Jimmy Dore: Ukraine War Driving Rampant Censorship At Home

The war in Ukraine has nicely illustrated how our foreign policy views are closely tied to both our economic interests and our cultural interests. This war is already making us less secure, less free and poorer by the day. Mike Pence also says there is no room in the GOP for anyone who opposes it.


  1. America isn’t ruled by men anymore. It’s ruled by women, of both sexes, and by children, of all ages.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • It’s ruled by jews; the women are just the window dressing, and most of them are jewesses, anyway.

      • The merits of so called “democracy” aside, letting women vote was a fatal blow. They are so easily fooled there is a reason they are targeted by conmen for scams like the 1-800 fake schools advertising on Maury or the Pyramid Product MLM schemes. They few women who aren’t too naive and gullible to partake in politics are heavy handed tyrants. I.E. that female prosecutor who is railroading those parents of the school shooter in Michigan. Really, nobody ever went after the parents before like this? It is very difficult for parents to accept their kid is bad, we see it all the time in the ghetto with the “I’ze diddin raise my baby ta be like dat!” response of the welfare queen when her hood rat kid pulls a drive by. It took a long time for Bundy’s friends in Seattle to figure out he really did do it. Lady McBeth is what happens when a woman isn’t naive…there is a reason throughout history societies were patriarchal. Even Russia and China are infected with the feminist virus, only the Islamic World seems immune so far.

  2. There’s more of a communist ideology in the US than in Russia right now. They’re moving away from it while the US is adopting it.

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