TAC: The Causes of the War

As usual, the “journalists” are lying, trying to emotionally manipulate the public, recycling propaganda from the “intelligence community” and running with the familiar narratives and tropes on cable television about evil dictators who have gone insane and who want to kill babies to explain the outbreak of war in Ukraine. This is how every American war going back to World War I when the Hun invaded Belgium has been explained to the public. Woodrow Wilson entered World War I to make the world safe for democracy. Joe Biden is also leading us into World War III to defend “democracy” against “autocracy.”

The media shows us a horrific war that is going on in a distant country shorn of all context. They don’t explain why the war broke out or our role in bringing it about or how it could have been avoided or ended in a compromise. The American media has spent years ignoring the war in Donbas. This war in Ukraine which is familiar to Russians strikes most Americans as a lightning bolt out of the blue.


“What caused the war now ongoing in Ukraine? One supposes that the first answer just about everybody would agree on is that Putin caused the war. Clearly, that has to be the first answer. He started it. He made the decision. His reasons were the decisive ones. …

If Putin’s positive objectives are now obscure, that is not true of what might be termed his negative motive, that is, of what he was trying to prevent by going to war. He feared and found intolerable the constitution of Ukraine as an “anti-Russia,” that is, a state and nation whose fundamental purpose was opposition to Russia. That great purpose of the Ukrainian polity took a lot of different forms since 2014, when the seizure of power by “the people”—i.e., 500,000 demonstrators in nation of 45 million people—led to the secession of the eastern provinces and civil war. Support for this blatantly unconstitutional action was truly America’s original sin in the unfolding plot. It cleaved the nation down the middle, foreclosed the possibility of a president marginally acceptable to all sides, then made Ukraine’s grand objective the recovery of its lost territories in the east, at severe cost to its economic development. ..

The defining promise of U.S. policy for over two decades was that a continually expanding NATO would bring stability to Europe and enlarge the “zone of peace.” Having not done that, one would think there would be cause for second thoughts among the advocates. But of course there is none.

The formula the U.S. adopted toward Russia during and after the Maidan Revolution played a big role in bringing on the ensuing catastrophe. The casus belli for Putin was the constitution of Ukraine as an “anti-Russia,” and this was, in fact, the overriding purpose of U.S. policy toward Ukraine in the last eight years. It greatly intensified in 2021 with the arrival of the Biden Administration. …”

This is the key point.

We used Ukraine to bait Russia into a trap. The goal was to pin down Russia in an endless war in Ukraine so that we could execute the “pivot to Asia” to deal with China in the Pacific. The strategy worked and has strengthened our control over NATO and now Germany is rearming and Nord Stream II is dead.

The ruling class in this country doesn’t give a shit about their own citizens and couldn’t care less about Syrians or Ukrainians or anyone else who fights their proxy wars. Just ask the Afghans who all the people with Ukrainian flags in their Twitter profile forgot about a few months ago.

Ukrainians are just the latest chumps like the Kurds who are being used as cannon fodder to advance our geopolitical goals. Well, not “our goals,” but the goals of their globalist patrons who have turned their country into the new Syria and who are excited about a trillion dollar defense budget.

“The Ukrainians did a lot of things in 2021 calculated to anger Putin, and it is unlikely that they did so with the idea that they were putting themselves out on a limb, alone. The Ukrainian sense of betrayal is somewhat masked today by their need for multidimensional support, but it is real. From the first moments of the catastrophe, it has tied their stomachs into knots. We have done them wrong. We raised their expectations to the sky, then said: sorry, no dice. They walked out on that limb thinking we had their back, but we didn’t and couldn’t, because we could only do so at manifest risk of World War III …”

We were told for years by the Russians that this American policy of transforming Ukraine into a puppet regime and a NATO client state was a red line. We ignored everything that the Russians said and dismissed their concerns and continued to push the policy anyway. This is like taunting a dog and beating it with a stick and then acting shocked when it stops growling and snaps and attacks.


