The Federalist: NATO Intervention Could Spark Nuclear Genocide

Take a look at this.

This was the outcome of war gaming a Russia-Ukraine war in 2019.

The Federalist:

“The scenario the group decided to test back in late 2019 was similar to today: Russia decided to invade Ukraine under the excuse that it is must defend Russian-speaking peoples that are being “oppressed” by Ukraine’s fascist government. In our scenario, we assumed Russia performs far more admirably than it does today but has more limited objectives, in that Moscow wants to connect Crimea to separatist regions in Eastern Ukraine that are under its effective control. We assumed that Russia does that quickly, achieving most of its military objectives in roughly four days.

But Ukraine does not give up so easily, just like in real life today. Ukrainian forces, after taking heavy losses, mount an impressive counterattack, whereby Russia loses over 100 tanks and over 2,500 soldiers. Images on social media show Russian armor ablaze, elite Su-35 fighter jets are shut down from the skies, and arms are now flowing in from the West in massive numbers.

Putin is outraged. He thought Ukraine would simply roll over, but he does not factor into his calculus the nearly decades-long training Kyiv received from the U.S. and NATO nor Ukraine’s military build-up for the last several years that was focused on this scenario.

Russia then decides that its limited military objectives were a mistake, and that all of Ukraine must be “demilitarized.” Moscow then launches a massive ballistic and cruise missile strike followed up by Russia’s air force launching its own shock and awe campaign, destroying a vast majority of Ukraine’s command and control structure, air force, air defense, and armored units in the process. At the same time, Russia starts surging troops to the borders of Ukraine in what looks like an imminent general invasion and occupation of the entire country.

Here is where things take a turn for the worst. A Russian ballistic missile’s guidance system fails and crash-lands into NATO member Poland, killing 34 civilians as it tragically lands into a populated village along the Polish-Ukraine border. While the missile was not directed at Poland intentionally, pictures on social media show children crying for their mothers and bodies left unrecognizable, and demands for justice and revenge mount.

To its credit, Poland, which has its own tortured history with the Soviet Union and Russia, does its best to show restraint. While not responding with its own military, it leads an effort to see that Moscow pays a steep price for its aggression in Ukraine and actions, even unintentional, in Poland. Warsaw leads a diplomatic and economic boycott of Moscow resulting in Russia being kicked out of SWIFT as well as direct sanctions on Russian banks, similar to what we are seeing today.

In our scenario, Russia’s reaction is also swift. Moscow decides to launch a massive cyber attack on Poland, having based cyber warriors all throughout NATO territory, using their geography and proxy servers to mask the origin of the attack. Russia, in just two hours, takes off-line Poland’s entire electrical grid, banking sector, energy plants, and more — essentially taking Poland back to the stone age.

And this is where the nightmare begins. …”

We’re at the cyber war stage now.

Thank you, Lindsey Graham and John McCain for all you have done to make this scenario come true and thanks for Ukraine’s destruction and the high gas prices if we get lucky and that is all that comes of this.


  1. The piece states unequivocally that Russia would lose a conventional war with (((NATO))), but I’ve seen other experts who’ve said that the reverse is the case: that vastly superior Russian artillery etc. would overwhelm the golems, not allowing the accustomed quick evacuations of wounded from the battlefields to nearby field hospitals, which keeps Western troop casualties low.

  2. So in 2008 it was no real choice: both McCsin and Obama would have pursued/did pursue the same reckless anti-Russia policy.

  3. “”.. Poland..””

    Despite Soros and crew invested heavily to the Eastern Europe and built amazing network, our Nazis are currently also hyper active, propaganda war is 24/7 so I think that Eastern Europeans can keep our lunatics at bay.

  4. Who is “Anonymous” really? Just an excuse to more aggressively step-up censorship and deplatforming?

    • Not exactly. Anonymous is a group of highly intelligent cyber hackers that coalesced out of 4chan back in the 2008-2010 range. They started as basic trolls, but eventually, they became a sort of hive mind. They waged a culture war to discredit Scientology, which more or less worked. Their targets were the kind of people or groups that “everyone” hates or otherwise wouldn’t have a problem with destroying. Eventually though, they became political. By 2012, they were doxxing “White Supremacist” sites such as Merlin Millers website and the A3P website.

      I roll my eyes every time I see them pull their latest stunt, because they could have been a force for good, but instead, they become “Radical Centrist” mercenaries. They don’t do anything unless the whole group agrees to it, of which I know little about how they come to a consensus. They aren’t really Leftists, but they also don’t do anything to oppose the Left. Apparently, ZOG bought them off and used them for their own purposes. It is what it is.

      • If they’re doxing “White supremacists” they’re definitely Anti-White and no friends of ours.

    • You’re projecting again. Why haven’t you gotten your worthless jew ass over to join the Azov battalion instead of whining here like a punkass bitch?

  5. The longer this goes on the chances it will escalate into a nuclear war. I believe the US govt wants that.

  6. Most Americans aren’t old enough to remember the World Wars

    Most are too ignorant to even find Ukraine on a map. If they had any sense, they’d want to stay the hell out of another foreign war. Maybe they actually do. It’s not as if you would ever know by following the gaslight media.

    Why, exactly, did our “leaders” set up military bases, bio-warfare labs and dispatch many billions worth of weapons to this rusted out shambles of a country which has been looted and strip-mined of assets non-stop by Jews (most of whom left on Valentine’s Day) since 1991? I understand our military bases are no more. Globo-Pedo, George Soros and Satan-Klaus thank any Murikans vaporized therein for their service. I salute them for their well-earned Darwin Awards. Meanwhile, our own border remains wide open and the military is being used to transport invaders to various points well inland.

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