Adam Schiff: There Is a Strong Bipartisan Consensus To Ban Russian Oil Imports

How long can our fellow working class Americans who live in the coastal metros out there in California put up with $7 a gallon for Adam Schiff can virtue signal on Twitter about fighting Russia?

Note: Want to put on a Yellow Vest and join us? This can’t continue.


  1. “This can’t continue.”

    I appreciate the sentiment, but it can and will continue.

    “Want to put on a Yellow Vest and join us?”

    As worthless an endeavor as any “People’s Convoy.” All the JewGov needs do is yell “Boo!” and all those yellow vests would blow away with the wind.

    There’s only one way to stop this shit, but the Blightwing in this country has always been too indolent and pussified to get organized on any level below the National.

  2. I have never heard the definitive answer to this question:

    Is the horrible CA Demorat J Congresscritter Adam Schiff any relation to the notorious J financier Jacob Schiff who funded the J Bolshevik coup in Russia 100 years ago?

    • It’s not a tremendously common Jew surname (Schiff is the German word for Ship) so it would not be a surprise if this evil POS was related to the bigger Satanist from a century back. Jacob Schiff was only one of the funders of Lenin and Trotsky. There were others – notably the Warburgs (e.g. ‘Daddy Warbucks’). It’s an interesting question though.

  3. Re: “put on a Yellow Vest and join us”:

    Some regular, working people in the imperial “homeland” might be moved to protest against high gas prices, and on other pocketbook or kitchen table issues, but they will NEVER protest against imperialism.

    They WILL continue to approve or condone endless imperialist war, because they know it brings immense booty home to the homeland, and that some it trickles down to them. They couldn’t care less that real nations suffer to pay for the “great bargains” they receive.

    They would NEVER put on vests to protest against the Almighty Dollar system that extracts trillions in rent from the rest of the world for the “privilege” of using dollars, or against the trillion-dollar wealth-extractions of the FIRE (Financial, Insurance and Real Estate) industries, the “Health” industrial complex, the LEPI (law enforcement, prosecution and incarceration) industrial complex, MilC (the military industrial complex) that represent most of the U.S.’s gross domestic product.

    • Mr. Anon, you are wrong: U. S. citizens do not condone the Empire of Evil’s imperialism; they simply recognize that they can do nothing about it. Between elections, government decision making officials have free reign to act, in war and in pseudo-peace. What would you suggest they do? Become targets for cancellation by taking to the streets? Go ahead, step out, sir. Let the rest of us notice what happens to you.

      The only way to effectively “fight” our domestic enemies is to do to them what they do to us: cancellation. No cooperation, of any kind-economic, social, or political. Malingering, sabotage, strikes, no commercial consumption. No transactions, no profit. If they then try to get physical, kill them.

      The best scenario for the current subject of the Imperial Empire’s obsession would be for Putin to destroy Washington D. C. with as many submarine-launched missiles as was necessary to do the deed. Just kill all the bastards-no one in that city is doing anything but assisting the oligarchy in seducing us all into self-imposed wage slavery, utilizing our selfish materialism against us. Once the evil is eradicated, start over.

      • As I understand it, the poseidon weapon you allude to is a doomsday device. I think the literal term in Russian is “dead hand”, like a dead-man switch. So unless we launch nukes at Russia it will not be deployed. Elections have not meant a damned thing in a long time. The steal of 2020 was not the first – just the most obvious. Even with that there are still those who deny it happens. The clowns in office are appointed and vetted. If one sneaks through and tells the truth about something (James Trafficante, Steve King, others on the left), they’re kicked out and replaced – or even jailed.

        As it stands they don’t even have to brazenly commit election fraud very often. (They must have been afraid of Trump in 2020 – God only knows why). The process is totally rigged from the ground up. Third parties never get any traction even at the local level. The two parties are completely owned and nobody gets promoted to run for any level beyond local if they don’t dance for the shekels. The so-called electorate’s programming is complete. The morons who continue to fall for the scam cannot think outside the two-party roach-hotel they’re stuck in. That’s what happens when Jew-run teacher unions edumacate your kids for a few generations. So you’re basically correct. Only a total economic collapse or a few poseidons on the east and west coasts (which would result in a return to the iron age for any who survived – if any survived).

        Bracken and others have war-gamed the collapse scenario. Once the welfare payment cards no longer work, the diversity (BLM) are coming to the burbs to take their reparations by force, commanded by (((Antifa))). Most suburban whites being the virtue-signaling cucks they are will be quite unprepared and the slaughter will be horrific. The police will be ordered to side with the enemy and they don’t hire folks who think for themselves in those jobs. Most will obey the orders regardless of how lawless the orders are. That means they are there to kill you if you resist BLM, Antifa, etc doing literally whatever they like. Best plan is figuring out where to survive the initial mayhem – when the enemy will have the strong upper hand. Out of the country is better than in it, by and large.

        As with Country 404, when you notice Schlomo departing by the planeload, things will be going to shit soon. When Blackrock et al loot the pension funds of the badge-gang and military both will go full Mexican cartel style. That could take place just before they Schlomo is off to Israel or somewhat later. The sooner Schlomo drains the pension funds in the overall collapse the more on our side will survive. Schlomo being insanely greedy they may well opt to loot before they fly away. Yes there will be some defections to our side, who will be needed. Not as many as some idiots seem to think though. Oaf-cuckers is totally an FBI op (quelle surprise).

        • Mr. Cyclops, I am not aware of your Poseidon weapon reference, but Vlad could alternatively launch a salvo of land based intercontinental ballistic missiles of a sufficient number to obliterate D. C. So either way he could free the world of the current crop of political Handmaidens to the Oligarchs, and in doing so allow honest patriots to operate locally to rebuild a safe and unselfish society.

          As far as the general collapse of the American affiliate of the Empire of Evil, you are right that a Lord of the Flies scenario would play out harshly for many citizens, depending on location. I do think most suburbs actually would cooperate across racial, ethnic, and philosophical lines, because people living there tend to have superior genetic capacities and patient time perspectives.

          So perhaps enough social and material capital would survive to allow a relatively quick rebuild. Let us hope we don’t have to learn whose speculations turn out correct. Once the dollar has forever lost value to investors, Leviathan stands naked, unable to buy off the masses. That is inevitable now that Globo-Capital has chosen not to honor financial commitments, via “sanctions.” That was TPTB’s fatal mistake.

  4. Fitzpatrick. What did I tell you about the Irish? Whoring filth one and all. And on top of it you are not going to hear one Irishmen condemn this sick bastard.

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