OUR GREATEST ALLY Is Trying To Broker Peace In Ukraine


How is this for a plot twist?

Israel is trying to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine.


“The ceasefire talks between Russia and Ukraine are at a critical juncture, Israeli officials said today.

Why it matters: Israel, which has good relations with both Ukraine and Russia, is in a unique situation mediating between the countries.

Driving the news: Israeli officials with direct information about the talks coordinated by Israel said they feel there is a softening of positions on both sides in the last 24 hours, with the Russians saying they only want to demilitarize the Donbas region and Zelensky telling ABC news he has “cooled down” about joining NATO. …”

Thank you, Israel.

I can’t believe I am saying this.

Israel is trying to do something good for once.


  1. Amazing how such a small percentage of the Global population, well well under 1%, manages to be in control of all top governmental spots in the Ukraine and making up all of Putins advisors and oligarchs. Now they are acting as arbiters. They must be very talented to have all that power both East and West

  2. This is likely only happening beaches too many of their dual citizens have been fleeing the “18-60” mandates and their airports have been overwhelmed

  3. So, this is all in the hands of the Jew Zelensky whether the offer is accepted. Is ZOG going to let him end this?

    If he does accept the offer, will sanctions against Russia get reversed and make the Neocons cry that they don’t get another bloodbath?

  4. I think one sign jews may be losing power in Russia is the abysmaly quality of Russian propaganda during this war

  5. OMG are you really buying this?

    It is just the 3rd act of one of the alternative scripts to their play:

    Act 1: Use Goyim-West to steal the Aryan-Cradle (Ukraine).
    Act 2. Use Goyim-East to try and steal it back.
    Act 3. “Make Peace” (i.e. call off the shabbo-dogs), and re-confiscate the Russian assets Jews don’t already still control.

    Of course there are some scenes they still haven’t accomplished yet, like masses of Russians and the “NOT-SEE” Azov battalion mutually annihilating each-other for the sick pleasure of the chosen ones.

    Sooo not surprising – and StuPutin was warned that this was one of (((their))) alternative scripts.

    Putin could have told the truth (about WW(jew) 2, Bolshevik genocide of Ukrainians, the Holy-hoax, and shamed the devils, actually done something pro-russian and pro-white — but nope, he stays loyal to the Jews all the way up the ramp to his personal kosher slaughterhouse.

    What a chump, but it does prove once again that in the long run, telling the truth (instead of jew-lies), and being loyal to your own folk (instead of jews and their pets), is the better way,
    the Aryan way, the only way.

    So the play will come to a close and what else will have been stolen from us while we were distracted?

    • “Bolshevik genocide of Ukrainians”:

      You are buying, repeating, amplifying that lying CIA propaganda. Please READ ACCURATE HISTORY! Russian socialism was extremely favorable to the Galicians/Ukrainians, creating a soviet socialist republic composed mostly of Russian territory, which was much larger than Galicia ever was in Poland or in the Tsarist empire. “Ukraine” was given every advantage and became the most advanced and productive of all the soviet republics.

      Joseph Stalin saw trouble ahead and stopped the “Crimea Project” that would have turned beautiful Crimea and adjacent parts of the Black Sea coast (to Odessa) into a Jewish homeland, displacing Russians from the land like the indigenous Palestinians.

  6. The satanist pedophiles are going insane. What is there that they are afraid the Russians will find? Or shut down? The 8 biolabs, the steady flow of young boys and girls for prostitutes, organ harvesting, human sacrifice, and adrenochrome? The tens of billions of dollars of stolen aid money? Where did it go? I think we know. Beginning with POTUS.

    The emotion that is driving the insanity is not so much hatred, it is fear. They are in great fear.

    Stalin wad a satanist working for British intelligence, but he turned against them. He did a hard turn. Maybe Putin is doing do as well.

    And he has invaded their Shangri La.

    Buy more popcorn. The show is just getting started.

    • The Russians have already found it and there is a vid with Nuland(Nudelman) circulating where she admits to it, basically saying “we must help the Ukraine keep the Russians away from the labs”

  7. Naftali Bennett’s emergency diplomatic mission was not to make peace but to to make a deal to cover up Israeli involvement in the U.S.’s many (not just one or two) bio-weapons labs and stockpiles of biological weapons in Khazar-kraine. Not only Israel but especially the U.S. government and its mainstream “journalists” are working feverishly to deny, obfuscate and cover up the clear irrefutable evidence of U.S. biowarfare against Russia that is illegal under international law.

    • And didn’t he get “canceled” for also asking ‘Why should the world suffer for that crappy little country?’

  8. Important to remember the elite of Israel are far from just American/Western based Jews. They make up almost the entire oligarchic class of Eastern Europe, Russia included. There are a lot of very shady multibillionaires with names that end in “ich” or “ski” or “ov” who build a lot of Holocaust museums, give a lot of money to Yad Vashem and Birthright Israel, support a lot of politicians. And there’s a lot of precarious money floating about in digital ledgers around the globe right now.

  9. HW,

    Do not for one moment think that the Israeli government is attempting to broker a peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine out of the generosity of their hearts.

    Imo, it’s due to some prominent Israelis freaking out that over 90% of the 250 refugees from Ukraine they took in are Gentiles.

    Read it for yourself in Hareez.


    Personally, I don’t believe this war ends without Zelensky remains removed as ZOG’s SOB in Kiev.

    • Doesn’t really matter.

      As long as the war ends and gas prices go down, that would be good

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