RT: Yellow Vests Denounce Macron’s Policies

We need to start doing this here immediately.

France is a small country compared to the United States. White rural America is about to get crushed by Joe Biden’s energy policies. The price of gasoline in California is also unbelievable.

The price of gasoline in Russia is $1.80 to $2.00 a gallon. Who is being punished here by the geniuses who are running our foreign policy? Who exactly is making the sacrifices here?


  1. French police have been preparing for this quite some time now. Highly militarized. I got caught up in a military exercise on the Ring de Peripherique in Paris. A bunch of black uniformed heavily armed military jumped out of a truck and closed it down for about 20 minutes. Never seem anything like it. They pull you over randomly for no reason too. Got pulled over at least 5 times and searched in less than two yesrs there. Pulled my engine apart one time.

    • OT but this makes me think of the trucker convoy heading to DC and it worries me, I kind of wish they didn’t go, DC is leagues apart from Ottawa. The fact the fed is aware of their coming and aren’t taking preemptive action is peculiar, like they want them to get there. I bet there will be some Charlottesville like shenanigans awaiting these folks, like the corrupt cops out there allowing these people to be attacked. I expect a lot more black marauding the likes far worse than the Dumpers got when they went to support Dump. I think needless violence will kick off when this goes down.

  2. Also, high oil prices will help us in the long run. It helps independent drillers and refineries. Globoshlomo could cut off supplies and then we are really screwed.

      • I’m guessing crushing small oil was part of the plan but I don’t know. They know how to play the cycle for the most part. I should look up a few companies I know there are see how they are doing.

  3. We should movie to Russia since fuel and food will be cheap there. What does it matter that Putin will control every aspect of our lives? I have been to prison before. it wasn’t that bad, and I lost a lot of weight. It was like a health farm, with heavy regimentation.

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