Zelensky Appeals To ZOG

So, this happened …

Note: While I sympathize with the ordinary Ukrainians who are caught in this awful situation, I have no sympathy for their current government.


    • Would that be the Austrian painter, the Jew-Tube approved variety, or the honk-honk behind the Jewkro-Nazis as described here? I’m just a Murikan, so I’m having a hard time sorting all these Hitler’s out. Maybe it’s just some damned cat with a moustache-marking. Beam me up, Mr. Speaker….

  1. Don’t worry Zelensky, Moshiach is coming to help, he will save you, just hold on for a little bit longer, he is on his way.

    • Their moshiach will be called the anti-Christ. The Jews will fall into line and worship him.

    • The thought that Zelensky may be “Moshiach” has doubtless crossed the minds of a lot of Jews. E.g. David Rothschild and Bernard-Henri Lévy. If he ends up leading the European Union, expect those vibes to grow even stronger. Jewish/US/EU adulation hitting Beatlesque levels right now.

      Jews seem divided, however. Can they depict Putin as Hitler while rooting for the literally Nazi Azov regiment? And wasn’t it ethnic Ukrainians – not Russians – who were enthusiastic participants in the Shoah?

      • “Jews seem divided, however”

        They will always be confused and divided, because their doctrine in bssed on a cauldron of lies.

        • Jews seem divided

          Another one of their Talmudic taqiyyah tactics. You’ve surely heard the common Jewish saw: “Whenever you have thee jews in a discussion there are at least 5 opinions”. That might be true at times. What they’re not mentioning is that the discussion has one and only one subject at the end of the day: What’s best for the Jews. Don’t fall for it.

    • Moshiach is somewhat like a Jew-version of the great Q oracle. The big difference being that the tribe is well organized and works together in lockstep to advance Moshiach’s agenda (exterminating the goyim), while Q is there to encourage whites to sit on their ass and watch niggaball while waiting for the hero to arrive on his chariot leading angelic armies of FBI and NSA agents firing super-weapons. Moshiach (Anti-Christ) exists, while Q is a ridiculous fantasy (psyop). The Jews pulled a near-identical psyop on the Russians who opposed the Bolshevik regime in the Russian civil war. As we can now see, that didn’t work out so well for the Russians.

  2. Zelensky the jew is no friend of Ukrainians,he is the puppet for the US and has put his people in danger by telling to them resist a more powerful military. In a way he is like Lincoln, he jails his political opponents.

  3. I was really looking forward to making Waters World and Tucker part of my evening routine. But they drove me away for good with their warmongering and anti-Russian faggotry. The jews have had it in for Vladimir Vladimirovitch since he sent an especially arrogant jewsh swine to jail 20 years ago (can’t remember his name offhand). They obviously want the Ukraine to be the hub of their arms, drug and sex trafficking operations in Eastern Europe.

  4. Re: “I sympathize with the ordinary Ukrainians who are caught in this”:

    Sympathise with Russians who are caught in this. Ordinary (the majority of) “Ukrainians” in the made-up “nation” still are Russians and speak Russian. Real Ukrainians/Galicians/Ruthenians, who speak Ukrainian as their native tongue live mostly in the western quarter of the made-up “nation.”

    • I’m part Ruthenian and Galecian. And I believe the western part of the Ukraine should be absorbed into Poland. There is no true Ukrainian nation.

        • It was (((Lenin))). Ukrainian SSR established in 1922, enshrined in 1924 USSR constitution, which I think was only formally ratified after the crypto-Jew’s demise.

  5. I can’t even….thid piece of shit envourages Ukrainians to throw their lives away rushing tanks while his fellow tribesmen flee the country unharmed…

    The entirety of the jewish world is united in calling for WW3 to cover their financial crimes, suppoerted by low IQ traitorous pedophile whites like Sean Hannity.


    • You know that some 20 planeloads of (((Ukrainian))) oligarchs departed Country 404 on Valentine’s Day? Most left for Israel but some headed to western “countries” (satrapies or provinces of Globo-Pedo empire) where they have luxurious digs.

      The entirety of the jewish world is united in calling for WW3 to cover their financial crimes, suppoerted by low IQ traitorous pedophile whites like Sean Hannity.

      That sad things is just how many whites are falling for the scam – yet again! Do NOT join the Imperial (Globo-Pedo) military. If you’re in, get the hell out. The pension is not worth it. Larry Fink (Blackrock) will steal it all when things really go south in any case.

  6. Re: “I have no sympathy for their current government”:

    Their current Khazar-krainian coup regime is a “government” only in the sense that the narco and human traffic based regime of ALBANIA (full member of NATO) is a government.

    • IOW, their “government” is a kleptocracy. But every organization headed by chosenites, be it a business, educational foundation or charity, will always devolve into a kleptocratic enterprise.

      (No one can claim the Synagogue of Satan is inconsistent.)

  7. “envourages Ukrainians to throw their lives away rushing tanks”

    “Ehh, what do goys matter?”

  8. Actually I saw the president of Ukraine in a comedy skit on You tine whereby he plays the piano with his penis.

  9. International Jews in all it’s snake skin disguises (ZIonism, Neo Conservatism, Neo Liberalism, Soros money changers, Fed Usury, the J media mafia, international Jew media, Chuck Schumer, that CA Democrat Rep. named Schiff – was he related to the infamous Jacob Schiff – all of these snake skin disguises but it’s the same snake) they hate any and strong men White leaders from Vladimir Putin, to Victor Orban in Hungary to Donald Trump here in the USA, to of course Pat Buchanan or David Duke. It doesn’t matter how much these White men leaders say they love Israel, Donald Trump gave his beautiful Nordic daughter to a slime Jew son in law Jared Kushner – the Jews hate all White male leaders anyone who ever says anything in defense of our people’s right to live alone anywhere in the world. The ADL had/has Tucker Carlson in their cross hair sites – Tucker Carlson is the last honest White guy on Cable TV.

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