Justin Trudeau: “We Will Not Bend To Intimidation”


Are you kidding me?

In the span of a month, this tyrant has gone from waging unrestricted financial warfare against his own citizens to using the same weapons against Russia.


  1. Justine Turdeau in the you thought it couldn’t get worse department.
    The Schwab-SPECTRE is laughing all the way to the pods and bug diet.

    • From your mouth to God’s ears! Castro/Trudeau is incarnate evil. Bastard son of a Disgusting spick commie.

  2. Hunter, have you seen this CHINESE man’s daily analyses and maps? Accurate, thorough, intelligent and fascinating:

  3. I should have added: He is Singaporean Chinese, and that he is personally not pro-Russian, following the example of the Empire-allied government of Singapore. Nevertheless his thoroughness makes the analyses useful.

  4. Liberals like trudeau are so worthless. They support jailing people for thought crimes against the government, they see nothing wrong about mandatory vaccine passports, and they want Western faggotry spread by tanks and missiles across the globe. Pathetic cretins who willingly side with jewish tyranny.

  5. As the über-Catholic Barnhardt has noted:

    Justine is Castro’s little bastard.

    She makes a pretty convincing case for it. Castro himself was educated by the Jesuits, though he of course repudiated Catholicism for atheism when he embraced Marxism. This is kind of ironic in hindsight since nearly all Jesuits are pedos and Marxists now.

  6. Trudeau’s evil Neoliberal politics is the complete opposite of Fidel’s good socialism, and Barnhardt’s Romanism is even worse than Neoliberalism. Barnhardt should not be given views.

  7. True Dolt looked like he was having a hard time not breading down and laughing his candy behind off.

    I hope the Canadians are as sick as I am watching this fatuous fop flounce around their Parliament like he is the Grand Poobah of Big Hairy Deal.

    He better lose the next election by a landslide.

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