Breaking Points: Joe Biden Bans Russian Oil Imports As Gas Prices Hit All-Time High

If you want a healthy culture, strong protections for civil liberties, a peaceful non-interventionist foreign policy, a demilitarized country, lower energy prices and a focus on economic development and other neglected domestic priorities at home, you have ZERO representation in Washington.

Note: We’re headed toward $150 a barrel.


      • Since being republished in 2016 it was on Der Spiegels non- fiction best seller list for three years. Add the rest of the world and I think it’s safe to say yes. It was selling so well Amazon banned it.

  1. Americans have been consistently voting against aggressive foreign policy. Obama was elected after eight years of Bush on the promise of less foreign aggression. Trump was elected on “isolationism.”

    But, unfortunately, Democracy means never getting what you vote for. These are Our Values. This is Who We Are.

  2. They WANT us to pay higher and higher energy costs because the Climate Change cult has a better plan: They want us to eat bugs and freeze to death in the dark.

  3. The wants and desires of rank and file Americans play no part in the actions of the antiwhite US government.

  4. In case you didn’t realize that the overwhelming majority of ‘Muricans are insane, I think I’ll leave this here:

    Vast Majority (71%) Of Americans Say Ban Russian Oil, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Nearly 8 In 10 Support U.S. Military Response If Putin Attacks A NATO Country

  5. Biden is gambling that the American people will prefer war in Ukraine, painted as a faux exercise in patriotism, over their pocketbooks, as he must surely know that rising oil prices will spur further inflation and hurt the economy. Like Putin in his own bumbling, semi-coherent way, Biden has chosen to double down, no doubt hoping that the electorate will back a “wartime” president.. Of course, this analysis assumes Biden and team have actually thought this through, which may be crediting them with more intelligence than they actually possess. Either way, what is good for the American people isn’t even an afterthought: So much for American “democracy”.

  6. “this analysis assumes Biden and team have actually thought this through”:

    They are mere puppet figureheads, who take orders from Those who really think and decide.

    “American people will prefer war in Ukraine (…) over their pocketbooks”:

    The U.S. population LIKES war because they know it lines their pocketbooks. They know the wars bring “home” trillions in booty and they expect some of it must trickle down to them.

    • @anonymous – Your closing paragraph is absolute bullshit as usual. War only makes America poorer and more diverse.
      You are incapable of understanding the average White person and their motivations.

  7. The Democrats want this. They weaponized inflation to collapse your already paltry living standards. That is the BIG GOAL of the whole “energy transition” they mention and Global Warming; your impoverishment. It is not about saving the planet, it is not about cleaning anything up, it is about putting you in the hovel and watching you go extinct.

    I know what Republicans are and I am STILL going to vote straight R this fall, and in 2024. I’ll vote for Nikki Haley, to hell with it. I don’t care, as long as it is not a Democrat. ANYTHING but a Democrat.

  8. Russia just sells the oil to China who turn around and sell it to others. Joe is not going to sanction China. Joe needs toilet paper to clean himself. Leaves will not due.

  9. The losers in the conflict the US govt started is the American people and we will continue to lose unless everyone wakes up and hold these corrupt oligarchs responsible.

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