The Atlantic: Of Course Putin Is Being Canceled

Vladimir Putin hasn’t been cancelled.

The entire population of Russia has been cancelled. We’re also seizing the assets of Russian oligarchs who had nothing to do with this. The Twitter outrage mob has seized control of the state.

The Atlantic:

“Perhaps the time has come for Vladimir Putin to go on Joe Rogan’s podcast, because Russia has been canceled. Following the invasion of Ukraine, governments and companies around the world have distanced themselves from Russia and its citizens. “The West is not just trying to surround Russia with a new Iron Curtain,” its director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin, said last week. “We are talking about attempts to destroy our state—its ‘cancellation,’ as it is now customary to say in a ‘tolerant’ liberal-fascist environment.” The theme was echoed in the United States. “Russia is now being canceled,” the former Trump official Monica Crowley said on Fox News. “The West is trying to deplatform and debank Russia,” far-right Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers declared on Twitter. “This is just as wrong as invading Ukraine.” …

A true cancellation typically involves the subject being cast out of their professional network, denied the ability to make money, and rejected by their social circle. One reason it is so alarming an experience is the sense of contagion—without obvious coordination, a person becomes a nonentity. Many of the canceled people I have known, or reported on, have experienced depression or even contemplated suicide. …”

As with any deplatforming, Russia will simply migrate to another platform, which is to say that Russia is now more strongly aligned with China. Russia will also have to sell its oil in some other currency.

McDonald’s is cancelling Russia.


“McDonald’s is temporarily closing all stores in Russia over strongman Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the chain announced Tuesday.

State of play: McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski said the company will continue to pay its 62,000 Russian employees, but added that “it’s impossible to predict when we might be able to reopen our restaurants in Russia.” …”

Starbuck’s is cancelling Russia.


“Starbucks is suspending all activity in Russia, the company’s CEO said in a letter to staff on Tuesday.

Driving the news: Starbucks’ decision to halt operations in Russia comes as the forces of Vladimir Putin continue their two-week invasion of Ukraine. It follows a similar decision announced earlier today by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. …”

Coca-Cola is cancelling Russia.


“Coca-Cola is suspending operations in Russia in response to President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the company said Tuesday.

Why it matters: Sanctions and divestment from the business community have increasingly isolated Russia from the rest of the world. Businesses operating there have a limited ability to collect revenue or pay workers and suppliers. …”

The point that is being made here is that the United States is an unreliable business partner and that corporate power and financial power is being completely politicized and weaponized. We are willing to seize the assets of anyone who invests in our economy on a whim to placate the Twitter mob. We have also demonstrated that the Twitter mob can target and punish anyone it wants. The long term effect of this will be to accelerate the collapse of the petroshekel which is the imperial currency.

Note: China is winning the war.

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  1. All tools of American soft power are currently in full retreat from Russia. That is, of course, very good for Russians. It shows how incompetent the new American leadership class is. For decades the USA tried as hard as they could to get this crap into Russia, knowing that American cultural power would do more harm than most military hardware.

  2. The US govt, media, woke companies: If we don’t like you we will cancel you like good little communists.

  3. Honestly, Russia ought to just seize all of this stuff. Say every western business there now belongs to the Russian government.

    • DO IT. Would be the most Chad political move of the 21st century. What are these companies gonna do, sue Russia?? They’ll just seeth and agitate harder for WW3 over “muh private property.” Which will just be amplification of the existing media propaganda.

    • Theres something like $40billion worth of leased aircraft in Russia that are going to be repo-ed. I hope Vlad nationalizes them and fucks GE Capital and the others. They will need them for spare parts too as they wont be getting any more from Shlomo.

    • “Russia ought to just seize all of this stuff. Say every western business there now belongs to the Russian government”:

      Nationalize it all. It belongs to the Russian people, who have been paying rent to these global corporations for many years.

  4. “We” are not but (((We))) you mean. It is act III of the play:

    Act 1: Use Goyim-West to steal the Aryan-Cradle (Ukraine).
    Act 2. Use Goyim-East to try and steal it back.
    Act 3. “Make Peace” (i.e. call off the shabbo-dogs), and re-confiscate the Russian assets Jews don’t already still control.

    Stupid stupid Putin, StuPutin!

    We warned you dude!

  5. I said it once I will say it again!

    China has the longest standing army through ancient civilization to the present day!

    May we live in interesting times!

  6. Who cares about the opinions/feelings of these establishment-worshiping scum. The woke crowd and neocons are willing and proud servants of the jewish elites, and purposely lie to advance their perverted agendas. A bunch of swine.

  7. It’s amazing how nearly all of these companies, like Intel, were 100% founded by goyim and are now completely owned by Jews. Printing your own money is a nifty racket.

  8. While all the trauma and drama has been going on in Country 404, über Neo-Klown Pompeo has been in Taiwan stirring the pot – telling the Han there that Wokeunduh will stand by them. His promise ought to make them shit their pants as even the idiot Zelensky knows Uncle Schmuel’s word is utterly worthless.

    With the various kosher-klowns in the Cirque du Schlomo now making direct threats to China itself, we can look forward to a quick settlement of the Taiwan issue sooner rather than later. Hopefully the Taiwan bosses aren’t as hopelessly stupid as the shekel-dancers in the west and will make a deal with Xi so no shots are fired and no chip-factories damaged. When done, Xi can add Taiwan’s 92-percent of chip manufacture for the planet to his own share. No chips for you, Uncle Schmuel.

    Folks just think it’s bad with the oil, nickel and other stuff being cut off from Russia. As I said before, this party is just barely getting under way. The Asian theatre might not stop at Taiwan either. Japan, South Korea and other outposts of the empire might soon fall to the forces of the middle kingdom as well.

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