Why Russia Wants To Restore The Soviet Borders

I think the war in Ukraine is terrible.

I understand Putin’s perspective though. He is not the one who has gone insane here. It is countries like Australia on the other side of the planet which are sending weapons to Ukraine and meddling in a region where they have no vital interest at stake who have gone mad.


  1. Looks like the Jewish Overlords want to start up their phony ‘Cold War’ stuff up again…where the two Zionist-Communist controlled States (USA-NATO/Russia) pretend they’re enemies again for the goy morons…Antony Sutton wrote a book : ‘The Best Enemy Money Can Buy’ which described how the USA was actually supporting & sending material aid to the USSR during the ‘Cold War’, thus revealing it all to be a deceptive collusion between them both…The gentile fools bought the scam though, like they buy everything their MSM (Marxist Soviet Media) tells them..

    • Russia is not an anti-semitic regime, but it is also not controlled by the media/financial oligarchs in NYC so in their minds has to go. They want every nation to go degenerate and vote for whoever their favorite TV stars tell them too. They want it to be completely plugged into the NY money machine where they can take away the money from any Western European Country that disobeys them like they just did to Afghanistan…stealing its money. Don’t they hold most of Western Europe’s gold in NYC for “safe keeping”? I don’t recall nations shipping high tech weapons to Iraq and closing down their airspace to US airliners etc after Bush Jr. invaded in 2003?

  2. Strange, its been six days now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, & still no declaration of war from Britain/France. Though they only waited two days to declare war on Germany when it invaded Poland in 1939…oh that’s right, they only declare war on their real enemies & do nothing to their fellow yarmulke wearing cult members…Since they’re all on the same team advancing their hidden geopolitical Zionist-Communist objectives to further decompose ‘western civilization’ & eliminate more white gentiles in a staged Orwellian ‘war’…

  3. “I understand Putin’s perspective…” – the Alt-Lite “Simp For Putin” fags think they do – but they don’t

    • Sure we do.

      Russia has a vital interest in Ukraine for the same reasons that we have a vital interest in neighboring countries like Mexico, Canada and Cuba. In spite of all the moralizing about Ukraine, we would do exactly the same thing that Russia is doing today if Canada or Mexico were joining a hostile military alliance. In fact, the last time tensions were this high was the Cuban missile crisis.

      • But it ISN’T “a neighboring country like Mexico, Canada and Cuba.” All but a quarter or a fifth of Khazar-kraine is Russia. Malorossiya, Crimea, Novorossiya, Donbas – everything else but Ukraine proper (more accurately termed Galicia, or Ruthenia) that was historically Polish, where the majority really are Galician/Ukrainian and do speak Ukrainian as their first, native language – is Russia.

        Russia has a vital interest in its “Ukraine” region for the very same reason that France has an interest in any of its regions such as Alsace-Lorraine, Provence or Brittany, or that China has an interest in any of its regions such as Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong, or Taiwan.

        Unoccupied, independent Korea (DPRK) has a vital interest in the southern half of Korea that the U.S. now occupies and treats as a separate nation. Northern Vietnam asserted its vital interest in U.S.-occupied southern Vietnam, fighting for it and taking it back completely. The U.S.-occupied, artificial “nation” Khazar-kraine is a very similar case.

      • Shows the old guard in DC was right to be pissed at Kennedy for botching the Bay of Pigs. Never should have allowed a communist regime on our doorstep. Then with the missiles in Cuba it was too late and had to compromise with an “OK no missiles but also no invasion.” A real regime in DC run by 19th century gentile Americans would use this as an opportunity to take back Cuba and our canal in Panama.

    • @Christop1970—–Hey kyke, I do not mean to give you heart palpitations but Putin bombed the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial in Kiev. We need you to scream louder, louder Christ killer. Scream till you are blue in the face and drop dead from lack of oxygen. LOUDER KYKE.

  4. The natural human/biological tendency of ethnocentrism cannot be suppressed. There are millions and millions of Russian people (Great Russians) living (some of them trapped and persecuted) in former soviet socialist republics such as Khazakstan (where they are the majority in much of the country), Kyrgyzstan, the Baltics, and of course, most of “Ukraine,” except Galicia or Ukraine proper, the small, eastern quarter or fifth of “Ukraine” where Ukrainians (I say Galicians) are the majority and the Ukrainian dialect or language is really spoken as a first language. Galicia (aka Ruthenia) was once an independent duchy, and then for centuries became part of Poland, until conquered and absorbed by the Tsarist empire. Like Poland, Galicia is Catholic or Uniate, and has always been a Papist crusader state against Orthodox Russia. By the way “Ukraina” is actually a Russian word that means “borderland” or “frontier,” and was applied originally only to Galicia, not to the rest of contemporary “Ukraine.”

    So the tendency of Russian people (or any other people) to get together and be together, to speak their language and live their culture is completely organic, natural, and cannot be suppressed. Majority-Russian Donbass and Crimea have already fought for eight years to be fully united with the rest of Russia. Central “Ukraine,” the area centred around Kiev, was called “Maorossiya”) Little Russia and Kiev was the original capital of Russia (seat of the Viking-Slav Rurik dynasty including Oleg, Olga, Vladimir the First, etc. that united the East Slavic world) until the Mongol invasion (Genghis Khan) forced it to move north to Moscow. Southern “Ukraine” was settled later mostly by Great Russians after the Mongols and Turks were defeated and was always known as “Novorossiya” (New Russia) until it was added to the “People’s republic of Ukraine” less than a century ago. Read accurate history.