    • It’s come out that Putin has been funding the Green Party in Europe. So the energy crisis in Europe was made by Putin. Also he now has the food bowl of Europe Ukraine, and he has 40% of the world’s fertilizer supplies. Holodomor 2?

      “Russia funded the greens & the anti-fracking/nuclear NGOs in EU”

      “Really gonna be fun to see people squirm when the fact that russia has funded the greens, and by extension all the bad shit people think russia will save them from.”

      They have been caught funding greens in other Western countries as well.


      So Putin hasn’t been trying to help European nationalists get power in Europe to they can fix it. He has been trying to destroy Europe by funding elements that will weaken it, and make it tear itself apart. So no surprise there, he only cares about building a globalist Russian Empire.

      So Hunter, please explain why should we care if Putin is cancelled, when he doesn’t wish Europeans well?


      I mentioned this else where. Here’s the history of USSR (Russian) ethnic cleansing of Europeans.


      Basically the tactic they used is to call Europeans Nazi to dehumanize them, then invade their countries, and send them to Siberia to die. The left in the West would have been taught these tactics, by the Communist agents in the USSR embassies, that were in the West during the Cold War. Lets not forget Putin was a senior KGB agent under Communism, and railed against its dissolution.

    • “Ukraine NATZEES”

      You mean those MORONs serving the Cabal’s Western faction?

      You’re a dumbass.

    • “Comrade Wallace”:

      His position is, I think, moderate right-populist, as in: “nationalism, populism, reaction.” Only one socialist has commented here, since I started, and that is thanks to Hunter choosing to allow a variety of views to appear instead of limiting to “echo chamber” Southern nationalist comments.

    • Who is Ihor Kolomoisky, Boomer? Go eat some McDonalds, watch sportsball and leave geopolitics to those with minds unfettered by Holocaustianity.

      “One of the richest men in Ukraine, the 59-year-old oligarch is accused of setting up shell companies, cleaning the money through U.S. properties and ultimately leaving a trail of boarded-up buildings, failed steel facilities, and millions in unpaid property taxes, court records show. While money was transferred into the country for one of the oligarch’s companies, his operators shut down Warren Steel in Ohio in 2016, owing millions in property taxes, utility bills and supplies. For weeks, workers were left without medical coverage because the insurance premium wasn’t paid, records and interviews show. “A lot of people left here very angry,” said Nancy Waselich, a former IT manager for the factory. “People bled for this place.” Though no one so far has been criminally charged, prosecutors have filed legal actions to seize properties that they allege were bought with money stolen from the Ukraine bank, where Mr. Kolomoisky was a major shareholder.”

  1. Conservatives and liberals both believe the govt that Ukraine is the victim and Russia is the bully in this mess. There is no critical thinking skills anymore. Whatever happened to the media is fake news and they lie all the time? I guess this time they’re telling the truth.

    • The news reporters are fighting back tears reporting that Putin has gone mad. The neocons are like people at football teams and the Ukraine is their team.

    • Cons are owned by the same Western faction that owns the Libshits. Libshits sit at Master’s table. Cons are allowed a place under Master’s table as long as they are good doggies.

  2. It has seemed to me from the beginning that this was far too well choreographed to have not been a deliberate provocation.

    Russia is gaining a quagmire on their doorstep, and utter dependency on a historic foe in China. There’s nothing about what Russia has done thats good for them. Only time will tell if it was the lesser evil.

    Biden isn’t doing this. Its way above his paygrade.

  3. The Wokeundumb regime (Nuland, McStain, Lady G) started the war in 2014. Russia tried diplomacy for way too long and gave Globo-Pedo time to arm their puppets in Country 404. When Jew-Klown said he wanted to nuke-up, that left Putin no choice but to invade. He should not talk any more and just take the damed place over as soon as possible. That seems to be what he’s doing. Keep in mind the place is literally the size of Texas. It won’t be accomplished in 2 weeks. Even Wokeunduh’s “lightning cakewalk” in Iraq took a lot longer – with many more boots on the ground.

