SOTU Gaffes


This is why Putin invaded Ukraine.

Russian intelligence must have known Joe Biden has dementia.


  1. The US has officially become the laughing stock of the world. Biden makes Dubya look like a member of Mensa.

    • If I was Putin, I would withdraw all my troops from “Iran” and go into hiding. He is being outsmarted by Biden and the 2nd and 3rd in charge.

  2. He got booed tonight. It was pretty funny. It’s like watching Saturday Night Live, only it’s real. Now he’s promising more money to vets.

  3. Putin has absolutely nothing to fear from this clown show of a country. Soon America will be nothing more than a fading, unpleasant memory.

    • maybe not. The chinks are sitting on the fence. What they’d most like is a nuke war between ZOG Europe/NorthAmerica vs. Russia. Aftermath: intact China is new global hegemon and annexes all of Siberia.

      • >>>> between ZOG Europe/NorthAmerica vs. Russia. Aftermath: intact China is new global hegemon

        Both Russia and USZOG have contingency plans to nuke China , in the event of a major nuclear exchange. They have the foresight to plan for that.

        With 10,000 nuclear weapons, you can make sure that no one benefits.

  4. Biden calls the Ukrainian people: “Uranian people.”

    Starting at dawn, or brave troops began flushing out the Zeon monsters who’ve been poisoning our planet.

  5. Do you understand, do you understand the story of our time and the story of the ages? It is God the creator of all life who instill in the Jews the desire to lead and rule over human kind but NOT the ability to do so. And it is God who instill in us the common people, the folk, the volk the ability to lead and rule but not the desire to do so. Funny? How lost, how blind can the Jews be to not be able to see what everyone else can see? Christ is the light of the common man and the Jews refuse to see him or us.

  6. The Uranians are being menaced by the space tyrant Pu-tin (who has a crafty, cunning and evil Mongol face). Is the U.S. President trapped in an old Buck Rogers chapter serial? Send Lt. Wilma (originally William) Deering into action with her wing of space fighters! Thaw-out the Vietnam ace, NASA astronaut and notorious Ruski killer William F. Buck(ley) Rogers along with Buddy, his, ahem, boy wonder companion. Thank Trump for Space Command.

  7. Let’s go Brandon, president of clown world. Fitting. Was Biden chosen to give us some comic relief during a dark and tragic time for this country and the world?

  8. Great moments in comedy or the intro to 1000 years of glorious woke faculty lounge victories.
    Let’s Go Brandon!

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