Poll Watch: Americans Are Opposed To Entering World War III

Is the political establishment capable of doing the BARE MINIMUM of governance and resisting the temptation to steer our country into an apocalyptic collision with Russia, which possesses the largest nuclear arsenal on earth outside our country, over Ukraine where we have no vital interest at stake or will likes, retweets, self-righteousness and virtue signaling on Twitter carry the day?

Note: It has gotten to the point where @RadioFreeTom is getting afraid of his mentions.


  1. This poll is from the 5 days ending on 28 Feb. I’m very curious to see how many people have bought into the hamfisted jingoist ranting of the past week from the blue checkmark people.

    These blue checkmark people better home I’m never their leader. They will stand trial for crimes against humanity.

  2. The only consistent belief of Hannity, Tucker, Tulsi, Charlie Kirk, anyone on Fox, is that they hate Muslims. The whole anti refugee attitude has vaporized in a blink. They all took a glib “what’s Aleppo” blind eye attitude when Putin was bombing Syria. They all praised Putin for getting Obama out of his red line ultimatum. There must be a God as they can’t say; “what’s Kiev”? [ps though Chalie Kirk’s other core value is his hatred of the French as he disses them every day]. These people have no real values.

  3. “Elections matter. And when folks vote, they order what they want — and in this case they got what they asked for.

    Kamala Harris, February 28, 2022.

  4. Americans were opposed to entering WWII, too, so what did the FDR admin do? Insult and provoke the shit out of the Japanese, knowing Japan and Germany had a pact to back each other up in the event war was declared on one or the other.

  5. The hypocrisy of all this self-righteous blather about “Russian aggression” stinks to high heaven. Where was it when the U.S. regime launched an unprovoked war and conquest of Iraq–based on patent lies about “weapons of mass destruction.” War and aggression are just fine for our Deep State and its foreign lackies if the right people are beneficiaries.

  6. “42% favor direct U.S. military action against Russia”

    The fact an opinion poll (whether completely believable or not, or even a good enough sample) can return that sort of result should signify it’s too late. The “sane” 58% cannot survive when 42% are so stupid, so irresponsible, so lobotomized & so dangerous, they’d happily start WW3 & cause a nuclear war.

    Throughout history, stupid zealots have caused countless wars so I suppose it’s only a matter of time until the most stupid population in the history of mankind (modern westerners) cause the last war with their madness.

  7. Hopefully people are starting to turn of the lying media and get their information from reliable sources online.

  8. I wonder what a poseidon or three would do to that brightly-lit corridor of chattering warmongering wickedness on Twatter. At 200 MT each, generating a 1500-meter tsunami of highly radioactive sea-water, they might end up getting a bit more war than they were planning for if they keep pushing for it. This rises beyond their usual level of stupidity and evil which is really saying something. They never seem to learn, nor are they interested in learning anything truthful at all. Betcha not one of them ever read the item below in their highly advanced degrees in Feminist Studies and the Critical Race / Whiteness Theories of Micro-agression Prevention. It was after-all penned by some dead white guy so Professor Doktor Schekelstein said they could safely ignore it.

    “As it will be in the future, it was so at the birth of man; there are only four things certain, since social progress began: that the dog returns to his vomit, and the sow returns to her mire, and the burnt fool’s bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the fire, and after this is accomplished, and the Brave New World begins, when all men are paid for existing, and no man must pay for his sins, as surely as water will wet us, as surely as fire will burn, the Gods of the Copybook Headings, with terror, and slaughter, return.”
    – Rudyard Kipling

  9. The big concern here is that 42% of Americans want to start WW3. After a few weeks of propaganda, the government will easily be able to push that number up to a firm majority. Americans, especially boomers, cannot deal with the fact that the USA is no longer the center of the universe.

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