Aleksandr Dugin: This Is Not a War With Ukraine

I’ve never been a Duginist.

I have never read any of his books.

I am just a White Southerner who wants to preserve my own culture and civilization and to live in peace in my own part of the world. I don’t think Donbas is worth World War III!

I’m not on the side of George Soros, the Open Society and NATO though. I will never fight for these people. Neither Russia or Ukraine are my enemy. We know who is the real enemy.


  1. Jewish history (propaganda) that tries to convince you that ancient Rus had nothing to do with Russia, and that Ukraine is much larger than it is and existed centuries before it really began, and that Jews had a stake in Ukraine from the very beginning, from the Khazarian period onward:

  2. The hope now is that Putin will cut loose both the jews and globalism for good after all this, Since it haven´t served them i feel the pro-jewish fevor of Russia may cool off somewhat

    the jews are dropping the mask more and more now it´s all over the world and it´s getting more and more easy to notice for everyone

  3. The US is trying to save it’s own ass by burying the corruption and WMD in Ukraine. Remember, the US put in this puppet regime in 2014.

    • “Remember, the US put in this puppet regime in 2014″Indeed and maybe it´s their choice of principal puppet that show´s how desperate they truly are! after all the man played the piano with his balls on national TV and the CIA picked hm?

      Trust it´s all unraveling in our life time

    • Oh yes, huge money-laundering operations, bio-warfare crap run by Fauci and Kaldec, probably human-trafficking (blonde kids are favored by the monsters), heaven knows what else. There’s an article by Larry Romanoff over at Unz which – while not limited to Country 404 – does give the reader some sense of just how totally evil the empire, its servants and its lie-machine really are.

      The Ugly Truth

      Dugin is strange and shifting. I get the feel that he’s using this as an opportunity to gain followers. Spencer was a fan for a while.

      • Dugin has written some pretty good, insightful things, and he is hated for it, they call him “fascist”, so he must have redeeming qualities. As for Russia “fighting the globalists”, they are globalists fighting the globalists that have ruined the West.

        “There is no such thing as a former KGB man” – Vladimir Putin
        “The collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.” – Vladimir Putin

        When rooting for Vladimir Putin, just remember who he is, and who helped put him in power; the truth is unsettling for WN’s who think he is some kind of White Knight. He is no different in that regard than Volodymyr Zelenskyy. And remember, the globalists who run the West, have driven Russia into China’s sphere, they are officially allied now. And, long term, China wants you dead. They both, along with others, BRICS, want your dollar dead; when they kill the dollar, the people who control it will not be affected, but all of us will.

        As for the war, the people who control the West are really pushing it, and oh so conveniently, so many important issues have just disappeared. And with a sense of urgency, it is almost as if the U.S. is being set up to go to war with Russia and China…

        “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” – Lev Davidovich Bronstein (AKA Leon Trotsky)

        • Didn’t know what the “s” meant in Brics, Brazil Russia India China and…South Africa??? I get the first four but South Africa as an Emerging Economy? I though it was going the wrong way, and will continue to go the wrong way unless some foreign powers take over and police the place heavily. I thought the “S” was for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. I’d also think ASEAN is fairly important, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand are all developing rapidly and Indonesia with it’s massive population is automatically a player in purchasing food and oil on the Global Market. Pakistan too.

          As far as Russia goes I would say it may be time to ban abortion. Except for genetic disease, rape, incest, criminals, etc they need to start increasing family size or fade away now that they are cut off from Europe. Never been a big fan of the anti abortion right in the US, they have touchy feely utopian reasons for it similar to how the professional managerial class buys their own 21st century version of papal indulgences with their “green” climate change crap. Abortion is needed for the inferior ranks, it’s always been around with in the world of prostitutes, just we don’t need it promoted to normal people in healthy relationships, but keep the abortion clinics rolling in the ‘hood. Margret Sanger was right, had we aborted and sterilized them hard core in the early 20th century perhaps we’d have only 15 million negroes today instead of 50 million. The quality of life would be vastly improved.

  4. The small minority of Russians who have been westernized, or globalized, who live in urban areas, will feel very deprived:

    “Russia has already been cut off from CNN, Pornhub and Facebook. The US is now working on depriving Russians of MacDonalds and CocaCola. If they keep going with these sanctions, Russians will soon be among the healthiest, well adjusted and best informed people on the planet.”

    Re: Dugin:

    He is said to be Crypto, although baptized Orthodox. He didn’t fit in (not for long) with the Russian Communist Party that was banned under U.S. puppet Yeltsin but is now the second-largest party in Russia. Furthermore, his “Eurasianism” is not the same thing as Russian ethno-nationalism. He is confused or confusing. There are better sources of information.

  5. This war is indeed a confrontation against globalism. This war is a fight between two ideologies: Nationalism and Globalism. I am hoping the Chinese invade Taiwan in order to through a wrench into the works of the internationalists.

    I have no hate for the Chinese. China didn’t steal our jobs, greedy politicians and businessmen who have no loyalty to their fellow citizens and country shipped our jobs over there. I respect the Chinese, they are hard working and are nationalists.

    Let’s just face it. The West is a mess and beyond salvation. A strong Russia and China is in the interest of everyone who hates globalism.

    • Do not respect the Chinese, for they do not respect you, or much of anything else. We were fools to give it all away to them.

        • The greedy bastards who have controlled this country from the very start. Short-sighted, materialistic fools who care about nothing but profit.