    Putin should be awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for stopping the COVID narrative-virus. He was far more effective at it than the quack Anthony Fauci.

  4. It’s a great and likely correct take on things………..but do you really expect the average citizen to understand all this? The average Ukrainian only knows the their nation is being bombarded to oblivion. Those who don’t end up dead will end up very angry. When their home is reduced to a pile of rubble, and their entire family wiped out, the politics behind it is of little relevance to them. Average working class people are not up with the dynamics behind the invasion, with some exceptions.
    The trouble with all wars………they never go for the jugular. They work their way from the bottom up, meaning thousands of ordinary people die first, before they get to the intended target at the top.

      • “trouble with all wars………they never go for the jugular. They work their way from the bottom up”:

        But the Russian police action is attempting to do just the opposite. It is as precisely targeted as possible, like a surgery to remove only malignant tumors and save a life, like the Hippocratic oath says: “above all, do no harm.”

        While I am pacifist and anti-war, I am not ignorant of the concept of a just war, and the difference between (1) a defensive military action and (2) a hot, cold, hybrid or proxy war of aggression.

    • Sadly all too true. The zeks in the Country 404 gulag run by Globo-Pedo have no options. They can leave or they try to survive or they can die. The Ukro-Nazis are a very strange and difficult to comprehend bunch. The term itself is crazy and only (somewhat) makes sense in a Russian context from the Eastern front of the Second World War – which dwarfed the western front by any measure. Bandera and his followers were chiefly concerned with killing Russians. They didn’t think of Jews as their enemies, or if they did only as minor annoyances to be dealt with after all the Russians were dead.

      I saw a picture of Azov battalion men over at Unz. They really look no different from a combat unit of white guys in the US military of 30 years ago. No wymyn, no dindus. I wonder if they’re something akin to Scofield-bible types from the South who grovel at Schlomo’s feet because the believe in the massive set of lies promoted by the con-man Cyrus Scofield. Yet here they are taking orders from the Jews who work for Globo-Pedo and killing their fellow slavics while in pay of Jew oligarchs. Very odd “nazis” or “nationalists” here. They are kind of like the Sinn Fein, the Scottish National Party or the Catalonian Party found in the west. So-called “nationalists” whose first priority is to join the Globo-Pedo empire of the EUSSR and maybe even NATO. They are not Ukrainian nationalists by any rational definition of the term.

      The real-estate occupied by Country 404 was never independent before 1991. It was always part of some larger entity, be it the early Russian state of the 10th century, the Khanate of the Golden Horde of the Mongols, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Khanate of the Crimea (a client of the Ottomans), the Russian Empire (most), or the Austrian Empire (Galicia). The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was no more independent than the Belorussian SSR was, just an administrative district of the Soviet Empire. At the end of the day, the place is not very practical as an independent nation. They’re always going to be someone’s bitch. Nearly half of the “Ukrainians” are really Russians anyway. You’ll note the owners and rentiers have all safely flown away to Israel and other places in the Empire of Lies. The best thing the remaining Ukrainians could do to ensure their survival would be to seize all of the assets of the deserting rats and liquidate those rats who remain. Make it Country No.110 instead of Country 404.

  5. “World War III ‘Has Already Started” well atleast that much is true

    a rare instance of MSM understanding reality and reporting on it

  6. “This war in Ukraine which is familiar to Russians strikes most Americans as a lightning bolt out of the blue”:

    I was harping on it for years but no one paid attention. A true ethno-nationalist is necessarily also an internationalist.

  7. The real winner here is China. With Russia completely isolated, China can start making demands on the Russians for cheap energy. Russia is now a vassal state of China in a way.

    • The idiot West should not have been so provacative towards Russia. All China really needs to do now is just wait for the zombie West to die of self-inflicted cancer, and they will own everything.

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