Axios: Putin’s CEO Crisis

Over the course of the past month, our ruling class has swaggered from canceling Joe Rogan to canceling the Freedom Convoy to applying the same tactics to cancel Russia.


“Giant global businesses in every sector are abandoning Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

Why it matters: In addition to condemning the invasion, the companies see an impossible environment — from worker safety … to the logistics of getting supplies … financial and sales disruption … and the complexity of complying with sanctions. …”

Now that Pandora’s Box has been opened by canceling one the world’s largest economies with one the largest nuclear arsenals on the planet to virtue signal our solidarity with Ukraine, what happens next? What are the chain of unanticipated consequences which have been set in motion by this move?


  1. When all supply chains are global Shlomo can cancel you at any time. India severely restricted imports until recently. This harmed their development but kept them independent. Not that it matters now. Shlomo found a way back in and now Indians are all (((feminist))) and porn addicted.

  2. I find it incredible that the globalists can destroy a country as big as Russia without firing a shot.

    • It’s not hard to believe – they destroyed the burgeoning Far Right movement in the US by persuading them that Trump was the Second Coming of Hitler and then they delivered the coup-de-grâce at Charlottesville.

      • But “Far Right” ideas have become entrenched among millions more Americans now…November 2020 opened a lot of people’s eyes. Pat Buchanan was right. Ron Paul was right. The “Far Right” is being proved right on an almost daily basis.

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