Iraq: Destruction of a Nation



We need this man in the Senate, not Tom Cotton!

Now that it is Ukraine’s turn, it is worth remembering the war that sculpted my foreign policy views for life. The same inflated moralizing rhetoric about freedom, democracy and evil dictators was used back then. We all remember it. The shadow of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Serbia and Syria hovers over Ukraine.


    • HW, thanks for posting the DW docu.

      I saw a news docu on all the young iraqi girls, 14 yr old to adult, who had to become prostitutes in other nations, just to feed themselves.
      SICK !

      • “Iraq: Destruction of a Nation”

        NO, NO …….It’s called (((” nation building “))).

        Just like in Libya.

  1. How about that fake “popular” Saddam statue-toppling media event? Did you ever believe it was real?

    Also remember: The Iran-Iraq proxy war that the U.S. directed, and supplied with chemical weapons (okay when OUR side is using them) was one the worst wars of the twentieth century.

  2. The US murdered the Slav Milosevic, you can be sure Putin isn’t taking any chances. Maybe the Russians will turn Berlin into a parking lot for old times sake? The Germans know it too.

    • The Russians already lost the Warsaw Pact and Baltics, they aren’t going to mess with Nato so hopefully cooler heads prevail and resist the Neocon’s attempt to directly confront Russia vs. using Ukrainians as a proxy. What would have happened had Trump won the election? Even though Trump himself was cool headed about avoiding war, would he have been forced to “prove” the Russiagate thing was wrong by escalating the situation? Would the Republicans in charge have gone back to being full neocon puppets like Lady G, Cruz, Rick Scott, Hannity are showing themselves to be? Is senile Biden still coherent enough to keep his craziest jewish advisors from getting directly involved? I know the Chinese would love to come in and play “peacemaker” for world PR and sign on the Ukraine to a complete “Belt and Road” contract. They just need Kiev to come to the realization that Nato and DC aren’t going to become directly involved. One thing is certain, Russia is taking a playbook from the DNC media complex by calling their enemies “nazis.” How on earth can there be a Ukrainian nazi’s unless they are propped up by the CIA, KGB or something for some sort of clever long game propaganda?

  3. Neocons and their political stooges, like communists and Marxists, excel at tearing things down. Not so much at building anything up.

  4. Russia is being pretty timid as Putin really doesn’t want to massacre large numbers of civilians even knowing the Yellow press in the west is basically rerunning WW1 “Hun’s eating babies cooked on the spike of their helmets” canard. He wants the CIA Soros NYC Oligarch puppet government gone. Not really too different from how the Saudi’s don’t want an Iranian puppet government right next to Mecca in Yemen, or the US got rid of the Cuban puppet government in Grenada. The “medical students” were a blatant propaganda excuse in that conflict similar to “Donbas persecution” in this one, there was some truth in both accusations, but it’s clearly regime change that is the true reason. Notice that Russia wasn’t sending in all kinds of smart weapons to the Iraqi rebels unlike how the globalist west is prolonging this thing by arming Ukraine to the teeth. Really makes the situation worse, when a smart missile emanates from a village the military response is to stand back and level the place.

    The Russians really don’t want to do this, unlike where they didn’t give a rats ass about Berlin and leveled it block by block. Really, when it comes to a war of annihilation, after Napoleon was defeated the entire West should have gotten together, British, Spanish, American’s, the UK’s new puppet regime in France, Portuguese, Dutch, etc and gone into Haiti and exterminated all life. No way should they have allowed those savages to have gotten away with that revolt, they should have done what Shaddam tried to do in Dune, the systematic destruction of all life on Arakis. Every last cretin on Haiti should have been wiped out and the place turned into an uninhabited jungle. Not like they were going to be getting any sugar out of the place anymore, the blacks once in control and up to their own devices were going to do the early 19th century equivalent of “Netflix and Chill.”

  5. You should read HW’s series here on the history of Haiti, Nightowl. It’s an excellent summary and not a difficult read. Here’s how totally stupid whites can be: After the literal founding of Haiti with a sacrifice to the devil, after the mass slaughter of all whites there, some Catholic Poles were stump-stupid enough to go and settle in the malarial hellhole in the first half of the 19th century (long before Vatican II). Those that didn’t flee were exterminated too (surprise!). The neighboring Dominicans have no use for the black devil-spawn either, even though many Dominicans are part black themselves. Now the retarded Poles are inviting Globopedo Wokeunduh military to set up bases there – filled with dindus. They’d be better off inviting the Chinese in.

    • When I think of Iraqi and US relations that famous photo of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein during the iraq-Iran War. Hussein was ZOG’s SOB then with his war that was killing muslims (Israel’s enemies). Flash forward 20 years, and now Rumsfeld and the other neokosheratives in Bush II’s cabinet lied to the world about Iraq’s supposed role in 9/11, mobile chemical and biological warfare laboratories, and a nonexistent nuclear weapons program because now Saddam was in the crosshairs of zionist American and Israeli jews “Clean Sweep” strategy. Of course, the jewsmedia played their role as cheerleaders for the administration and war just like they are today with the War in Ukraine, and dumb as a box 9f bail normies will fall for it again m

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