Steve Bannon: “Chrystia Freeland Get Your Ass on a Plane, Get Over There, And Grab an AK47 – Get to Ukraine!”

I’m tuned out of Bannon world.

I heard about this and completely agree though.


“Martin Luther King believed that the arc of the moral universe is long but that it bends toward justice.

But he also knew that there are evil men in the world, who seek to thwart that benign curve and push us all back into darkness.

Because of those men, there are moments in history when the great struggle between freedom and tyranny comes down to one fight, in one place, which is waged for all of humanity.

In 1863, that place was Gettysburg. In 1940, it was the skies above Britain. Today, in 2022, it is Kyiv.

On the cobbled streets of that golden-domed city, a fierce and united citizenry, led by its cheerfully resolute president Volodymyr Zelensky, is fighting a barbaric invasion. Those courageous Ukrainians are fighting for themselves, and they are also fighting for us all. Right now, indeed, brave Ukraine is the moral leader of the free world. …”

What is stopping this woman from going over there to fight for Ukraine?


  1. Freeland just happens to be Khazar-krainian herself. So is Senator Chuck Schumer, whose ancestors came to New York from the town of Chortkiv in GALICIA, the western part of what is now called Ukraine.

    • Freeland’s grandfather was in the Waffen SS.

      She is a piece of shit. He very likely wasn’t. He certainly wasn’t a god-damned jew.

  2. In Mariupol, the Azov battalion is surrounded by the Russian army and has taken local citizens hostage. There are 50,000+ Ukraine soldiers pinned down and surrounded in Mariupol with no way of escape.

    • Police are shooting at peopla trying to leave Charkov and Kiev

      The truce was broken when a Ukrop GRAD strike landed in the middle of DPR forces at Volnovakha killing a top ranking militia commander

    • The civilian population of Mariupol is majority Greek. They want to leave but the Ukro-nazis there will not allow them do so – preferring to use them as human shields as per the commands of their Jewish masters. Any who try to escape are shot. Jewsmedia will then of course show pics and blame on Russian brutality, when they in fact were killed in order of Jews.

  3. “In 1863, that place was Gettysburg.”

    I disagree. The South was not at its best following the death of Confederate General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson a little over a month and a half earlier. Not only was Jackson a very competent general but he believed and prayed to God for success and God did answer his prayers many times. But at Gettysburg there was no Jackson to beat the North to the high ground or help General Lee both spiritually and militarily in a manner that only Jackson could. Even a Union general noted “one of those accidental circumstances which seemed to favor us [the North] in this campaign while almost every incident at Chancellorsville was against us.” Jackson was missing and his prayers for victory went missing as well.

    “Part of his cavalry also attacked the Fifth and Sixth Michigan regiments at Littleton, but were repulsed. He [JEB Stuart] then, having no time to spare, kept on his way toward York to find the army he had lost. He passed within seven miles of Ewell’s column on its way to Gettysburg and neither knew that the other was near. Had they effected a junction it would have saved the rebel cavalry a long, fruitless, exhausting march, which kept them out of the battle on the first day. It was one of those accidental circumstances which seemed to favor us in this campaign while almost every incident at Chancellorsville was against us.”
    — Union General Abner Doubleday, “Campaigns of the Civil War: Chancellorsville and Gettysburg”, 1882, p, 121.

    If anything, the god of this world had a field day at Gettysburg promoting the sorriest people this American continent (or even this world) has ever produced who would go on to beat the South down and become the full blown Yankee Empire and fight forever against states’ rights and crush minorities and other smaller weaker nations into submission that got in their way. The Empire today wants to turn its own citizens — the men into women and women into men and slaughter as many unborn children as possible it seems; force Whites to bow down to non-Whites to make them “all equal”. Promote xgender, homosexuality, any other queer behavior except righteous behavior and now all the elites are all “woke” so they say. (Go back to sleep!)

    Yes, this “nation” took a “wrong turn” at Gettysburg and we are now staring at nuclear destruction which can’t come too soon for this degenerate land of “Sodom and Gomorrah”.

    And by the way, SECESSION AND SLAVERY ARE/WERE NOT SINS!!! There are no scriptures found in the Holy Bible prohibiting secession or slavery and there was no language in the Constitution forbidding session or slavery back in 1860.

    The South was Right!

    May God Save the South!

  4. Gettysburg, Martin Luther King and Churchill. That is the best you have you drunken zio slob? To think most of us once associated ourselves as Republicans at one point. These people are more concerned with fighting for NATOs little comedian Rob Snyder. Zalensky. Whatever. It seems to be working on millions of older Americans and patriot types. Leftist anarchist types as well.

