Jimmy Dore: Impose “Economic Pain” On Russian People Says Hillary Clinton

In other words, we’re going to impose economic pain on the American people, particularly on rural America. Maybe these sanctions which are designed to crush one of the world’s largest economies will work this time though? Who can say that the result of our foreign policy won’t simply be to further crush the American working class which was already angry about inflation and high gas prices?

This gas station usually has the cheapest gas in Auburn, AL. It has gone up at least 50 cents a gallon this week alone. Ukraine is going under and Russia is going under and we’re going under with them all for the professional class can virtue signal about protecting “democracy” on Twitter.

Note: Sanctions didn’t work in Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, etc.


    • Wheat, 12.09/bu, an all-time record. In January it was 7.50/bu.

      Next big shocker will be in the grocery store.

  1. Hilldog, (among others), should be tried for war crimes against Libya, convicted and then hanged.

  2. People who hate us tell us that we should hate Putin. Hillary called us “deplorables.” Putin never did.

  3. I gotta say what I’m sure we’re all thinking. Thank god Joe Biden “won” in 2020.

    I can only imagine how much worse it would have been to have a guy that occasionally bombs some brown people, sucks up to Jews and has absolutely no judgement in the people he surrounds himself with instead of Joe who… has actually also done all the same things plus flung us into an inflationary tailspin and sleepwalked us into WW3.

    Accelerationism…. folks are gonna remember whose idea it was to intentionally cause harm to everybody to make a point we already knew.

      • Wut? The Donald wasn’t president when the Maidan went down. That was an Obama gayop which preceded him in 2014.

        What do you mean outsourced? Besides being a fag for Ukrainian revolution before the Donald was even on the radar (fag pun….lol), how did the Donald do very much of anything involving Ukraine? I mean besides being impeached for no reason…

        At this point you can’t actually believe that the Pentagon and State Department and CIA are actually under the President’s control, can you?

        I can lay alot of things at Trumps feet, in all honesty and agree wholeheartedly that the man failed us, but Ukraine? How?

        This thing was in motion before him, and like Biden was way over his paygrade.

      • Speaking of our favorite ex-president, you gotta comment on Trump’s 2022 CPAC speech. The “transcript ” is linked at Vdare.com in a March 4, 2022 article by one of their columnists, James Fulford. I won’t try creating a link here, just do a Duck Duck Go search ( not Google: they are evil).

        Pure God knows how long stream of consciousness gibberish, bouncing from the past to the present, with a combination of braggadocio and nonsense second to no one. Trump’s 2024 opponent could just have the speech read verbatim over the air and eliminate 99% of his support. Any notion that a second Trump Administration would be any less farcical than the first is refuted by his own words. What a MORON.

    • Trump, as HW notes, indeed outsourced Ukraine to Lady G – who actually started the war in 2014 with her mentor Juan McStain and Kosher Kookie-monster Nuland (kookies probably made with aborted Ukie baby-blood). So things would have been just the same but perhaps less overtly so because Fox would sweep the rug cleaner than Mr. Tim ever could. I do hope Llord Garfinkel arrests Cheetohead soon on some BS charge, just to show the Trumptards he really can do whatever he likes. Maybe they’ll even drop their beer while the niggaball game is on. Shocking! The prospect has everyone deeply, deeply concerned.

    • All those anti-war Boomers from the 60’s, turned pro-war for all our Neocon wars, will never allow their children or grandchildren to be drafted.

  4. Well, if anyone would know about pain and suffering and how too inflict it, Coven Mistress Clinton would be the one……..

  5. “Sanctions didn’t work in Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, etc.”:

    Those five nations you mention still endure, but their pain is real. They were, and still are being HURT by the U.S.’s sanctions, bank thefts, piracies and blockades. But those five nations you mentioned are very courageous, willing to endure hardships that the U.S.’s soft homeland population that continues to enjoy “trickle down” from the imperial booty can only imagine.

    Those nations know what imperialism is. They know where the pain is coming from. They know they must continue to resist, or soon they will be fully enslaved. Cut off from international trade, they struggle to become self-sufficient in everything, and in some cases they have succeeded which lessens the pain.

    This new article explains how Russia can overcome the ill effects of financial sanctions and even turn the table on the perpetrator: http://johnhelmer.net/black-box-defence-for-the-russian-economy-dollar-debt-repayments-blocked-gas-and-oil-deliveries-to-germany-stopped-oligarch-assets-nationalized/

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