1. I was just watching Mentor Pilot on Jtube and the sanctions are basically going to ground Russian aviation and remove all the leased planes from service there. Insane. This is what Russia gets for outsourcing. Globopedo can just cut you off. Worse than what even Germany experienced in 1933 probably with modern global supply chains. Spare parts will not even be able to be flown in by foreign carriers if an aircraft needs maintenance so nobody will be flying in to Russia or Ukraine until sanctions are lifted.

  2. Pretty funny. Still much more honest than gaslight media. Meanwhile, if you’ve ever read up on Satanism (Talmudic Satanism is one branch of this Tree of Death, but there are others) one thing that stands out with a lot of the practices is that at some point, even if it’s in very tiny print so you won’t notice – or totally drowned out by louder noise – the faithful are required by their master to tell the truth and inform their victims of what they are doing. I think there is even an actual word used for this.

    At any rate, in case you were wondering why a war which has in fact been going on since 2014-15 just happened to be amped up right now, one of the gaslight media (Satanic mouthpiece in London) has performed the required ritual of informing the goyim of their actions, to wit:


    … and from a gaslight media operation in NYC:


    while another tech firm folks pay for decides they don’t need to communicate certain things….


    Though there are no doubt other reasons for the sudden urgency on Globo-Pedo’s part to ramp up the war in Ukraine, they certainly haven’t let this opportunity go to waste, have they?

    Ironically, Babylon Bee kind of gets it in their quirky way.

  3. The exact same lies, smears and hysteria that the enemy controlled press used to justify the rape of Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan are being used yet again. “Evil”, “crazy”, “dictator”, “madman”, “fascist”, “mass murderer”, “butcher”, ” the next Hitler”…….Sorry assholes, but I’ve cut the cable and can’t hear you anymore. But please, send your LGBTQ+ army to Kyviv and Lyviv (ZOG’s fake and gay attempt to de-Russify the names of Ukrainian towns). The genderneutral nonbinary God of Equity shall grant them victory.

  4. It´s waay before that Hunter! i have seen articles from Harpers Weekly calling Jefferson Davis “Deranged” and a “Madman”

    This is always iused

    • A local conservative radio talk show host tries to insult callers, by calling them “a Jefferson Davis”. Typical conservative who doesnt know real history, yet he gets a talk show telling people what’s going on.

  5. Whenever they say that Putin, or any other national leader they oppose, has gone insane, is mentally ill, is dying of some terminal disease, or made a mistake by going to war, you can bet that the opposite is true.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  6. Re: ” What The Media Wants You To Think”:

    The Anglo-Zionist global Empire operates the greatest, most expensive, most masterful, most believable lying propaganda machine (including Hollywood, and yes, Fox News) in world history. The Russians have been very poor at communicating truth (the facts) to the U.S. population. But Russian sources are being censored or blocked here, and the U.S. population doesn’t want to learn, so why bother trying? So let the U.S. (aka U.sury S.ystem) succeed in blinding its homeland population to reality, until they finally run into reality hard like a brick wall.

  7. Hunter, I recommend this documentary on the Urkaine-Russia crisis by Oliver Stone; it’s really well done and informative on the treachery and lying of western powers in Ukraine. Have you seen it?

  8. The media used to be called the 4th of state because they were supposed to hold the govt accountable with checks and balances but now they’re on the same page when it comes to pushing lies on wars and demonizing Whites.

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