Breaking Points: Gas Prices Near All-Time High As DC Weighs Russian Oil Ban

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is the mastermind of BOTH the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is wrecking Ukraine while we virtue signal about it on Twitter, and the Oil Shock of 2022 which is about to wreck the American working class. Maybe he should be fired?

The usual warmongers in the GOP are cheering this on this foolish policy which happens to be simultaneously making us less secure, less free and poorer while doing nothing to help Ukraine. If it wasn’t already obvious after Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, we need someone to parachute Lindsey Graham & Co. into the front lines of Ukraine before they can inflict any further damage on our interests.


  1. Never forget that resistance to sanity bring you unlimited negro power and tranny story hour!

    it´s totaly worth it to spite Russia

    Ain`t life great in the empire

  2. I’m going to be contrarian and cheer on the high gas prices. Food inflation will be worse but maybe we get regime change out if it. You have more control of driving habits than other necessities. Motorcycles are relatively cheap too.

  3. The oil price shock followed in rapid succession by a food price shock and a stock market/financial crisis is custom made for Trump, the champion grifter, to ride into another term in 2024. He can run a campaign on how as a Stable Genius he would never have let this shit happen in the first place but now that gasoline is $10/gallon (when available) he will fix it. Just like he built his big, beautiful wall and Mexico paid for it he will drive down fuel prices and get the economy going. It might work too, there is a sucker born every minute as attributed to P.T. Barnum.

    • Trump is backing Zelinsky. That is not likely to play well when this is over. I was lucky enough to see the Barnum and Bailey circus in Sarasota as a kid. Pretty amazing show. Gone forever now.

      • Trump will pivot on a dime, without hesitation too. He is excellent at reading public opinion and will simply deny what he previously said, video be damned. He will make a pitch for more money and stir up the Q-anon types for support. No doubt the My Pillow guy will pitch in to help the ultimate carnival barker.

        It might work too. This country will be a shambles by 2024 anyway even if by God’s Mercy alone we don’t get nuked by then. I am not joking here either.

        • I have no doubt the Shlomos will use nukes to protect their banking empire. We are just along for the ride at this point.

  4. The reason all this is happening is because there’s no accountability for the actions of the politicians and the govt. Everyone is on a different page and no one stands together thanks to diversity, brainwashing, lack of a cohesive culture, etc. All done by design to divide and conquer the masses. The left blames the right, the right blames the left. The real enemy is the govt and it always has been.

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