Lady G: Putin Should Be Put On Trial For War Crimes In Ukraine

Years ago, if we had truly cared about Ukraine, we could have prevented this war from ever happening. It is happening now though because John McCain and Lady G did not care about Ukraine’s security. They spent years packing the country full of dynamite which is now exploding in our face.

Yahoo News:

“WASHINGTON — Invoking the memory of his late friend Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., called on the international community to unite in its condemnation of Vladimir Putin, who sent Russian forces to invade Ukraine last week. The invasion has resulted in civilian casualties, a new refugee crisis and fears of a conflict that could engulf large parts of Europe.

Graham used a press conference on Wednesday morning to call on the U.S. government to “pursue war crimes allegations against Vladimir Putin and his military commanders” through institutions like the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice. His proposed resolution also affirms that the United States “stands with the people who have been affected by the brutality of the Putin regime.” …”

It is not like we are going to take responsibility for creating this volatile situation. The “intelligence community” has concluded that Vladimir Putin simply went mad. Sure, he has been saying that arming Ukraine is a red line for at least 14 years now, but what does that matter?

Defense News:

“Sen. Graham, R-S.C., was far more candid, not only in his support of Ukraine, but in his disgust with Russia for aggressive tactics in Europe and election tampering in the United States.

“To our friends in the Ukraine, I want it to be your decision [to join NATO] not Russia’s decision,” Graham said. It’s worth NATO allies considering that “the Ukrainians gave up a nuclear weapons arsenal, with the understanding that ‘if I do this I’m good to go.’ We signed up and everybody else did. And our friends in Russia step all over that.

“The rule of law means nothing to Russia,” Graham continued. “Does it mean anything to us? I’d be glad to have a better relationship with Russia but it’s difficult. I used to worry about antagonizing Russia. I won’t worry about that anymore. You’re going to get what you deserve if you keep this up. And to our friends in Georgia and Ukraine, be patient. Hopefully the rest of us will get a backbone and push back against aggression that I feel is unwarranted.” …”

Lady G was not worried about antagonizing Russia.

He wasn’t worried about any of the cascading effects of this war either.


  1. Lady G and Juan McStain actually started the damned war along with Nuland and the Obama state-department when they pulled off the Maidan coup in 2014. The war has been going on since then in Dombass region with full Wokeunduh and NATO backing for the Jewkro-Nazi belligerents. 14,000 mostly Russian civilians are dead, while the bad-assed bloodthirsty dictator Putin tried diplomacy with Globo-Pedo (a mistake). Lady G, Nuland and his holiness the Magic Negro should be all arrested for fomenting war crimes.

  2. That fucking faggot scum just keeps lisping away. Never pays the price for his catastrophic aggression.

    Putin should find some ingenious, untraceable way to rectify that.

    • Oh for want of an umbrella-man. Lady G would probably think it was a dildo. Someone could even hand it to her house-nigra Mr. Tim for the lady’s pleasuring. That would be truly hilarious.

      • Haha great comment Exalted Cyclops.Its unimaginable to think the fag and the spook are my two GOP Senators(I don’t vote for either).Once glorious South Carolina sure needs the intervention of the Almighty Lord to reprogram Whites minds.Add in all the yankees and massive voter fraud and open primaries and its easy to see how we got them.I just wonder if there was a fair election just who Whites would vote for.The Jews that be really do not want us to know anything but the illusion.

  3. Everything I despise about ZOG is represented by McCain, Klobuchar and Graham. They SUCK.

  4. The U.S. runs the U.N. and the international law courts and therefore does not fear ever being brought to trial for its MOUNTAIN of war crimes. The U.S.’s decades-long history of aggressive war against Russia in Ukraine, Central Asia, the Caucasus etc. is FILLED with war crimes!

    Pay attention (you will never hear about it on Faux News) : The U.S.-run United Nations has just tightened the screws even further on courageous little Yemen that has such large yet-untapped oil reserves and a very strategic location, and that the U.S. is helping the House of Saud (royal Saudi crime family) to genocide!

  5. V.putin has got what he wants, in the ukraine, his attention will be moving southward, if it hasn’t already, a lot more going on, than what is reported……….

    • “No victor was ever put on trial for war crimes. War criminal means you lost.”

      @more of the same- Exactly! You’ve perfectly worded that into a timeless meme.

  6. There’s no “we” in this, as in you and I, if it was up to “democracy” Americans would not allow this. The federal government is rogue and acts without “our” consent.

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