Kevin McCarthy: Putin Is Evil

We’re not going along with a return to Woodrow Wilson and George W. Bush’s foreign policy.

Note: If answered the call from New York, my response be the same: Yankee Go Home.


  1. And Gingrinch is happy this baby blood drinking fuckwad will be the next speaker?

    • Newt was just another Repuke whore who probably drank the fountain of youth too. To borrow from Gen. Sherman, ‘ The only good Repuke is a dead Repuke’ (it applies to D-jerseys too). Go back to über-Jew Larry King’s interview about the most important thing for the tribe. Support for Israel? No. Less regulation on usury rackets? No. More immigration from third world? No. According to Schlomo-King, the most important to Jews in Murika was making damned sure the abortion mills remained were never shut down. WTF? Jews don’t get abortions very often – way less than other groups. So why is keeping the abortion mills so damned important? It might be just their usual fondness for making cash off of goys killing other goys (they get a great high off this), or it could be that some of those theories circulating in dark corners of the web are really true.

  2. RINO’s are demonizing Putin while Americans are suffering through an economic crisis caused by America’s reckless militarism. RINO’s need to be taught a lesson in the midterms.

  3. Vladimir Putin declares war on the Straussians
    by Thierry Meyssan
    Russia is not waging war on the Ukrainian people, but on a small group of people within US power who have transformed Ukraine without knowing it, the Straussians. It was formed half a century ago and has already committed an incredible amount of crimes in Latin America and the Middle East unbeknownst to the United States. Here is their story.

  4. Is David Frum now scripting what Kevin McCarthy says/thinks the same as David Frum did for dumb as* “”Jethro” President George Dubya Bush Jr?

    Remember David Frum’s “Axis of Evil” speech he wrote for Dubya to justify the second USA invasion of Iraq?

    “Saddam Hussein was the latest HITLER, leading an Axis of Evil along with Iran and… North Korean????! WTF?

    Which one was Dr. Evil?

    Yeah, I know it’s lame, we’ve done this before but please contact Kevin McCarthy’s congressional staff and tell them how stupid these comments were/are.

    We don’t live in Eurasia. We live in North America – how how about defending our nation here in North America?

    • Frum has been churning out “policy” (orders) for the Axis of Kindness for a long time. His great kindness extends around the world, from the scorched almond orchards of Afghanistan to the bloody sands of Iraq to the many recent graves in Syria, and now to the fresh graves and body bags in Ukraine. And some hapless morons think Putin is the big evil on the world stage, or maybe even Xi. Neither of the two are saints, but are dead as the result of the Talmudic Satanist David Frum’s decades of warmongering than from the actions of even Pol Pot, much less Xi or Putin.

  5. Kevin McCarthy, another soul less,.bought and paid for political “HACK “, the party of ,brown, douglass and lincoln, specialize in these shabby, mediocre, types………

  6. “We’re not going along with a return to Woodrow Wilson and George W. Bush’s foreign policy.”

    Return? They never left it. The Oligarchs
    are still stuck in the 20th Century. And in the 19th, for that matter. Talking about Russia, they all sound like it’s still 1985. Bolton, and the other characters like him, act like it’s 1905, and that we still have gunboats patrolling the Yangtze River.

    Even Biden is right there with them, with his antiquated sanctions. The days when you could isolate a country politically and economically, from the rest of the world, without it damaging the global economy, ended a long time ago.

  7. Once again Fox News shows that it is really no different from the other cable news channels. And Kevin McCarthy is literally a homo.

  8. These corrupt oligarchs are not happy unless they’re starting wars and dictating foreign policy.

  9. Jew bankers from the US and Europe are now buying up Russian assets for pennies-on-the-Dollar – yeah – the Pootster is really fighting the good fight against International Jewry.

    • No Russia no Moshiach. And kyke that is devastating, right kyke? I love calling you kyke, you know that kyke?

  10. McCarthy, Pence are both Irishmen. Matt Lewis is a Jew. The anti-white anti-Christian coalition is the Jews, the Irish, and the queers. Where are all the people of color coming out to condemn right-wingers over Putin? Any ideas? Roger Wicker is very very isolated in this one, unless he is in the closet.

  11. All of these cowardly war mongering despots whether in the synagogue of democracy,, tycoons and lobbyists for the military-industrial Complex, or unelected deep state bloodthirsty apparatchik that hide in the shadows should know that we have nothing but contempt and scorn for using your power to feed The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    • R-jerseys and D-jerseys are on the same team. Washington Generals vs. Harlem Globetrotters. Vote moar harder!! The act of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result with each repetition has a one word definition.

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