CNN: These Maps Explain Why Putin Is Invading Ukraine

No, it is because he is an evil dictator who has lost his mind like Assad, Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein. He is bent on destroying democracy.

The United States backs most of the world’s autocracies like Canada only of few of which are aligned with Russia like Belarus. Turkey, for example, is a member of NATO. We’re also still occupying part of eastern Syria. Israel attacks Syria all the time. Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia voted to condemn Russia at the United Nations which is hilarious in light of the recent wars in Syria and Yemen.


  1. well im bent on destroying democracy that´s for sure!

    You don´t even have to back Russia to see they are in their right to get the NATO retards off their back, hell America need to get the NATO retards off their back

    FYI NATO is led by a norwegian top mason

    • @Confederate hold out in exile

      Stoltenberg was also PM when Breivik (along with an Israeli kill team) launched the massacre at Uttoya.
      Likewise, a previous NATO secretary general called George Robertson was, before that, the MP for an area in Scotland that endured the Dunblane massacre.
      There were also very close ties between Robertson and the Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton (both were paedophiles).

      Nothing is ever what it seems.

  2. Kudos to CNN for providing that brief but interesting explanation about Russia’s historic ties to the Ukraine. It seems to me the Ukraine is more of a region than a truly independent country. Let the Pollacks have the western part of it, the eastern half is heavily Russified.

    There will not be any peace in the Western world until the USA and the Zionist Entity are gone.

  3. Germany needs to stop being a vassal state to the US and the Zionist Entity. It should assert itself as the rightful leader, or dare I say master, of Europe and get the hell out of NATO. The Hohenzollerns should regain the throne, even if it’s little more than a ceremonial monarchy. And Prussia needs to be taken back from the Pollocks. They can have the western Ukraine as compensation.

    The guys down at the lumber yard say I’m a latter-day Mettertnich.

  4. I’m very proud of Eritrea and Korea (DPRK), and Syria, and Belarus, the few that dared to vote NO, against the will of the U.S. in the “international” body run by the U.S. Regarding those that could only “abstain” (like China) or failed to show up (like Venezuela), this is a case in which “those who are not against us are for us.”

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