The New Yorker: Why John Mearsheimer Blames The U.S. For The Crisis In Ukraine

Everyone knew it was coming.

Caspian Report has been making videos about it well in advance.

The New Yorker:

“NY: Looking at the situation now with Russia and Ukraine, how do you think the world got here?

JM: I think all the trouble in this case really started in April, 2008, at the nato Summit in Bucharest, where afterward nato issued a statement that said Ukraine and Georgia would become part of nato. The Russians made it unequivocally clear at the time that they viewed this as an existential threat, and they drew a line in the sand. Nevertheless, what has happened with the passage of time is that we have moved forward to include Ukraine in the West to make Ukraine a Western bulwark on Russia’s border. Of course, this includes more than just nato expansion. nato expansion is the heart of the strategy, but it includes E.U. expansion as well, and it includes turning Ukraine into a pro-American liberal democracy, and, from a Russian perspective, this is an existential threat. …

NY: The Monroe Doctrine, essentially.

JM: Of course. There’s no country in the Western hemisphere that we will allow to invite a distant, great power to bring military forces into that country. …”

Once again, we knew where this was going.

Putin hasn’t gone insane. This has been Russia’s position for years now.


  1. Slightly off topic, but actually relevant (because this is exactly what happens to Russia) I noted this article on U.S. imperialism in Germany:

    “Most Germans refuse to believe that they are colonial subjects, that America keeps German gold, that the BRD must buy American securities, must pay in dollars, that America runs the Internet, runs German foreign policy and dictates global media (…) Next is genocide. By 2015, the number of living Germans is the same as in 1936, about 60 million. So, for the last 79 years, the number of Germans was exactly maintained, brutally so, by over 30 million abortions, mass sterilizations and childlessness propaganda. Meanwhile, the world‘s population has quadrupled, from 2 billion to 8 billion. But when you ask the average German, you will hear the most insane cultish babble, like ‘children are bad for the climate’ or that the 20.5 million non-Germans in the BRD are cultural enrichment. It is heart-breaking to see ethnic Germans called a ‘dog race’ by a German High Court, and that ‘they need be exterminated’ by a sitting parliamentarian, or that ‘they must be removed like an appendix’ by the regime media. All German children are indoctrinated with ‘Hitler shame’ and ‘Nazi guilt’ and must worship America as the liberator. The BRD regime should have been dismantled alongside the GDR in 1991. Germany should have become its own independent nation. There can be no sovereign European Union with a US satellite in its midst. The BRD is not Germany.”

  2. Arms contractors and defense lobbyists are toasting each other with Dom Perignon right now. Panicked European countries and propagandized public are going to lead to hikes in “defense” spending and arms exports.

  3. Mexico gave the G.A.Z.E. Empire its middle finger and it will not go along with sanctions against Russia.

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