    • I bet you care nothing for whites who’s homelands are being overrun with nonwhites. We have homelands too, but liberals don’t care.

    • Anon, Most Murikans – who could not even find Ukraine on a map of the world – would have absolutely no idea of what you’re talking about. The enstupidization of white children has been going on for a century now, and things have taken a very sharp dive once the Jew-run teacher unions finally took over all public schuls of the USSA in concert with the feds in the 1980s. Any white parent who sends their offspring to public skool is literally committing child abuse. Vox Day said it 25 years ago: Home School or Die.

      The fake-opposition Repuke party used to run on promises of abolishing the Dept. of Edumacation (which has its own militarized police units) and returning control of local school boards and states but they don’t even bother with the pretense any more. I had some Russian history in my university days. Some here like our host have some historical knowledge as well. Overall, the educational level here is far above the average in Wokeunduh, where stupidity is a blue-checked badge of honor and virtue.

      I can understand why some desperate folks want Putin to be the great warrior from the east who destroys the dragon a la St. George. As I noted in my post below, this is a false hope. Even if he wanted to be St. George, he can’t be. His job is defending Russia. That’s one hell of a big job and he knows it.

  5. Ah that was fake news. A commenter under that tweet says:

    “No, it hasn’t. The European Parliament does not make that decision. What they have said is: we are in support of Ukraine eventually becoming a EU Member State.”

  6. From Tsarist times, Russia had its own version of the Monroe Doctrine – something which the average public-schul edumacated Murikan mystery-meat never heard of. It’s referred to as the “near-abroad”. It’s all about protecting the motherland. Globo-Pedo, supported by 99.9% of western “leadership” (installed and operated by Jew-oligarchs) wants to bring Russia under its control. Putin has been fairly weak in preventing this. Xi (their ultimate target) has been more effective at it.

    Putin should have banned all gaslight media (Pedowood, Faceberg, Gulag, Jew-Tube, Amazon, Twatter, et al) years ago. They’re not completely banned in Russia even today – hence the 5th-column believers in “liberal democracy” there. If he were truly the dictator he’s accused of being 24 x 7 x 365, he should have simply stripped all Jews of citizenship and sent them away to live in Israel and sent all of the 5th-column types (Russian equivalent of PMCs) to get some manual-labor experience in Siberia for about 25 years. He’s not done this. The Satan-worshipping Chabad has a Moscow HQ for Russia, and he’s met with their Devil-worshipping leaders. The 5th-column is there in Moscow talking with gaslight media. His rule is a lot more like Nicholas II than that of Koba the Dread.

    As with Zion Don, it’s a serious mistake for us here in the belly of the beast to think he is some sort of a savior for us. There is only one savior at the end of the day – Christ. Even if saving Christendom were his true intent (and we have no real proof of this), Putin is no position to do so. His nation is under serious attack. His job is to defend Russia, not retarded Americans and even more retarded Euros who’ve let their own lands fall under bankstein control. I wish him well in his attempt to defend his country. As for those who like to call him a “filthy godless KGB-communist” this is utterly retarded boomerism. The ones who are the filthy-godless communists are the western political leaders and those who pull their strings – every single one, including “God-Emperor Trump”.

      • It isn’t. You can just take a quick look around the internet and see that 100% of antifa are opposed to Russia. Since most antifa are linked to western intelligence, that should not be surprising.

        Russians view globohomo as “fascist.” They also consider western antifa to be “fascist,” similar to how Stalin supporters and Trotskyists each accused the opposing camp of being “fascist.”

        • The word “fascism” has been cheapened by all sides of any argument using it against their enemy. Almost like the curse “m-f” isn’t really accusing the person of Oedipal Incest but just a slur. I hear this talk radio sort of libertarian conservative dude endlessly call the democrats fascists and fourth reich. I can say the guy is one of the few who isn’t 100% on the deep state propaganda lies and talks about Russia’s very legitimate security concerns with a CIA puppet government in the Ukraine full of Soros operatives.

    • Globo-Pedo is really pulling out all the stops aren’t they? Smells like they might be scared. Sanctions have been used against Russia for years now. They have many ways of working around them.

  7. Putin has called ZOG the Empire of Lies. The EOL. It fits the reality.

    He also said the EOL will never succeed in forcing on Russia the way of life that is against nature. Never.

    That reference to the Apostle’s judgment on faggotry, that it is against nature (and worthy of the death penalty) led to the faggot head of MI-6 saying the war us about LGTGQ.

    Putin has taken a stand against ZOG and against its faggotries. Now he is declared a heretic and excommunicated. His web page over at Satan’s World Economic Forum has been removed.

    Putin has been for over 20 years an awful plague upon Russia. The population is imploding. Hopefully now that he is excommunicated he might start thinking about his people and not so much the oligarchs he has always faithfully served.

    No ground forces in Western Ukraine. All in the East and the Coast. Will Ivan partition Ukraine?

  8. Commies always play the fascism card as they live in a fortified democracy which is just a kindler gentler corporate/state merger.

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