Axios: Russia’s Crackdown On Free Press and Speech Intensifies

I had a good laugh at this one.


“New efforts by the Kremlin to bully the press and silence dissent are forcing independent media and social networks out of the country.

Why it matters: Russians are losing access to independent reporting about the war, while the West loses insight into an already isolated leader. …”

In this country, the very same people who suddenly have Ukrainian flags in their Twitter profiles are opposed to nationalism, borders, gun rights, civil liberties and free speech. They are in favor of fighting World War III for all these things in Ukraine while restricting them in America.

The Free Press™ which is the biggest advocate of crushing independent media in this country is lamenting its demise in Russia. We’re supposed to care that Russia has banned Twitter and Facebook when we have been banned from Twitter and Facebook and YouTube here.

Naturally, I don’t care about these things in Russia. It is not my country. I don’t live there. I have no say over the matter. I have never been there. I have no plans to ever go there. The people who are waging a neverending assault on my First Amendment rights though expect people like us to go fight for their corrupt Jewish puppet regime in Ukraine.

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  1. Absolutely free speech brought disaster everywhere where it was enforced. Lenin took down entire Russian Empire thanks to his protected free speech and in the West Jews corrupted and subverted whole society thanks to their free speech.

    You can give free speech to good will opponents not enemy agents. Nothing is perfect including Russian methods against Jewish lies but limiting shitlib speech tends to bring more benefits than problems.

  2. The propaganda is intense. I suspect most of the Rush Limbaugh Repugnicans support Jewkraine.

  3. I’d like to envision mass riots in America when the tyrannical Marxists running our govt start the draft to once again send white men, many from the Midwest and south, to fight in their war.

    This entire situation currently happening w Ukraine all ties into the (((globalists))) desire decimate the white male population. White men are the barrier that prevents the (((globalists))) from feeling completely free to do whatever the fk they want regarding our societies and governance.

  4. Freedumb of Speech is gay and so is the whole of the Constitution. It is ironic that it was written by Acela Corridor Yankees like Hamilton and Franklin and yet the remnants of the Army of Northern Virginia here on OD still put so much stock in it.

    • Russia is still not finished trying out capitalism, so it has been much too tolerant of globalist anti-Russian propaganda. The urban, globalist, pro-U.S. Fifth Column in Russia is tiny in numbers but extremely loud and effective. Its poisonous seditious mouth must be stopped.

    • @Christop1970—–Moshiach is not gay though right Christ killer? He may be queer as a three dollar bill he may love getting it on with kids and farm animals but he is definitely not gay right Christ killer? I can’t decide which I like more in describing you kyke or Christ killer? Which do you prefer?

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