Crude Oil Surges Past $100 a Barrel

In the first days of the war, it had been hovering around $95.


“NEW YORK, March 1 (Reuters) – Oil prices surged over 7% on Tuesday to their highest since 2014, as a global agreement to release crude reserves failed to calm fears about supply disruptions from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and instead underscored energy shortage concerns. …”


  1. As Biden said…We all have to do our part to protect Ukraine’s democracy even if it means tightening the belt and paying a little more at the pump and food prices. Whoever wins the war, Americans lose, especially Whites.

  2. Nobody put a gun to the average Ameritards’ heads and forced him/her to take out 96 month loans to buy 14mpg pickups and SUVs.

      • Hybrids make good sense. Small diesel hybrids would be excellent if they weren’t banned in the US by globo-pedo.

    • That is undeniably true. The identical rule applies to a long list of things folks for which white folks borrow fake-money. I would put that oh-so-important college education at the very top of the list. Refusing to borrow fake money is considerably more likely to bring an end to the Globo-Pedo empire than voting is. Fake money is truly the opiate of “liberal democracy” and the junkie dies faster with the DTs.

      Guess what will be borrowed in record quantities from the “Federal” reserve, Blackrock and other “highly transparent” usury-rackets when Globo-Pedo decides to go to war for freedumb in Ukraine? Unlike borrowing for a truck, this is the kind of borrowing for which the regime will literally stick a gun to your head to extract money for the payment of interest to the (((lenders))). They’ll draft your kids to go serve as cannon-fodder as well. That’s one of many reasons why most here don’t like going to fight wars for Globo-Pedo.

    • My car gets 35mpg and it still costs a lot to fill it up. Heck, even a motorcycle at 55mpg is still going to use a lot of fuel.

  3. Congress didn’t need to waive safety and MPG standards for said pieces of shit either. Would have done more for the environment than windmills.

  4. The price of Oil really hurts the economy. Keeping the price low is one of the best Economic Stimulus you could ever have. One of the main problems is the Oil Companies are corrupt and control the energy supply. We should have true competition in the marketplace between Gas, Diesel, Ethanol, and Electric Vehicles. Low cost…that’s the important thing. Deo Vindice !

  5. As election time nears watch the Republicans jump on the Democrats for higher fuel costs as they praise the war at the same time.

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