Breaking Points: Ukraine Roundup

Since the State of the Union Address is tonight, it would seem to me that Joe Biden needs to be reminded that his most important job as president is keeping us out of World War III with Russia. Virtually every other issue including COVID and inflation is less important than this one.

Note: This was an epic show.

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  1. Russia should join Europe and work to change it from the inside. Then there would be no enemy at their western border.

  2. Maybe it’s because of winter (no gleaming wheatfields), but does anyone else find Ukraine looks really f**king bleak? Horrible grey Soviet tower blocks, flat featureless countryside…

  3. He will go on about sanctions, Russia bad, Ukraine good and mumble other incoherence’s in between

  4. Just keep asking: Why is this all taking place right now? Cui bono? These questions will never be asked by the “journalists”, nor will they be asked by “influencers” or politicians of any party.

  5. Russia has planned this war since 2014, and nobody in the West care. They care so little that they haven’t even discovered that Russia is running a war economy.
    NATO only care about doing in the Ukraine what Russia did in Donbas, that is send in special ops as volunteers and arm them with gifts like ATs, because the Russians never imagined that Globohomo would be this bold.

    The propaganda is so silly, that it’s painful to not be one of the NPCs.

  6. The “appeasement” mythology creates a situation in which aggression is viewed as the only legitimate action for the USA to take. Any case in which the USA is not aggressing against enemies is “appeasement” and “literally Hitler.”

    It’s the same exact reasoning they use to deplatform dissidents domestically. Allowing Joe Rogaine to have a platform on Spotify is appeasement therefore Hitler. Allowing Tucker Carlson to have a show on TV is appeasement and it’s also Hitler.

  7. The USA is pulling all of their degenerate propaganda from Russia. That that Russkies!

    Russia is really weak on the tech front, though. Which is surprising because Russia has a wealth of high quality programmers. It’s a huge subculture there. Apparently they only use their skills for scams, though. Russia should have already had alternatives to all western tech products created years ago. They have Yandex, which is relatively good now that google is such an unusable censored mess. But they have no android alternative for smart phones that I’m aware of. China has some kind of alternative iirc, so perhaps Russia could switch to that. Anti-american countries will need their own alternative software ecosystem that can rival the ease of use of western products.

    Western tech companies are all arms of American intelligence agencies, so allowing them to even operate in Russia so long was a mistake.

  8. Was this the plan all along? To bait Russian into invading Ukraine to use as an excuse to isolate it? Or are they throwing a fit that he is no longer tolerating a CIA run regime in the heart of the former Russian Empire?

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