Rachel Maddow Interviews Hillary Clinton On Ukraine

“When elephants fight, the grass gets trampled.”

-African proverb

Rachel Maddow was supposed to be out on a break at MSNBC.

At some point, she returned to her show over the past week with a Ukrainian flag draped in the background. She interviewed Hillary Clinton last night to ask her about the steps we should be taking to “defend democracy” in Ukraine. It was a disgusting display which illustrated how these proxy wars in countries like Syria and Ukraine have become spectator sports for the professional class.

Note: Hillary didn’t say anything as feminine and hysterical as Sean Hannity. We haven’t seen this much bipartisan war fever since the outrageous withdrawal from Afghanistan.


  1. She’s always been a war monger. Now she’s egging on the beleaguered Ukrainians; let’s you two fight. It’s this mindset that led to 60 million dead in WW 2, and after that half of Europe was subjugated by the Soviets[ we were so grateful to them for winning that war we gave them half of Europe] anyway!

  2. I see she’s smiling, like when she said “We came, we saw, he (the Libyan ethnosocialist) died.” The cruelty of female tyrants exceeds the men.

  3. The Tribe are bloodthirsty to the end. Purveyors of war, prolongers of war. They truly are insane and paranoid. What do you say about a people who think nuclear war is a good idea? One can only surmise that they think they will climb to the top of the pile after they have presumably wiped out all the goyim. When Satan showed them all the kingdoms of the world in exchange for their worship the Tribe said: “where do we sign?” A truly, warped people.

  4. Of course she is going to defend Ukraine, she and the rest of her ilk have a lot invested in the puppets put in charge.

  5. Is it just me, or do Rachael Maddow and Jake Tapper look increasingly alike? Anyway…

    Its great and easy clicky content to highlight the potential costs to Whitey of our involvement in the Ukraine thing (Tucker does this daily), and for now I think that works as a narrative arc of propaganda that is effective and keeping pressure on ZOG to not get directly involved (overtly….because we all know the clandestine services are all up in their).

    As Russia is being forced to increase the brutality of their tactics to accomplish the overthrown of the jewish comedian that we installed to run the place, however, the whining over the costs will begin to sound trite and gay, and normies will tune it out.

    The time is now to shift the narrative away from a complete focus on what we could lose by becoming directly involved. American normies aren’t cowards and they love a good underdog story (all of which is being played to here), and they want the Normandy narrative to make themselves feel like heroes for helping the downtrodden (what Hannity is playing to with the boomer demographic).

    Instead, its time to focus on how little we stand to gain from directly engaging in the Ukraine thing, because thats a language of common sense the normie still responds to. Common sense says we only have so many resources and they should be focused on our problems, to the exclusion of Ukraine’s.

    When I say, fuck Ukraine, this is what I mean. Its totally consistent with our interests and values as a race to cringe at the ass rape of Ukraine unfolding in excruciating detail on the world stage because its horrible to watch perfectly decent folks get fed feet first through a russian woodchipper. Its also totally consistent with our values to say, that sucks, but fuck them we have our own shit to handle.

    That needs to be the position. Dress it up with faggy jargon and stuff to sell to the kiddies. But thats the essence of our position distilled to the key ingredients.

    I think the more distilled and less gay the message is, the more easily it will penetrate in soundbites and tweets.

  6. Whenever our Anti-White overlords and their prostitutes in the media close ranks on any given issue or policy you know it can’t be good for us.

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