RT: Putin Attends Security Council of Russia Session

Listen to Vladimir Putin.

Obviously, Russia isn’t a White Christian ethnostate. Instead, it is an autocratic multicultural empire, which it always has been. Putin sees Ukraine as being an integral part of Russian civilization. He is also opposed to Ukrainian nationalism which he associates with Nazism.

Note: We’ve understood this all along here. I’ve never been under any illusions that Putin’s Russia is some kind of model that we should be emulating at home. I just don’t care or have any desire to meddle in and dominate that part of the world. That’s why there shouldn’t be any conflict between us. This is a return to our own tradition of not embroiling ourselves in European conflicts.


  1. “Russia isn’t a White Christian ethnostate. Instead, it is an autocratic multicultural empire, which it always has been”:

    I disagree. Note that Putin said the operation was being undertaken “to protect RUSSIAN people and RUSSIAN territorial integrity.” Russia is a defacto ethny at 80 percent Great Russian, although it contains up to 300 other ethnic groups. It is almost 90 percent Caucasian, and the rest are Asian, and no Africans. China, which is a little smaller than Russia, is 90 percent ethnic Han plus dozens of other Asian ethnicities, and no one can deny that China is also a defacto ethny. Korea, which is much smaller than Russia, is 100 percent Korean. Real nations with large territories tend to contain more ethnic and racial minorities than small states and tiny state-lets. Real nations with large cities that engage in international trade also tend to contain foreign cultures and foreign-born people at least as visitors.

    Russia cannot be compared to the U.S. that has NO ethnic group over a single digit percentage, and that unlike Russia, China, and most other nations is even RACIALLY diverse, although Caucasians are still a majority, but a large percentage of the U.S. population is racially mixed.

    Putin’s RESPECT for the right of many different ethnicities and races to exist in Russia is not the same as thing as multiculturalism, anti-racism and deliberate mxing of races and ethnicities. The Soviet Union was also called a “brotherly union” of peoples that lived in their ancestral territories in autonomous or semi-autonomous peoples’ republics that had the right (guaranteed by the constitution of the USSR) to secede from the union.

    Russia was not ALWAYS autocratic, and not always an empire. The U.S. has always been capitalist and therefore imperialist almost from the beginning.

  2. Putin has been way too slow in responding to US/NATO aggression, IMO. If he was more proactive or assertive maybe this present situation could have been avoided.

    • While I tend to agree with your assessment, Putin’s “autocracy” is not as absolute as many here assume it to be (this is more gaslighting from Jewsmedia). He had to secure Crimea (strategically most important), to deal with NATO/Israel’s ISIS creation in Syria along with an attempted color revolution in Kazakhstan. I think taking out Country 404 would have been less costly if he’d recognized and supported the 2 breakaway republics in Dombass and incorporated them into Russia again (as he did with Crimea), waited for a few months for the puppets in Kiev to refuse his efforts to defuse the mess and then moved to take out 404 altogether. His base of support at home might not have allowed for this however. He might have even been hoping Trump would be something other than yet another golem for the banksteins. Fewer Russian and Ukrainian lives lost in the long run probably, but hindsight is always 20-20 and we’re just armchair generals who ultimately know little.

  3. The only person I know of who sought to model Russia’s version of an empire was Richard Spencer back in the days when he was channeling Aleksandr Dugin. It’s not our circus, not our monkeys. Our overlords disagree, as to plenty of gaslighted morons who follow Cheetohead the Clown.

  4. Russia knows how to be an empire because they have been doing it for centuries. Their brand of multiculturalism is a legitimate pluralism where different groups are afforded a relatively wide degree of control over their own affairs.

    This is in contrast to the USA, which became a full empire rather recently, but never abandoned its homogenizing and assimilationist nation-state policies. Everyone in the American realm must believe the same things and act the same way, as determined by the financial class and their horde of PMC goons. Even those in American client states must adopt whatever views happen to be in vogue in the heart of the empire. Europe must worship Blacks, as dictated by America. Afghanistan children must be taught feminism and gender theory, as dictated by America. Religious people must give up the core of their religions, keeping only superficial characteristics and replacing the rest with liberalism.

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