          • Yep, a dozen years back Beijing told the Junta in Burma “Economic reforms…not political reforms” but they foolishly danced with that woman the globalists fronted to hand the country over to them before pulling the plug on that experiment before it was too late. This is exactly the sort of lesson that the great royal houses of Europe needed to follow in 1750. Scientific, engineering, economic, reforms, but NO MASS VOTING and don’t let these political revolutionaries lighting fires burn, put out these embers. I think the great mistake was killing off our aristocracy in the West, we all know which group moved into the power vacuum and set themselves up as a new defacto aristocracy. Look at how the Clintons, Trumps, Bidens are marrying their kids off to them, exactly how Elizabeth the first’s main advisor William Cecil married his kids off to nobles so his descendants had a pedigree. With a King sometimes you get a good one sometimes you get a bad one. With so called “democracy” the morons on the street pull the lever 99% of the time for exactly who the psychopaths running the show con them into. And when the don’t like in 2016 they engineer color coded street revolutions like the summer of floyd. How well did America work out? The founder’s descendants are now powerless and overwhelmed by the endless waves of Ellis Island invaders who opened the gates to the global south to finish them off. I wouldn’t call America a success, less than 250 years and it’s over, Rome went on for 800, David’s Kingdom lasted 400 surrounded by much larger hostile powers. Nope, the democracy fetishists can take it and shove it, letting someone like “Penny” on the Big Bang Theory vote??? Retarded idea.

  6. Globalism is the Jew way of creating a one world government. One world government to be lead by and rule over by the Jews and their Jew messiah the Moshiach aka the anti-Christ. Why do the Jew believe their Moshiach should lead and rule over human kind instead of Christ and his teachings? We have no idea, the Jews are unable to explain why. How is the Moshiach superior to Christ? He is not. That is why the Jews must hide their intentions thru lies, lies and more lies.

    The Jews can no more tell why they are attacking Russia than they can tell us why they must have their Moshiach. It is our ability to reason that separates us from the animals is it not? So how are the Jew human?

    • Blaming Jews for everything is a cop-out. Stop acting like a Black blaming Whitey for everything.

      • An invidious comparison and false dichotomy.

        Whitey, who is too too kind, has done everything to assist and elevate the blacks, while Jews really are, and have always been, out genocide whitey and really are to blame (and they are proud of it).

        Of course we must also blame white traitors, and also those who pretend not to see the Jew.

      • @Yunus Zahari—-kyke, what is the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people? Every religion offers a benefit as a way to draw people to the religion, it is the nature of all religions so what benefit does Judaism offer Jews? Can you tell me kyke?

        The promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. Why should these people, these Jews be allowed to live among us when they hold is in such moral contempt, can you answer me Christ killer?

        • You need to read your Bible. Just because today’s descendants of the Pharisees ignore it.

          Exodus 22:21

          “You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

          Deuteronomy 27:19

          “Cursed is he who distorts the justice due an alien, orphan, and widow.”

          Isaiah 19:22-25

          “And the LORD shall smite Egypt: he shall smite and heal it: and they shall return even to the LORD, and he shall be intreated of them, and shall heal them.
          In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into Assyria, and the Egyptians shall serve with the Assyrians.
          In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land:
          Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance.”

          (There are plenty more similar Old Testament verses where God clearly accepts the Gentiles. Nations are punished or blessed for their behavior, not their genetics.)

  7. “Russia has declared war on globalism”? — That subtitle is “tongue-in-cheek”, right?

    The pathos of Putin is that he has been *such* a good-goy – enforcing jew-lies and power and betraying his nation and the white race in general.

    But now it is time for the Mosiach and direct jew rule, no? Time to round up used up jew-pets like Putin for their last trip to the veterinarian.

    Dugin is the Eastern Steve Bannon – pathetic phoney shill doing anything for the Jew-bucks.

    When do we white people stop delusionally yearning for help from Big Daddy jew-pets like Putin or Trump? Such are not on our side and never serve our interests, except by mistakes (soon corrected by their jew-masters).

    The ONLY thing happening in Ukraine that is actually good, actually /our thing, is white men fighting for their folk. Sure they have been and will be betrayed by their jew-ridden Russian or Ukrainian governments, but they are white men fighting for their folk, winning battles, they are white men fighting for their folk!

    That is also the only sense in which it is our fight and it is absolutely our fight in this one sense: White men are fighting for their folk, in spite of the Jews who stole Ukraine and the Jew-pet who invaded Ukraine. In spite of the vultures of betrayal hovering above them, they live and they fight.

    In a way they (and the idealistic volunteers joining them), are like an echo of the Germans and other white volunteers from other white nations who fought and died for us against jew-pet treachery all around them. A small echo but one can still hear the bell that rings for thee white man.

    (((The West))) is not on our side, (((Russian Federation))) is not on our side, but the white men fighting the invaders for their folk and lands are our spiritual brothers — they are our dog, our only dog in this fight.

    …and we must never sacrifice these men, our brothers, for the illusion that any Jew or Jew-pet traitor like Trump or Putin is going to help us.

    • All it amounts to is White men killing White men yet again. Many will die, and many innocents will have their lives ruined. Any Americans who volunteer to go there and add to the bloodshed are fools.

  8. You had to bring up Dugin didn’t you, HW.

    There doesn’t seem to be anything quite like this guy to bring out the retard strength autism in the denizens of the Dissident Right.

    I hope ur happy dude. Enjoy reviewing hundreds of inane rambling posts about imminent alien invasion, gog and muh gog, and all the other fruity stuff the over wrought imaginations of this clown car political subculture come up with.

  9. Nice if some conservative states/leaders sided with Russian traditionalism, rather than neoliberal arms dealers. Money > Morals

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