Tucker Carlson: We Are At War With Russia

Stay the course.

It is our job right now to shove back against the hysteria and fight these people before their reckless foreign policy plunges us all into World War III. There is no positive outcome for anyone that comes out of escalating the present conflict in Ukraine.

Note: Imagine where we would be right now without what little remains of independent media.


  1. Half truth as usual. Truth is that the U.S. has been attacking for years. It is pure aggression and it is not just starting.

  2. Kim Jong Un has a saner foreign policy than the Zogbots roaming the synagogue of democracy and the shabbos goy in-chief inside the Third Temple in Washington, DC.

    Barabus’ tribe is running the asylum, and the broke out of what should have been their incarceration with the the grim fairytale of the holohoax, and Gentiles praying at the alter of holocaustianity.

  3. “Imagine where we would be right now without what little remains of independent media.”

    You mean like where our grandfathers were in the 1940s? Remember, only 1/3 of US forces in WW2 were volunteers: the vast majority were drafted. Most Americans were against war. Pearl Harbor was used to bait them into it.

  4. Cucker Carlson didn’t catch it, or if he did, he chose not to capitalize on the jews’s use of the word “anti-semitism” of POC’s use of “racist ” when he said, It’s name calling for social control.”

  5. Getting very pessimistic about this situation.

    I have been reflecting on the last 30 years and it has been one act of stupidity after another. Body blow after body blow against our civilization.

    Perhaps this is the final act of madness? This is the part of the show where the mad clowns finally burn everything down.

  6. It is the The Democratic Party=The Black Lives Matter Party


    Slavic Russia…Governed by a Slavic Christian Man

  7. Isn’t the Steppe region of the Ukraine where the Celts originally came from before migrating on to central Europe? Some of us may have a deeper historical connection to this region than we thought.

  8. Tucker Carlson for President 2024. On the Republican ticket. It’s our only realistic chance to resist the Powers that Be. Anybody have a better idea? Some half-baked, unworkable dream of secession? Sitting back and watching as we and our country are destroyed by the bloodthirsty demons now ruling our land? Our ancestors meant for us to have this land. Not part of it. All of it.

  9. The US got what it wanted no matter how many lives will be destroyed in both countries. The American people are also going to pay dearly for the actions of the US govt.

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