Sean Hannity Proposes NATO Fighter Jets Bomb Russian Convoy

As much as I dislike the Biden administration, Sean Hannity and Republicans like Sen. Roger Wicker have begun to make the case that the alternative could be worse.


  1. Gotta love these warmongering boomers who never spent a single day in the military. The internet meme of them being a selfish generation that couldn’t care less about leaving the world a worse place for their children to live in is unfortunately true.

  2. Hannity has always been a ZOG supporter while pretending to be for freedom and the constitution. He is as phony as they come.

  3. Like the Kushners, Hannity is a multimillionaire slumlord real estate capitalist in multiple states, who “puts his money to work helping needy communities” (harvests subsidies from HUD and evicts the poor when they don’t pay the rent) – and he hates socialism and anything that even reminds him of socialism such as Russia.

    • Hannity’s a Section-Ape slumlord? Really? I was unaware of this, though it’s certainly no surprise. Yes that does seem like a very Kushner-style method for cashing in. Guaranteed income from the government. I’ll bet it’s worse than mere eviction. He’s probably one of those slumlords who lets the place become a dangerous fire-trap, among other things. Usually these are folks like the Kushners who are well-connected with the big-city bosses.

  4. Chicken hawk hannity, wants us too poke the bear in the eye, they promise you a spot in one of their underground bunkers sean ?

  5. Hannity is known to wean a CIA pin on his left blazer lapel. Do you need anymore evidence or explanation?

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