RT: Western Cancel Culture Goes Nuclear

If the largest country in the world can be canceled in an knee jerk emotional fit of rage, what’s next? Why can’t the problematic swaths of Western countries be similarly canceled? What happens to all the people who say highly offensive things like Ukraine’s kleptocracy isn’t worth World War III?

Why can’t Alabama or Mississippi be canceled for racism or transphobia? If you eat a chicken from Alabama, does that make you a moral monster? We’re a lot smaller than Russia and have less ability to defend ourselves from mood swings.


“The West doesn’t seem to have considered the campaign’s collateral damage, or how persecution could be expected to promote peace

By now, we’re all used to righteous people pitching fits and ganging up, mean-girl style, on those they feel have committed transgressions against the status quo. But amid the conflict in Ukraine, some are actually trying to deplatform the world’s largest country by attacking anyone and anything even remotely associated with it.

Back in 2003,  in the run-up to the Iraq War, when I was working in Washington, DC as the director of a think tank associated with the George W. Bush administration, I recall the moment when “French fries” were suddenly renamed “freedom fries” in the Congressional cafeteria. It was an attempt by the Republicans to stick it to the French, who had opposed the invasion of Iraq. 

French products were also subsequently boycotted over Paris’ refusal to support the US invasion, but such measures are almost quaint and sensible compared to the utter hysterical lunacy that’s transpiring today, as Russia and NATO member countries face off over Ukraine. 

According to various reports, North American government officials have been demanding the removal of Russian vodka from store shelves. But it turns out that almost none of it imported to the continent is actually made in Russia. The brands – Smirnoff or Stolichnaya, for example – just sound Russian. A bar in the state of Maryland has also renamed the classic Russian Mule cocktail, rebranding it a “Kyiv Mule”. And Magic Mountain ski resort, in Vermont, tweeted a video showing a bar man dumping bottles of Stoli – already bought and paid for, presumably – down the drain, apparently unaware that the brand is actually Latvian, with operations in Ukraine. 

Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky was cancelled by the University of Milano-Bicocca, in Italy, which suspended a course about him before reinstating it after a backlash. But the joke was on them, because Dostoevsky was already cancelled, you could say, having passed away in 1881, so the odds are fairly low that he had any involvement in the current Ukraine conflict. …”

Actually, we have already seen our neoliberal overlords wield this power in Canada. It was the dangerous precedent that was set there which has been expanded to Russia.

Note: Crude oil prices continue to get worse. The nuclear fallout has reached us.


  1. All the oligarchs and communists are doing is censoring other forms of information that has an opposing view. One world govt means one view. I’m sure the conservatives are cheering on the cancel culture when it comes to the Russians. Boomers are pouring out their Russian Vodka.

    • The US govt is going the same thing they claim the Russians, Chinese and N. Koreans do, only approve govt sponsored propaganda.

  2. The kikes & shitlib race traitor scum who occupy all these shot-calling positions must be exterminated. Nothing else will do. Even taken all together, they’re a very small minority enforcing its will on everyone on earth.

  3. Wagner’s wonderful opera house was turned into a fake cemetery and Holocaust house of horrors. Doesn’t matter that he was long dead when Uncle Adolf was listening to Siegfried on magnetic tape in super hi-fi in the Eagles Nest.

    • Which one was that? The famous theatre of the Bayreuther festspiele still stands and Wagner’s operas are still performed there as far as I can tell. This is the one specially built for Wagner’s operas. Yes the Church of Woke completely controls the arts in the west but that’s partly the fault of dumbass white people letting the Jews take it over – all water long under the bridge though. They’ll cancel or blackwash Wagner soon enough unless this finally gets to the point that the cucked whites start to puke from it and really revolt. They went after Beethoven last year but failed pretty badly. Ironically, Beethoven, Wagner and the rest of Western classical music are far more admired and appreciated in China and other Asian nations than they are in the west now. Part of the enstupidization that is the result when Jews control the education of your kids. Each passing generation is dumber than the next.

      • in a way, they already have cancelled him. People who have used the internet for a while have seen how all this have played out via search engine results. It have accelerated in recent years via the covid scare. There is a very big emphasis now to censor anything on the internet that may offend, especially in how search engine results are sorted.

        If I was doing a google or bing or whatever search about Wagner position on the Jews a few years ago. I’d get somewhat clear results. I’d find relevant quotes, quite offensive stuff for sure. Now, huh, you go test your search engine and see. If you ever did search the internet in the past, you can see what they did.

        The “cancel culture” is not just about the present. About, say, some benign comedian with edgy jokes. It also is what happen to how we perceive the world via the internet. Via our ability to actually search and find information that matter. All you’ll find now is some Jewish organizations and MSM articles bitching about how Wagner was problematic. How everyone who ever lived was evil really. But finding who they are via their own words, that’s buried now.

        This is how the culture got shaped. It’s in how we are forced to view the world. To get away from all this, you can only be informed offline. Online information has been buried and blurred. It’s a massive wall of disinformation where controversial views are cancelled out of existence. All in order to construct a permanent present with no foundation in any past.

        • Excellent – and very true – observation. Try to find a book by Revilo P. Oliver even on archive.org – who styles itself as a protector of knowledge (to a limited extent they are). Their “de-emphasizing” of Oliver (who was by no means a hack) is indicative of the power of donors who either manufacture or depend upon “money” given the status of “legal tender” which is created out of thin air by the usual suspects.

  4. Group think, conformity, democracy by-products, of a dumbed down population……….come too think of it, witch hunts, societal hysterics, infringement on lawful, natural rights, what next? Public weeping display’s, how far off is the next inquisition, brain wash the population, war with Russia, lovers of death, those who rule us, lovers of our death, they offer up our republic, our people in blood sacrifice…..

  5. This is even dumber than the anti-German hysteria that took place when the US entered WWI. Centuries from now Russia will probably still be around but the USA will be as dead and gone as the Byzantine Empire.

    • Currently the byzantine empire’s Life span still exceeds the Russians by a bit. The USA ‘Empire’ is quite byzantine. Might take a while to disappear.

  6. The west is litteraly clog shoe dancing itself into a minefield right now, hubris and arrogance have broken all limits it´s on a completely new level right now when they try to handle Russia like they did Libya

    the history books will name this as the “great derangement” in the chapter “end of empires”

  7. The libtard parasite class blames Russia for giving us Trump. This is an extension of what’s been happening for over five years now. They’re furiously and angrily blowing every last bit of their load. Of course, this is a one-time affair. Every nation on earth that wants to remain free and independent will now seek to decouple themselves from the Western banking oligarchy. And China will be happy to help them along.

  8. Mastercard and Visa are criminal theft schemes, collecting rent and private information from every transaction. Russia needs a free, Russian credit card service.

    Credit card service, if it is needed at all, should be nationalised. All forms of money and banking should be nationalised – confidential and RENT-FREE for the people! Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

  9. This is not a sign of a strong and healthy empire. It’s smells of the actions of desperate despots. It will get worse before they finally collapse. This is just the start.

  10. Do these warmongering lunatics think the American people will get behind a clearly unpopular, unwanted war by making us suffer? They control the prostitute media spreading their bellicose propaganda. Are internment camps next for Russian nationals and those suspected of “disloyalty”? The first casualty of war is the truth.

  11. Didn’t they already try to cancel North Carolina a few years back when they went after autogynephilic perverts going into female bathrooms for a kick?

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