Vladimir Putin Bans Exports of Russian Commodities

What do you think?

If this is our foreign policy, I would say it is failing spectacularly for everyone. I don’t support impoverishing the American working class over the status of Donbas.

I could have lived with a neutral Ukraine, an independent Donbas, Russian sovereignty over Crimea and without a devastating war and refugee crisis in Ukraine, skyrocketing gas prices and inflation, a severe impending recession and the world being pushed to the brink of World War III.

Does our current situation make any sense to anyone who doesn’t drive a Tesla? Couldn’t Tony Blinken have solved this problem by ruling out NATO expansion? Where is the Twitter outrage mob leading us? As this situation spirals out of control, the world seems to be becoming poorer and less safe.


  1. The US is going to be the loser in the end because we don’t make anything anymore and what we have, we’re afraid to use because of the environmentalist lobbies. What happens when China invades Taiwan? Do we cancel China and all its imports? Knowing how these idiots think, yes to make a moral statement. The oligarchs are shooting themselves in the foot and don’t even know it or don’t care.

    • “when China invades Taiwan”

      That should read:

      When China re-establishes Chinese sovereignty over the historically, ethnically, culturally and linguistically Chinese island, and a few islets between it and the mainland.

  2. Over where I live, people are stealing gas from other people’s cars. Not sure if that’s a local thing or happening nationwide. Enormous gas prices are not sustainable. If we start seeing $7 a gallon national average of oil, there will be a reckoning. Something will have to change. Don’t forget that high prices don’t just affect people’s commutes. It also affects the transportation of goods such as groceries. Imagine paying $8 for a gallon of milk or a dozen eggs. People are not going to put up with that for long, especially poor and lower middle class people.

    • It is about to go way beyond $7 a gallon when Russian oil stops flowing to international markets

      • The globalists may have overplayed their hand with their arrogant cancel culture. You can’t just cancel a major player like Russia and not shoot yourself in the gut in the process. The globalists don’t understand what they have done. New England and the Pacific coast probably won’t care about all this, but the heartland in the South and Midwest are not going to put up with ridiculous gas and grocery prices in the long term, especially when these parts of the country have no love for the current administration.

      • Close to five dollars here for the cheapest low octane. The U.S. population is extremely selfish (Ayn Rand called it “the virtue of selfishness”) and they will be begging for WW3 and the complete destruction of Russia and enslavement of the rest of the world just so they can get cheap gas and other “great bargains” imported from foreign countries.

        • @anonymous – “they will be begging for WW3 and the complete destruction of Russia and enslavement of the rest of the world just so they can get cheap gas and other “great bargains”’

          It is not “selfish” for working class, ordinary Americans — especially those in non-urban areas of the country — who rely on their automobiles to get back and forth to work every day to feed and support their families, to not want higher gas prices. The price of gas is the most visible economic indicator for the working poor, and it affects everything else in the household budget. That combined with the fact that we were already under record inflation.

          Seriously, no. I don’t care what happens to your pet Haitians, or “brave” Yemenis. But that does not mean I am cheering on their destruction. You are just another elitist, out-of-touch anti-White subversive.

    • No chicken available today in 3 grocery stores here at my daughter’s house in KS. We have had a steady influx of border crossers the last couple of years, so there should be no shortage of chicken plant workers. Weird.

  3. The heads of those responsible must start exploding. Only then will the rest of the cowardly usurper scum relent.

    • I believe if it gets a lot worse and gas and food prices rise where many can’t afford the prices, we might see politicians being targeted. It wouldn’t break my heart if that happened.

      The republicans are not doing anything to stop the madness, in fact they’re part of it.

      • Republicans keep telling us how “dumb” Biden is. He certainly knows what he is doing and he is effective according to the leftists.

  4. Every time crude oil price has risen over 50 percent it has led to a recession. It beggars belief that the Biden gang took the world to the brink of nuclear war without preparing America for the consequences of imposing sanctions on Russia.

  5. Russia and China contrary to the media shills propaganda is that they will no longer sell real assets for perpetually debased debt based usury IOU fiat petrodollars anymore… Checkmate..

  6. KOREA (the unoccupied, independent, democratic republic) sets a good example for Russia with “Juche,” which means: national self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Koreans with so few natural resources manage to build or produce almost anything they need. But freedom is worth the effort.

  7. Russia is hours away from defaulting on its debt! Comrade Putin is returning Russia to the Glory Days of the Soviet Union, Comrade Brad!

      • Could be. Of course not addressed is to (((whom))) this “debt” is owed? They already stated the debt will be paid in rubles, to Russian banks. Extracting Russia of the western financial system (Jew-run usury racket) would be a fine move by Putin. Even the Islamic banking system is less dishonest and evil.

  8. Saudis aren’t returning Biden’s phone calls. US government is trying to play all sides here and the result is they’re just pissing everyone off. There seems to be no real plan here. The train has gone off the rails.

  9. I’m putting more and more of money into Bitcoin. Out of all of my investments it looks like it may be the best one five years from now. We will see. By the way, I still don’t give a shit who runs eastern Ukraine or Crimea (in both cases Russians seems to have the stronger case but it doesn’t matter to me). That little Jew comedian is way in above his head. He’s handing out medals and trophies to real Neo-Nazis, the whole thing has a surreal quality to it.

  10. Russian official statement on discoveries of U.S. biological W.eapons of M.ass D.estruction in Khazar-kraine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bLM0Nm_lSE If you don’t understand Russian you can still understand the maps, charts and illustrations.

    Also: Beware of Southfront, which was always good, is no longer a source of accurate information. It has apparently been flipped by U.S. threats or bribery, no other possible explanation.

  11. China has to be run by Asian members of the Tribe give how much their western counterparts kiss their asses. Taiwan is the true Han Chinese government. China, like the USSR, was kept afloat by siphoning off western money to them. China needs Taiwan to stay alive. However, the West will rebound. In 2016 Patrick Little was confident we are heading for a situation where they burn out from mania once again and that seems to be happening. They are in crazy meltdown mode. They may cause an economic collapse but as events in Canada showed–they have no military support–only a bureaucratic one with a few LGBT and antifa recruits and paid thugs who are afraid of unarmed crowds.
    As for Putin, it seems as though he is trying to regain the land mass of Russia before the Bolsheviks screwed things up. They were not able to stop Putin when he saved Assad from overthrow and that caught them off guard.
    The West is too weak and lacking in nationalism for them to exploit it for a war again. They removed all the smart generals and if a Patton existed today he would be against them.
    As others said, if the money situation gets really desperate, politicians will have to hide or flee. Trump showed that the US does not need foreign oil and he said that the US was in the Middle East only for Israel. He let it out of the bag.

  12. The video-thot claims that people told her they are OK with higher gas prices if it means we get to stand with George Floyd — err I mean Ukraine, but why not show video of those people? Where’s the proof? I bet nobody told her that at all.

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