blacks and not by the Latinos.

    • Chiquitastan. That’s very good. So HW and OD readers, what should we call the place once known as the USA, the fake-country which is presently operational HQ of the Rotten Banana (or Globo-Pedo) World Empire? Chiquitastan is a fine name with its banana association – which has a distinguished history going back to the days of “Colonel” House and Smedley Butler, USMC. On the other hand Wokunduh Kwa-Bananaland has some of this historicity coupled with the mouth-breathing stupidity and wanton evil which derive from (((Stan Lee)))’s creation of a Negroid utopia and the Church of Woke, now the predominant religion of all important folks in Murika, following the ex cathedra decrees of Pope Nosferatu the Great Nostril.

      • BROWNO! Still ronnin’ yer feckin’ mooth! Derry boys air gunna make ye WISH ye were in Zelensky’s bunker! Daon’t walk in front o’ any windows now…

  2. Biden must think of his legacy now. He did one great heroic deed (apparently): ordering the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He would make himself an even greater hero of the people by ordering the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. special forces from Khazar-kraine, and end the flow of weapons and other support for the U.S.’s illegal Khazar-krainian coup regime. Dissolving NATO now, and withdrawing all forces from Japan and Korea, and letting Taiwan finally rejoin China, would put his name in the books of world history for all time, and guarantee his memorial statues would be erected and preserved by popular demand all around the world. It would prove that senility is not lack of wisdom and that repentance is possible at any age.

  3. I’m sure he doesn’t care, if he did he would do something to change it. Gas prices at almost an all time high, inflation and possibly a nuclear war with Russia.

  4. Wallace – did the Orange Jackal persuade you to simp for him again in 2024 with his nonsensical, low-T speech at CPAC last night?

  5. Idiot American voters….allowing themselves to be mesmerized by the swinging red/blue pendulum.

  6. It’s funny watching the preparations for State of Union Address. Fences going up, national guard on hand. Who are they so afraid of? The Anti-White American Empire is in panic mode.

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