Joe Biden Begs Venezuela and Saudi Arabia To Drill, Baby, Drill

If you are stupid enough to believe that American foreign policy and the war in Ukraine is about evil dictators and Democracy vs. Autocracy, you need to check this out.


“President Biden’s advisers are discussing a possible visit to Saudi Arabia this spring to help repair relations and convince the Kingdom to pump more oil, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: A hat-in-hand trip would illustrate the gravity of the global energy crisis driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Biden has chastised Saudi Arabia, and the CIA believes its de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was involved in the dismemberment of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

The possibility also shows how Russia’s invasion is scrambling world’s alliances, forcing the U.S. to reorder its priorities — and potentially recalibrating its emphasis on human rights.

Biden officials are in Venezuela this weekend to meet with the government of President Nicolás Maduro. Some Republicans and Democrats in Washington suggest Venezuela’s oil could replace Russia’s, according to the New York Times. …”

Guess what?

It turns out that Nicolás Maduro, not Juan Guaidó, might actually be the president of Venezuela this morning. Maduro might not be an evil dictator because Joe Biden is panicking about exploding gas prices. Trump and Little Marco tried to engineer a coup in Venezuela in 2019.

Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia might also be off Uncle Sam’s naughty list. He was put on Joe Biden’s shit list for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi which is why gas prices were so chronically high before this happened with Russia. The Saudis have been pissed off with Joe Biden.

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  1. Venezuela has an independent central bank which is the real source of the conflict. Shlomo also had stolen shit nationalized when Chavez came to power. The diaspora Jews are off butthurt in Colombia planning a return so dropping sanctions is a huge retreat for Shlomo. The problem is Venezuelan crude is very heavy and not well suited to refine into gasoline.

  2. MARCH 28, 2020

    Russia’s largest oil producer, Rosneft ROSN.MM, said on Saturday it had terminated operations in Venezuela and sold the assets linked to its operations in the South American nation to an unnamed company owned by the Russian government.

    Joe is just putting on a false face. Joe is not serious about lower gas prices. Joe wants you to go green and drive an electric vehicle.

  3. Lol America’s “emphasis on human rights.” All you can do is laugh at this stuff. Do people actually believe this? Are they just cynical shills pumping out American propaganda for a paycheck? It’s almost impossible to tell the difference anymore.

  4. I suspect Putin has thought out this whole Ukraine thing far better than our warmongering psychopaths have.

  5. After what the US has done to both those countries they should say FO. We don’t need their oil, we have our own but won’t use it because of the “global” warming hysteria. We have fools running this nation.

  6. My brother said the inside dope on Trump and Juan Guaido is that when he met the guy personally he was struck by the guy’s betaness and knew he wasn’t a leader but just someone’s puppet. He nixed any further coup attempts because he understood only an alpha could actually pull something like that off.

    Seriously though, our DC/NYC oligarchs stole Venezuela’s gold and currency reserves they “hold” for so many nations “for safekeeping” just like they just did to Afghanistan. Why would Venezuela help them out without getting that back? Isn’t this whole debacle about the perfect storm of geopolitical events hitting the professional managerial class’ “climate crisis” hobbyhorse? They definitely spooked the market by their insane war on oil. And why would they be so eager to go against cars if not to hurt the freedom of those living in flyover country? Isn’t the low hanging fruit converting large aging coal power plants about to go off line into next generation Uranium reactors? Because the real goal, other than a warm and fuzzy “feeling” similar to those who bought indulgences in 1500, is to hurt “rednecks” living in suburbs and rural areas instead of cool hipsters on bicycles in the Bay Area.

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