Axios: Senate Passes Anti-Lynching Bill By Unanimous Consent

I’m increasingly convinced that it doesn’t matter who controls the Senate because all we can expect from Republican senators is passing absurd holidays like Juneteenth or passing an anti-lynching bill or pet projects like criminal justice reform or inciting World War III with Russia.


“The Senate voted by unanimous consent on Monday to pass anti-lynching legislation that would designate lynching as a federal hate crime for the first time in U.S. history. …

The Emmett Till Antilynching Act, which the House overwhelmingly cleared 422–3, now goes to President Biden to be signed into law. ….”

As the theory goes, Vladimir Putin is terrified that Ukraine could become a successful “democracy” on his doorstep. Meanwhile, this is the sort of nonsense that our “democracy” is capable of tackling.

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  1. Glad to see that lynching is finally illegal. The lynching mobs around here have just been out of control.

  2. Republicans busy shoring up that indispensable black vote as they spit at their White base. Typical. GOP is Anti-White controlled opposition.

  3. Lynching of innocent White people (shooting, dismembering, burning alive, dragging behind vehicles) for being “spies” and “Russian collaborators” is going on everywhere in Khazar-kraine, and the U.S. is not only aiding and abetting but celebrating it as “acts of patriotism.” The U.S. takes away assault rifles from U.S. citizens and hands them out to grandparents and mothers in Khazar-kraine. The U.S. media features a story of a Molotov cocktail making party in Khazar-kraine. I could go on and on. The U.S.’s terrorist proxies like AZOV (Khazar-kraine), ISIS, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra can lynch all they want with impunity. Zionists (Israelis) can lynch the indigenous Palestinians as much as they want.

    How about reparations laws, too? The U.S. may legislate “reparations” payments by White workers to certain minorities in the homeland population for past injustices, but the U.S. will never pay reparations for its endless aggressive overseas wars.

  4. Nice to see Mitch the Punkass Bitch and the Repuke Brokeback Boyz get down to what’s really important. Let’s Roll, Brandon.

  5. Hunter, let’s be clear: this is NOT a lynching bill. It is simply a “hate crimes” bill using the term “lynching” to apply to any “crime of violence”. It is simply another law on the books to prosecute white people.

    “Under the bill, a crime would be prosecuted as a lynching when death or serious bodily injury results from a conspiracy to commit a hate crime.” If somebody gets hurt with fists, or trips and falls running away, it is a “lynching” under this bill.

  6. Sheeeit, nobody is thinking of stringing up treasonous Senators. Sheeeeit what are they worried about?

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