    Portland is actual anarchy. Most cities are unlivable. Whites are enemy number one. We have millions of Central Americans and Africans coming a year. Fighting a war for Western ideals is not my priority

  5. Steve got a green button on his video, befitting an Irish retodd. Steve while we are in the mood for telling others where to go, the famine is over so why don’t you pick your big fat lazy Irish rear end up and relocate it to your motherland, you dirty mother. Aer Lingus has daily non-stop to Dublin, Mick.

  6. In 1863, that place was Gettysburg.

    Ironically, the Yankees think that it was they who were fighting for freedom.

    Chrystia Freeland is Canadian. I couldn’t care less what she thinks. Canada isn’t a threat to Dixie, or to Liberty. Yankee Joe and the ice goblin hordes are.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • “Ironically, the Yankees think that it was they who were fighting for freedom”

      Your typical catholic red fenian sentiment! this understanding of history is allover the east coast and in states like PA and OH ie deep in the very cave of the yankee hydra

    • You must be unaware of plans for the North Amerikan Union and the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” agreement Jorge W. Busheron signed with Soviet Kanuckistan. Under the terms of the latter, should the regime in Wokeunduh call for help, troops from any country who land in Canada can come into Wokeunduh to help deal with the insurrection. Shrub should have been impeached for treason for signing it, but the house and senate consists of nothing but fellow traitors. So yes you should pay attention to what Freeland says. Americans are under a foreign occupation government, including the south. She has more power over you than you think, though she’s just a mouthpiece for the real power.

  7. If you listened carefully to TV yesterday you know that the destroyed bridge that the cable channels kept showing yesterday, was destroyed by the Ukrainians making it difficult for refugees to leave Kyiv/Kiev.

  8. The greatest shock to me this war was how Russia suck at propaganda after hearing the “Russian propaganda” spin in western media this is far from what i expected

    Russian propaganda amounts to them saying what they are going to do and why and then doing it saying “we did this”

    as for “communist style propaganda” the west exceed them by miles

    • Saker makes the same point. What’s even more surprising is that Russia only banned Globopedo media from Russia the other day, and not even completely. They need to ban it all and cut off all enemy media and entertainment. As noted previously, Putin has his own Jewligarch problem, which might also explain his tardiness in dealing with the festering crap in Country 404. The fact that Globopedo is now planning a “government in exile” is indicative that the Kiev puppet-regime is basically toast.

      It will take at least another few weeks to mop up since Banderites (Ukro-nazitards) will fight to the death for their Jewish masters, taking lots of civilians with them. Funny how most of those complaining about Russia launching a brother war (ignorant of the fact that the war in fact was launched in 2014 by Globopedo) aren’t directing this criticism towards the Banderites who are killing their fellow slavs on Jew orders.

  9. I am sorry the Nazis in Ukraine have been such fools. They blocked all avenues to peace and are now surrounded and will be exterminated.

    The Nazis are almost all of them Catholics from
    Western Ukraine. They continue the centuries long war to destroy the Orthodox. But sad, very sad, what is happenong to them. They should have known, with Jews you lose.

    • The Nazis are almost all of them Catholics from Western Ukraine.

      True and what a very sad irony it is. They are blinded so badly they fail to see that:

      a) the church they believe they’re fighting for is part of Globopedo – completely converged.

      b) they’re willing to take money and follow orders from the Synagogue of Satan – same folks who infiltrated and destroyed the church in Rome. Vatican II was the head-shot, it killed the church much like the assassin’s head shot killed Kennedy in 1963 (same time Vatican II was under way). Paul VI was a homosexual and the RCC has been going downhill ever since. Even JP II, probably a decent man, failed to see what poison Vatican II was and never repudiated it. Now the poor bastards who think they’re crusaders are fighting for a damned Argentine pedophile – a literal Anti-Pope.

      As Saker noted in today’s posting, Russian Church is not without its own problems, but it’s basically the last one standing as far as Christianity goes.

      But sad, very sad, what is happening to them. They should have known, with Jews you lose.

      Agreed. The parallel exists here in Wokeunduh, where you have white Christians who have bowed the knee to the Judeo-Christ idol erected by Darby, Scofield, Masonics and Jews and rush off to slaughter Christains in the middle-east (Iraq, Syria) and now Ukraine (3000 volunteers from US. Damned few if any will be Jews).

  10. Banned For Life: In Paul Johnson’s History of the American people, he notes Jackson’s strengths as a commander, and relates how, at Gettysburg, Lee attempted to lead by consensus and shrank from confrontation. Longstreet’s attack was ordered by Lee, “but did not make it clear to Longstreet that he wanted it taken at any cost. Jackson would have made no bones about it-take the hill or face court-martial”. Longstreet’s delays and lack of artillery support was said to have ensured the hill could not be taken and held.

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