Ukrainians Fight Russian Army With Molotov Cocktails

Apparently, these people listened to CNN and the Twitter Bubble General Staff who have been urging them to throw Molotov cocktails at Russian tanks.

Note: We’re not cheering this on.

We didn’t want this war or any of the previous ones.

As we pointed out last night, every major American geopolitical thinker of the last 75 years – George Kennan, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brezenski, John Mearsheimer, Noam Chomsky and so on – thought it was too dangerous and provocative to expand NATO into Ukraine. Everyone except John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the Twitter Bubble General Staff thought this would end in catastrophe for Ukraine for obvious reasons. This war could have been as easily avoided as the Iraq War.


  1. This is how the Jews operate, they put the innocent in harms way to serve their own immoral purposes. How can you ask innocent people to put themselves in harms way? Only a craven Jew can do that.

    • “how the Jews operate, they put the innocent in harms way to serve their own immoral purposes.”


      everyone should learn this. It should be indelible in all WN minds. All ppl should know this, evrn non-Whites.

  2. ZOG wants gentile Ukrainian civilians to launch suicidal attacks on the Russian liberators, knowing they will be slaughtered. Then the gruesome footage can be used as anti-Russian atrocity propaganda.

    • “ZOG wants gentile Ukrainian civilians to launch suicidal attacks”

      EXACTLY !

      Can’t you just imagine , some poor soul going against combat infantry with a bottle of gasoline. As if russian snipers couldn’t kill them at 500+ meters.

      Guy on youtube , in kiev, says many the arms given to civilians are going to criminal gangs , who are using them to rob, rape and murder, along with inter-gang warfare.
      You won’t hear that on the obsolete media.

      • many the arms given to civilians are going to criminal gangs , who are using them to rob, rape and murder, along with inter-gang warfare.

        I do believe that Ray Charles could have seen that one coming as well, maybe even before his famous vision of Jeffrey Epstein dangling from a rope in his well-protected cell.

    • Insane that the Russians have taken it so far and not retaliated
      i have seen molotov attacks on Russian vehicles without the crew shooting back

      Truly astounding

  3. Biden: “We must save Uranus! Uranus is not only Uranus, it is everyone’s anus!”
    Well said by the world’s foremost talking asshole, leader of free anuses everywhere.

  4. Isn’t it amazing that globo-pedo-homo all immediately go after Putin like hornets? Did Congress authorize removing Russia from SWIFT or is someone else giving the orders here? If so, who?

    • “Isn’t it amazing that globo-pedo-homo all immediately go after Putin like hornets? ”

      like there is a hidden ((conductor)) directing the symphony of liars.

  5. Yes I saw that “Molotov cocktail party” propaganda piece several days ago. Some of these women, and children and grandmothers making the cocktails are probably being FORCED to do it, but the bullies don’t appear on camera. If a real socialist peoples republic is ever established for these women, they will find the contrast between their war-making old lives and peaceful new lives will be stark and complete. They will never want to go back to the present system.

    Sadly but predictably, the manifesto of a proposed new interim replacement government (see Dmitri Orlov) says it will continue to protect the “free market” (capitalism), even though it is the free market / capitalism that since 1993 has destroyed what was once the best place to live and the most advanced and productive region of Soviet Russia.

    There can be no real liberty, equality and fraternity until the system itself is changed.

    • We do not agree on the nature of Marxist economics, which turned out to be yet another Jew-run racket. Bakunin was correct about Marx. Equality is a myth. Joining the equality lie with liberty and fraternity was a masterful propaganda stroke. Equality does not exist in nature any more than unicorns do. That being said, the so-called “free-market” as it exists in the west is likewise just another racket whose overlords also preach equality, the practice of which is identical to the communist version of it described by Orwell in Animal Farm (some of us are more equal than others). There is nothing free about a rigged market.

      Our so-called “free-market” in the west is like a game of Monopoly in which one player has a printer under his chair which generates money. No matter how badly this one player plays the game, he cannot be defeated because he literally never runs out of money. Over time, regardless of how masterful other players might be, the one who prints the money wins the whole board. Satan Klaus even boasted of this outcome: You will own nothing. Put another way, the game was rigged from the outset.

      Restoring the laws which ban usury would go a long way to solving many economic problems we face. The issue of money has to be completely transparent and public. One of the few duties mandated to government in the bible was to ensure the fairness and accuracy of weights and measures. In the historic republic founded in 1776, the issue of money was ultimately under the control of the elected legislature, who sold this power to an unaccountable private banking cartel in 1913.

      There can be no real liberty, equality and fraternity until the system itself is changed.

      I would phrase this differently. There will be no liberty, justice, truth or peace until the system itself is changed.

      • “I would phrase this differently (…) liberty, justice…”

        Equality does involve justice as in: Everyone is not the same (equal) in personal attributes such as health, intelligence and ability, yet everyone must be treated equally (the same) under the law, so there are no privileged elites to whom the law does not apply or applies differently.

        Equality as we use the word means more than legal justice for all. It also refers to the distribution of common wealth that belongs to a natural, organic community: “From each according to his ability, to each according to their need,” or as it is expressed in the New Testament in Acts, chapter 4: “they were of one heart and mind and (…) they had all things in common (…) and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” Equality does not mean there are no personal belongings, private homes and other small-scale property holdings, but that no one can own too much, and that all of the large industries and natural resources of a tribe, community or nation must belong only to the people, and no private profit or rent can be extracted.

  6. The west is just encouraging civilians to get themselves killed. Everything the west is doing is oriented towards increasing civilian casualties.

  7. Do any of the people urging this know that, according to the rules of war, if you are caught in a war zone bearing arms without being in a uniform, you can be rightfully executed on the spot?

  8. Pick a side, Wallace – it’s easy – just imagine that Russia and Ukraine are two SEC Niggerball teams and choose one.

    • We already know whose side you’re on, Schlomo. Why don’t you go find some little kid to amuse yourself with there in Israel? Ze has kept up Israel’s supply of blonde Ukie kids for folks like you. That’s probably the real reason you’re upset with Putin.

  9. The social media gods smile on their sacrifice.

    but seriously that’s terrible. What were those folks thinking was going to happen?

  10. Some of the photos the US is showing is from video games and other wars. Makes you wonder how much they lied in past wars.

  11. The kikes get patriotic but ignorant civilians all hopped-up to attempt to take violent action, which gets them slaughtered, and the gleeful kikes spread the video of the “atrocities” to hop-up still more chump victims.

    The Molotovs should be aimed at the god damned jews & their war-monger whores.

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