DW: Germany’s AfD Party Can Be Put Under Surveillance

Germany is also a Liberal Democracy.

Germany is part of something called the Free World.

In reality, Ukraine shuts down opposition parties and censors its media. Germany is a police state that shuts down opposition parties and censors its media and spies on its own citizens. Austria forces its citizens to get vaccinated. Australia puts its own citizens in concentration camps. Canada wages the same type of unrestrained financial warfare against its own citizens that it is now wielding against Russia.


“Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has the right to surveil the populist far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) as part of its remit to monitor extremism, a court in Cologne ruled on Tuesday.

The AfD is the country’s most right-wing party represented in parliament and had been categorized as a “suspicious entity” by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) over concerns of increasing radicalization, especially within its youth organization.

The AfD had taken the matter to court to stop what it called the “politically motivated” investigation, arguing that the categorization would amount to a ban. They also claimed that the controversial extreme-right “Flügel” (wing) of the party had already been disbanded two years ago. …”

We’re invited to go war with Russia for Liberal Democracy.

The ruling class in the so-called Free World no longer believes in liberalism or democracy. They believe in censorship, enriching themselves, starting endless destructive wars overseas, restricting civil liberties at home and lording it over and punishing all their enemies whether foreign or domestic.


    • Sorry, Ezra Pound although the other might also be inadvertently correct.

  1. Roman Catholics ban Protestant political party in Germany. That’s the headline, and the fact of the matter. The AfD has 81 representatives in the German federal legislature. This is going to get nasty.

        • Has Deutschland a monarchist movement? How many claimants to the vacant throne are there? Is there symmetry in history; war with Russian disposed of the Kaiser, another war with Russia will bring him back?

          • There is growing sentimentality for the Kasierreich in the political space on the right between the black flag Christian Democrat type lamer cons and normiecons on one bookend and the actual brown flaggers on the other end, and also growing among normie Germans in general. And there is a movement called Reichsbürger (“Reich citizens”), who believe that the Kaiserreich still exists but is being illegally suppressed and has been since November 1918. However, in terms of something with serious political legs, right now, the answer is no.

    • Was denken Sie? Do you see this as an identical procedure as to what happened to Golden Dawn in Greece? Are die Juden so ängstlich about ‘Not-sees’ that they would implode the whole charade of ‘muh democracy???? Ich möchte wissen.

      • To include a detail, all this court determined is that the “constitution protection” (incorrectly named) bureaucrats have the authority to put the entirety of the AfD under “Beobachtung” (“observation”) if they wanted. However, right after that, the agency itself said that it’s not going to do that.

        What all this is about is FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt), or, as the young folks today call, it, “throwing shade.” Circling overhead with a Sword of Damocles to try to limit the number of “respectable” people who would openly join it or caucus with it or seek public office under the blue flag.

  2. They have contingency after contingency against populism, “our democracy” is rule by the 1%.

  3. All these manufactured crises seem like a constant contingency plan against populism and the greater good but that’s evil incarnate for you.

  4. Germans must start killing their globoshlomo race traitors lording it over them. Nothing changes until then. No grandiloquent proclamations or manifestoes. Just snipers.

    • Once the 80 year post-WWII American occupation of Europe ends Germany will finally have the chance to assert itself as the rightful master of the Continent.

  5. If these people do not overcome the guilt that has been pounded into their heads for 70-some years, rhey are going to go extinct. It may already be too late.

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