Who Caused The Ukraine War?

Neocons and Russiagaters have spent the last eight years inciting this conflict.

Aaron Mate:

“The United States aids Ukraine and her people,” Adam Schiff declared in January 2020, “so that we can fight Russia over there, and we don’t have to fight Russia here.”

Schiff made this statement during the opening of Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial, where the Democratic Party’s bid to ensure unimpeded US weapons sales to Ukraine was presented, and widely accepted, as a valiant defense of US democracy and national security.

Two years later, the US use of Ukraine to “fight Russia over there” has reached its logical end-game: illegally, murderously, and catastrophically, Russia has invaded Ukraine to end the fight. …

Although Russia’s invasion cannot be excused, it also cannot be understood, and resolved, without acknowledging that the war in Ukraine did not start last month.

Putin has carried out a major escalation of a conflict that has raged for eight years, at the cost of more than 14,000 lives. It began with a US-backed, far-right-led 2014 coup that ousted Ukraine’s democratically elected government in Kiev. In its place came a regime chosen not by the Ukrainian people, but by Washington. …

Pedro Gonzalez:

“President Vladimir Putin is playing Russian roulette with the world. The invasion he launched on Feb. 24 has brought us closer to nuclear war than anything since the Cuban missile crisis.

However, other culprits in the United States and Europe share his guilt. But they have so far managed to avoid notice and blame.

There would be no victory in stopping Russia without confronting what these groups and individuals have done. War does not begin in a vacuum, and this one has been a long time coming. Putin invaded Ukraine, but these liberal interventionists paved the road that made the present crisis inevitable. …”


“The war in Ukraine poses a palpable threat to Western democracies, but this has little to do with Russia posing an inherent strategic threat to the United States or its European allies. No — more so than the Russian state, the threat to the West comes from within, a consequence of our congealing perceptions towards the conflict. …”

Once again, if you are opposed to engineering coups and installing a puppet government in Ukraine which is run out of the State Department, and then arming that government and using it as a proxy to “fight the Russians over there,” there is no place for you in the GOP. There is no room for anyone who thinks this is unwise because we should defer to the geniuses who were the architects of this fiasco.

Note: Klitsch has vowed to go down fighting in Kiev.


  1. I will the assertion that I have no place in the GOP into consideration when I continue not voting for them ever.

  2. The love of money, root of all evil, is the foundation of Khazar-kraine, and caused the decades-long imperialist war against Russia. If Christian, brotherly love instead of Usury ruled the northern and eastern Slavs, they would all still speak one language and have one religion. They are all the same people but divided and ruled by wealthy elites.

  3. Our overlords have never forgiven the Russian people for throwing off the Worker’s Paradise. The same crowd maneuvering us into a direct confrontation with nuclear armed Russia would have called you insane for doing so during the Cold War.

  4. Once the outcome of the war became evident, even weak Hirohito stepped in and overruled his warmongers who wanted to force the whole nation to commit suicide. Is Zelensky taking orders from DC-NYC to go down like that instead of ending it?

  5. Fuck Zelensky. Trying to shame the rest of Europe to come to his puppet-ass rescue and sacrifice even more lives.

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