Jimmy Dore: What The Media Is Hiding About Ukraine/Russia

It is the World War III reset.

Virtually everything else was going so badly for Joe Biden that we have to plunge into this global crisis over Ukraine instead of dealing with all the insoluble smaller crises on the domestic front.


  1. The chick was good. Russians are attempting to end the conflict. Shlomo is trying to escalate. I expect South Syria to be annexed before this is over.

  2. From an American imperialist perspective, Ukraine actually is important. Not for material reasons as much as for morale. The empire rests almost entirely on its image as an unstoppable force that is destined to conquer the world. Anything that upsets that image is a real danger to the empire. That is why western media and blue checks were so upset about the Afghanistan pullout. Not because Afghanistan actually mattered for any material reason, but because it made the empire appear weak. Watching Afghanistan be retaken by Taliban immediately was a huge loss for imperial morale.

    • Yes, that applies to Great Britain, who let all of her colonies go. They fought us and lost, but in more recent times, they just let the colonies go.

  3. The Azovs are your typical neo-Nazi org. Funded by big money Jews. Same as it ever was, I guess.

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