1. Looks like American governments across the map are going full retard once again but I don’t think it will work this time. I don’t want any retaliation against Russia, this could have been avoided long ago, These government virtue signaling psycho’s need some Thorazine and be placed in straight jackets. OT I’m not a fan of Kulinski.

    • Back in the day, Republicans poured out French wine because France refused to support the Iraq War. This is the same embarrassing retarded shit.

  2. It makes me want to throw up. We have Russian chess players and composers getting fired, Russian restaurants being vandalized, and Russian vodka being banned from sale. All of this is clear racism and tyranny, but nobody bothers to question it anymore thanks to the big Covid hoax which gave our Jewish government infinite authority.

    It’s true that people love a chance to bully others when the State signifies that it’s allowed.

  3. Jingoistic Americans are the most egregious example of stupidity in this land.
    Truly, this nation has descended into barbarism.

    Putin is doing what needs to be done. Biden is a demagogue. God Damn him.

  4. I totally agree with you and Kyle here on the basic premise here that these effete, hysterical reactions are embarrassing and shameful. An entire nation of people punished because OUR oligarchs disagree with THEIR oligarchs. Therefore Joe the Plumber in Tuscaloosa is supposed to irrationally hate those “damn ruskies” and rend his garments when he sees a copy of War and Peace and tear out his hair when he hears “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy”

    It is insane.

    However, I cringe when I hear absolutist words like “jingoistic”, “nativist”, “xenophobia” blah blah blah.

    You know and we all know that Kyle would be the first to spit on southern nationalists for all of the above phobias and isms, because in the worldview of his type there is never a good reason to dislike or distrust “the other” or people outside of “our” tribe. In other words, in my view, his absolutist thoughts on that matter are just as insane and embarrassing as people banning Vodka.

  5. For a biological analogy Shlomo tags his enemy/victim with Shlomopheromones and the entire tribe senses the enemy signal and attacks like a global swarm of hornets.

    • Recall the Judea Declares War on Germany headline. It appears the tribe did the same thing in 1933 after the Socialist Workers Party was elected in fair elections. Well Shlomo probably cheated.

  6. The Total War mentality. Killing them all is justified and this coming from “liberals”, the lovers of humanity.

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